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Sounds like there won't be much need to alter the scheme much.   Should be a good thing for continuity.    Honestly, if he has much success, I'm not sure it would be in OSU's best interest to play Miller next year, since they could have 4 years of this kid versus just one more with Miller.     I think I'd just quietly suggest he try for the NFL..
I saw this today.   At least it happened before the season starts, so his replacement will get significant practice reps with the first team.  
 I emailed True this week and was told they have stopped making the Tour, Proto and Stealth models.    So all they have at this point apparently is the narrower models.    They did say to check back because they would be offering some new models in the near future.  
Damn that would be a nice change of pace!!  I already know the Pro V is a damn good ball and that many people swear by it, so I don't need another thread telling me how it is the number 1 ball on tour.....  The commercials on the golf channel will suffice, thank you very much..
All that proves is that Titleist has the best reputation and/or marketing machine.   It really says nothing about the actual performance of the ball as compared to other tour level balls.   Gotta give them credit though, Titleist has managed to live (and thrive) for a very long time on the reputation they gained a long time ago.  
Using your listed balls and price point as the criteria, here is my experience:  I have played the Callaway Hex Chrome, Top Flite Gamer Tour (and Gamer), Titliest NXT Tour (and NXT) and the Bridgestone e5 & e6.   I don't like the Bridgestones e-series balls at all.   I don't get the same performance or feel from them as I do the others.   Beyond that, the Hex Chrome and Gamer Tour are the best all around performers for me. 
Can the typical golfer hit the green from 150?   Absolutely!!    Do they do it regularly?   LSW says no and I am going to go with that.....
I just did a quick google on this..   In 2012, Rory was playing the Pro V1x.   In 2014, he is playing the Nike RZN Black.   I think it's a safe bet he switched balls because Nike is paying him handsomely to play their equipment.  The fact he won 2 majors using that ball goes directly to the assertion that the pros play what they are paid to play AND I think it also goes to show that the field is pretty level when it comes to tour level balls.... I think the assumption that...
One week later and I am a bona fide True convert!!   I've played golf 5 of the last 7 days and worn the Trues every day.  I have really come to like the feel of the barefoot platform and wider toe box.   I'm also rethinking my original thought that these wouldn't be good in wet conditions.   I spent a couple of hours on the range the other day in them, right after they had watered it.   It was fairly moist (not a mud pit but not much better than the worst conditions I have...
38 on the back 9 today. 6 pars and a bird. First time I've been under 40 on 9 holes. Sadly, that was paired with a 48 on the front 9, so I ended up with an 86 on the day....
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