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I don't think I ever heard the term "polar vortex" before this past winter but I know this isn't the first time we have had cool weather in the summer, so I don't buy the "global warming is causing it" hype either.   Nonetheless, the highs are supposed to be in the 70's for the next few days here and IMHO, that is perfect golf weather, so you can call it what you want, I'll call it perfect golf weather.
ebay would be a good place to start..
Interesting that you call the Diablo a rock hard ball.   According to the Golfballtest.org data from 7/2013, it's compression and cover hardness numbers are nearly identical to the Bridgestone e6, the Srixon Tri-speed and the Titleist NXT (not the NXT tour)..
We regularly see deer and foxes on our course.   Occasionally, we will see a quail or two.   But the strangest thing I have seen so far was a wild pig...........     It ran off when it saw us coming, which was a good thing since they can be quite mean.
I think the best way to test this would be with one of those robots.   That way swing issues could be eliminated from the equation and clubhead speed could be set with accuracy..
Congratulations!!     I hope you truly are on your way!! BTW, If you really do learn how to not look up, woud you please pass that bit of info along??    I know I could sure use it!!
 I have no idea whether the aerodynamics bit is real or marketing hype but I do know my wife hit the ball further than she ever has in her life playing an SR1 that she found on the course.   Whether that was coincidence or not, I don't know.   But  I am absolutely postive that sales numbers don't in and of themselves prove a damn thing.  Being the best selling ball doesn't make it a better ball, let alone the best ball for everyone or for anyone actually.   It just means...
I'm not sure you can really compare sports legends of different eras against each other, but for some reason we all want to do it.   Comparing Unitas to Montana to Manning, or Petty to Earnhardt to Johnson, seems pointless since they competed against different people in their prime.   The same applies to this discussion..    Nicklaus played in a different era against different competition than Hogan did..     But since we are doing it anyway and performance in majors seems...
I played the Gamer V2 before Dick's bought Top Flite.  I haven't personally played the Gamer Tour but a couple of guys I know have.   They are raving about this ball and claim it to be the best thing since sliced bread.   As much as I liked the old Gamer V2, I have been thinking about trying the Gamer Tour..
48 grams!?!?!?!   I thought the factory 13 gram weight in the heel of my Razr Fit Xtreme was a load....   48 grams is a LOT of weight you are moving around!!
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