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  Good grief!!    I have been watching the Open Championship and eating it up!   I love the look of the course.  The Old Course is on my bucket list and I can only hope to make it there.       This is the way golf was played when golf began.   As is typical of what happens over time, the game and the courses we play have become nothing more than a bastardization of what the original was.    That bastardization certainly does not mean it is an improvement.     I'm a big...
I've had mine for almost a year.   Occasionally, it will not want to start up and I will have to take the battery out and reinstall.   Other than that, I have had no complaint with it and it seems to be very accurate compared to a buddy's laser rangefinder.   I have not tried to update a course though, other than the sync updates it does when I plug it in to my computer.
They can't eliminate the tool and stay within the rules. Of course TM did say they were preparing to make non-conforming clubs........This just looks like a more adjustable version of the weight system used on the Cally Razr Fit and Razr Fit Extreme.
A buddy of mine recently broke the shaft off at the hosel on his 3 day old Adams driver.   He was leaving the next day for a two week vacation, so I don't know if he has gotten a resolution to that yet but I hope Golfsmith exchanges the driver and deals with Adams themselves.
  Have you looked at the RazrX clubs?   They are selling for quite a bit less than a comparable set of X hots and have a very similar look/profile.    That link is to Callaway's pre-owned site.   There may be a similar site for Mizunos but I have never looked..
  We don't know if your are hypothesizing in this statement or have actual knowledge of a distance difference but you are appearing to acknowledge there could be at least some improvement in the newer model clubs.    You then give your opinion on whether that distance improvement is worth the money.    Fair enough there, no one is or should, blame you for making the choice to continue using the clubs you have..   Actually club comparison is exactly what this thread is...
Haven't played the Hex Chrome+ yet but have been gaming the Hex Chrome for the past year or so.   I believe they have basically the same "duraspin" urethane cover on them.  I have found them to be very durable (and I have managed to find the carth path a few times! LOL).    I suspect this was an anamoly rather than the norm.
Yes, let's look at facts..   Your numbers are only listing the BCS bowls (which by their nature, skew the results because of the limits placed on who can participate in those bowls) and encompasses the entire BCS era.   I specifically stated in post 30 that the Big 10 has been down the past few years and in the post above that they have not been for several years.  I did not limit it just to the BCS bowls either.    If one looks at the last five (which I would...
That's just it. The Big 10 is only a power conference in name. They aren't really a power conference in terms of on field play. Haven't been for several years. I believe an undefeated OU or Pac 12 team and a one loss SEC team will trump an undefeated Ohio State, which is the impetus behind my prediction.
Ohio State has a good team, a good QB and a great coach, but considering the way the Big 10 as a whole has been down the past few years, an unbeaten record does not assure them of a shot at the national championship.     Unless the Big 10 as a whole makes a huge turnaround this year, I suspect it will take everyone else having lost at least one game and the SEC champ will have to have lost 2 before Ohio State gets into the top 2.   My prediction is LSU against either the...
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