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To me it is The Open Championship.   Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching all of them but not only is it the oldest of the majors, this is golf the way it was envisioned by the founders of the game and there is something to be said for that..   
Haven't tried Go Jo to clean a golf bag but I did find it will take the black marks that I get around my pocket areas from getting in and out of a cart off my pants/shorts.   I need to give my golf bag a good cleaning this year, so I will keep this in mind..
Glad they went back to the wider toe box.   Thanks for the info!!
At this point, that is not only a ridiculous comment, it isn't even original....
Not a fact, an opinion.   It has been shown repeatedly that they have won a helluva lot over those 10 years, including a Super Bowl.
And in a new twist on deflategate:  http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/deflation-experiments-show-patriots-may-have-a-point-after-all/ar-AA8LI9x    Doesn't explain why the Colts balls were at proper spec (unless of course they were over-inflated to begin with, ala Aaron Rodgers) but apparently it is entirely possible for a ball to lose 2psi due to the change in temperature..
Go hook up with some porn stars...  (he seemed to play better when he was  banging them!)
I voted no.   First of all, even though I don't really play tournaments other than the occasional charity scramble, I want my handicap to be legit and it can't be if I used illegal clubs.   Secondly, I view golf as me playing against the course and my personal bests, so using an illegal driver would be cheating myself.   
I see the Seahawks are going to get a signal from a ref, should the Patriots use one of their ineligible receiver formations..     http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/nfl-to-assist-seahawks-in-iding-pats-ineligible-receiver-sets/ar-AA8Kcb4  Probably won't mean much but since all they are supposed to do is notify the opposing team of eligible/ineligible receivers, this seems like something of an extra step..   
 I didn't miss anything.  I clearly see that you changed the parameters so that your comment about super bowl wins became accurate. Spin it how you want, when you changed the parameters to 9 years and 51 weeks, you did it and the only reason to do it was to make your comment right.  Hell, let's change them to the past 13 months.  Then we can say no team other than the Seahawks has won anything since they are the only team to have won a Super Bowl during that period!  BTW,...
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