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Prior to the BCS, the call was to have #1 play #2 (two teams).   Everybody thought that was a good idea, so the BCS was created.    Then, when we had multiple undefeateds, the call became to have 4 teams and a playoff.   Now here we are and without even having had ONE playoff game, much less crown a champion, the call is already to expand it to 8 teams.   You know the NCAA tournament started with 8 teams, right?    At least that tournament gives EVERY conference champ a...
They haven't and won't fix it because doing so means eliminating the bowl system.   All of those toiletbowl.com games mean one thing.  MONEY.   Money for the host cities, money for the teams and money for the conferences.   As long as the money remains good, the bowl games are gonna exist and the conferences/NCAA are not going to give up that sacred cash cow.   So, even though they could, they won't really fix it.   It isn't in their financial interest to do so.
and 'bama wins   So I would expect 'bama, Oregon (provided they continue to lead and ultimately win), TCU and Arizona St. to move up.  I would think OSU would move up too.   Enough to have a shot at the playoff??  That will be interesting to see...
From what I heard on TV today, I think a lot of people are rethinking their assessment of FSU... Frankly, over the last few years, people who would only casually see an SEC game would think the conference wasnt that good, only to see the conference champ demolish their competitor in the BCS game.   IMHO, SEC dominance of the BCS series is exactly why we now have a playoff (which I do think is a good thing). edit:: OT in the 'bama/LSU game!!
With the ball inside the 10 and 1:13 on the clock!   
Today's games and particularly the upsets are going to give us some enlightening insight into the thinking of the committee......   In all likelihood, TCU moves up..    If Oregon wins, they move up.   But what about Ohio State (presuming they hold on and win)?   If 'bama wins, they will move up.   If they lose, how far do they fall?   Does an Ohio State win vault them above a two loss 'bama?   Does a win by #16 LSU over #5 Alabama vault them over a win by #14 OSU over #8...
It has been a good game.   If somebody watched this one in a vaccuum, they would think the B1G was pretty good.    My real hope here is that whoever wins this game, makes the playoff (disproving my pre-season prediction) and does well.    Not sure that is a reality but it would be nice to see the B1G be relevant again. That said, your comment about special teams being an OSU advantage has not proven to be the case..  Two fumbles by the OSU special teams.....     Good thing...
Nope.   Wasnt defeated.   But we are done with that discussion.
I don't know as I see Alabama and MSU as being flipped but on the other hand,  I doubt I would holler about it either....   The biggest thing I see is that based on this set of rankings, TCU has a clear advantage over MSU.   
I don't think the bye week is the problem.  I think this goes back to the perception that the the B1G is weak.    I am not saying it is deserved.   I think MSU has a really good team (and yes, a REAL top 10 defense) that deserves to be in the discussion but perception is hurting them.
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