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Since I missed my goals for 2013, my goals for 2014 are pretty much the same as last year...    Get consistently into the 80's and hopefully break 80 this year.   
Roughly $3K.   That includes membership to the local club for myself and my wife, a new driver for me, some golf balls, tees, gloves, etc... for the both of us..
I learned to drive in a car with a stick, my Dad's 66 Mustang. I own that car today, so yeah, I can drive a stick and still do once in a while. In fact until 1998, everything I bought was a stick. I even learned to shift without needing the clutch. After my doc told me I should change to an auto to save my back, I switched. Now the only time I row the gears is those rare occasions when I take the 'stang for a quick spin..
Congrats!!   Keep it up and you won't belong in the thread you started!!  LOL
  Perception is in the mind of the reader, not the writer.   Exactly how did you mean for that "downer" (YOUR word) to be teasing?   I won't presume to speak for the OP but I sure didn't take it as teasing.    I took it as a slam on the score because of the fact you choose to make an issue of the tees it was played from.  It sounded exactly like you were trying to belittle the score.  BTW, the emoticons are right above the post as you type it.   They're pretty easy to...
Isn't that redundant when speaking of Romo?
Not to belabor an old point, but in an email I got today was a link to this page.   The article was about using driver or 3-wood off the tee on tight par 4's.    The whole article was good but what brought me to write about it was the chart showing average proximity to the hole for tour players.  You can see the whole chart in that link, but after our discussion about proximity from 150yds, that specific yardage stood out.    From 150yds out (on the fairway), the average...
Life cereal, closely followed by shredded wheat and wheat chex.
She is still shown on the Golf Channel website as being a member of the Morning Drive cast.
The course for a US Open is typically set up to be extremely penalizing.  They usually have narrow fairways, ridiculously long rough and greens that are greasy fast like ice rinks.   I don't think that compares in any way to the courses we are playing on or as bogey golfers, should be trying to play.
New Posts  All Forums: