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You say that and yet, the only people making an issue of this are either media types or retired players..     Hell, Rodgers admitted to trying to get overinflated balls past the refs (over inflation would be cheating just as much as underinflation).  
Good info!   Thanks!
I have to admit I was a late convert to True.   I bought a pair of Stealths about the time they quit making them.   Now I own 2 pair of Stealths and 2 pair of Protos and they are all I wear on the course.    In your opinion, were any of the 2015 models similar (particulary in terms of the toe box)?
I was just going through my stats from last year, trying to analyze my game a little to see where I needed to put in the most work this year, so this thread is timely to me.   So here is is for me:   GOOD: Driving....   Both distance and accuracy..    Both improved thanks to finally finding "MY" tempo.   Lag putting....   I seem to be able to read the greens better from 20ft+ than I am in close.   BAD:    Approach shots..   Somewhere in my quest to get usable shots...
I made a change this year but to be honest, it was solely because of economics.   The course I have been a member of for the past three years, took on a new partner about 16 months ago.   They have been making a bunch of changes to the course (definitely for the better, as far as condition and playing characteristics go).   This year, they doubled the cost of membership.   I expected the course to raise prices somewhat but double was not the expectation.   That course is 6...
That screw came loose once on my RazrFitXtreme.    I tightened it and haven't had any  problems with it since.    I was playing in a tournament with a guy who had the same thing happen to his Xhot Driver.   Right after he teed off on the 18th tee is when he noticed it was loose.   We tightened it up and he hasn't had any issues since.   You commenting on it makes the third time and third different Callaway driver I have heard of to experience it.   I wonder if these things...
If you typically ride when you play, this is a no brainer to me.  The only way I would even consider the other course is if I was planning to use that indoor range nearly daily and even then, I am not sure I think it would make that course the better deal.   An extra $150 for the range and (depending on how many rounds you rode when you played) another $500 or more in cart fees..  Now that course is even more than the $2145..    Potentially a LOT more.
Congrats to Urban and OSU. Well played and well done!     And secondly, congrats to the B1G.   You are back and college football is better for it!
Looks to me like OSU is gonna take that new trophy to Columbus.. Oregon can't stop them.
With Harbaugh's track record, you are both probably right.   I read something on either Fox Sports or ESPN predicting they will be in the NC discussion in 3 years.    Given the level of mediocrity that Michigan has fallen to, that will be a tall order, especially since OSU and MSU don't look to be getting any weaker..    Considering how well the B1G did this year in the bowl games (regardless of how the NC game turns out) and adding the Harbaugh hire to the mix, it looks...
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