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We'll see you this evening. I hope some other ' trappers will come to dinner even if they don't attend the expo..
I would like to thank ReviewMyGolfPro.com and TST for this awesome contest! Since I never seem to win stuff like this, it was quite a surprise when I got the email saying I won! I look forward to trying this it out and comparing it to the Razr Fit Xtreme I am using now.
Sounds like there is a story there somewhere................
My wife and I will be there!
Got an LL Bean waterfowler's sweater for Christmas.   It's 100% wool and though it's thicker than most of the cold weather golf gear you will see in golf stores, it doesn't impair my swing.   Our course won't open if the temps aren't at least 32*.   With that sweater, if our course is open, I can play golf and be warm.
Bump..   Is anyone else planning to go and if so, when?   My wife and I are going to go on Friday for sure but since the tickets this year are good for the whole weekend, I am definitely game to comeback if there is a TST gathering on one of the other days.
Entered and submitted a review.
I gave it up but I used to dip (Skoal, long cut straight was my favorite) and never spit.   Leaf tobacco was another story altogether though.   That stuff would make me sick even if I spat. I never could manage a dip while eating but I could leave a dip in while drinking without issues at all.   Hell, on occasion I even left it in while sleeping. What prompted me to quit was seeing a guy with half his jaw missing because of the stuff.   That's when I decided to quit, I did...
My bag currently has driver, 15* 3-wood, 21* hybrid, 4-SW and a 60* lob.  I have owned a 5w for several years and pulled it when I got both the 49* gap wedge and the 4i.   I recently tried pulling the 4i and replacing it with the 5w because I thought it would be sufficient to hit one of our par 4's off the tee.   What I found was, even though I hit it well, I didn't hit much better than the hybrid and certainly not well enough to justify pulling anything with a higher...
The oldest club in my bag is actually a whole set, 5-PW.   That said, from time to time, I pull a club and throw in one from my grandfather's set as a conversation piece.   It is labeled as a "10" but it is the putter from his set of clubs.  I would throw in the #2 wood but I have it fastened with the driver (both are persimmons with hickory shafts) as a pair on the wall in my "man cave".
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