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Nothing is 100% certain.   But you knew that and you also know that you really have no clue whether they can continue to play at the level they have done this year either, so your argument is no more "legit" than his.   What we do know is, Barrett's replacement has 17 attempts and less than 120 yards all season in game conditions.   The fact Urban had to tell everybody his name at the post game presser is pretty telling about how much experience he has up to now.  Maybe...
That just goes to show how very different feel is for different people...    I didn't like the feel off my putter at all and it didn't spin any more for me than the Hex Chrome I usually play.
I knew you played them because of your posts about them.   When I saw he had them, I said I had heard they were a really good ball.   As a 16hcp I wasn't really surprised that it wasnt a good fit for me but I was a little surprised the other guys (two 4's and a 3) said they didn't like it.   You just nailed the balls they play (well the one of the 4's and the 3 actually play the Pro V1, not the x).  I should see him Tuesday, I will ask him what he is going to do with them. 
I swear I really wasnt drunk when I wrote that..................    Damn......   Stuff is missing from what I originally wrote................    That orginally said Baylor barely getting by Texas Tech, while TCU easily handled Texas......... I see Nebraska fired Pelini today.   I have to admit I didn't see that one coming, though after reading the article, I guess it shouldn't be surprising.   
I agree! Be curious to see how the committee looks at OSU after losing their QB.    Had they not lost him, they are probably #4 but now?????    Looking at the scores from today, Baylor barely gets by TCU, and with the uncertainty of the OSU QB situation, I am thinking TCU gets #4.
A buddy of mine got some of these given to him.   He was passing them out today so we could all try them out.   Out of the four of us, nobody was impressed.   At the end of the round, he offered the whole dozen to anyone that wanted it and nobody took him up on it.
Not sure what to do about the flat finish drivers but I have removed many an idiot mark off of gloss ones with Meguiars NXT car wax.
 Props to Mizzou for making it back to the SEC championship game for the second year in a row!!     After not doing much in the first 3 quarters, they put on a clinic in the 4th to pull that out..    Gonna need to play better next weekend if they don't want to be embarrassed (notice what I said and didn't say there).....
I played last Friday and Saturday.   First time I had played in almost 2 weeks.  Temp on Friday was 42 with 15-20mph wind.   Saturday it was 59 with 5-10mph wind.  Shot 83 on Friday and 87 on Saturday.   Saturday, I was better off the tee and in the fairway but was worse on the greens.      Can't really explain that one but it is what it is..    At least I was playing golf!!
Matrix makes some shafts in a "firm" flex.   I have seen them on their site.   They appear to be similarly positioned between regular and firm.
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