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Hopefully you got it out of your system......
I took that to mean the path but I might be wrong....
THAT IS AWESOME!!   Congratulations!!   I can only imagine!!   I bet you don't even sleep tonight!!        I am so envious!!
I have Crosslines on all my clubs except the putter.  I love them!!   I only have one set of clubs, so I don't rotate them and am on my third year with the same grips on everything but the driver, which gets changed each year.   I scrub them down about once a month or so to keep them feeling new.
From 100yds and in, my 54 is the club I use the most.  
Shot an 85 today.  Left a few on the course with one triple and one double.  Otherwise, 8 pars and 8 bogeys.   Other than that, I was playing fairly solid (for me).   I had 10 fairways and 7 greens.   Ended up with 34 putts, which included 2 three-putts.   Aside from those 3-putts, I missed a couple of others that were inside 3-foot (stupid mistakes), and a couple of mis-reads.    Over all, I wasn't disappointed in my round.   I know it could have been much better but...
Other than the shiny finish, they look a lot like the new Cally Apex Pro irons.
Congrats on your low score!   It sounds as if you have found something.   I hope it sticks for you and this is the beginning of even lower scores yet!
I've gotten in 64 rounds thus far, though some of them couldn't be posted because of the off season.    I still believe I will end up over 100 rounds before they shut down posting though.    In addition to the real golf, I play in the morning league scramble twice a week, so I will have been around the course about 150+ times before the year is out.
Since my 82, I have been struggling a bunch myself and the driver seems to be at the heart of my issues as well.   Today I had a miserable 98 and had I not been in a skins game, I would've left the course after 9.   I was spraying it all over the course with the big dog.   After the round, I spent a little time on the range and have decided I need to work on my backswing as it seems to lack consistency.   Once I began to focus on it, things seemed to line out a little, so...
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