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Par 5, second shot.   225yds to the center of a green that slopes downhill front to back.  Pin was in the back.   Hit a 3 hybrid to the center and it trickled down to 2ft for an eagle.    Not only my best shot of the week but my best shot ever... 
I wish I knew for sure, so I could continue to duplicate it!!     About the only thing I can say I was consciously working on was course management, trying to get GIR or NGIR (GIR+1), etc..   When I had a shot from a bad location/lie, I started looking for the "safe" shot to get the ball back in play and give me a shot to save par or at worst, bogey.   The other thing I did was, if I was in-between clubs on an approach shot, I picked my club based on where the pin was...
4 rounds since my last post, including the past two days..  80, 93, 80, 80.    80 is my best score ever and being able to back it up with two more gives me hope that I am finally getting somewhere..    Sadly, I can't post those rounds since we are in an off season here until sometime next year..   Changing home courses begining Jan. 1.   The new course includes a par 6.   It has a slightly lower CR and slope but it has always kicked my ass..   I expect my scores to creep...
My favorite tackly by Ohio State was the coach that tackled the student!   LOL
 This is something I think all the manufacturers would be wise to learn.   Considering the number of people who get prototypes in the mail to try, it would appear Titleist makes changes to their balls just about as often as the others do but by keeping the same name, they have an advantage in that people don't have to guess what ball this year corresponds to the ball they played last..
http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/ap-sources-us-cuba-seek-to-normalize-relations/ar-BBgUJV0   Looks like we might be able to get Cuban cigars legally again in the near future..
I use the automotive adhesive remover I bought at our local NAPA.   Does a great job in very short order, will not damage paint and has a ton of other uses both on cars and around the house.
I asked him last week if he still had them.   He said he sent them back since nobody here wanted them..
I saw those on a program Friday afternoon (obviously before all of this played out).   The top 4 teams were Alabama, FSU, Oregon & TCU in that order.    
Yes they are.   Have to say, this performance looks like a team that is good enough to be in the final 4..     Very impressive for sure.   The question is, will the committee see it that way?   Guess we will know tomorrow.. 
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