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I didn't contradict myself.   I am not blaming technology for anything, let alone the decline in golf participation.   As I said before, I am not blaming anyone or anything.   Perhaps you took the "actual physical" part differently than I intended.  If so, then I apologize for not being clear.   But let's be real, computer games are not physical games.  They are virtual games.  Aside from thumb movement, there is no other physical movements needed to play most of them.  ...
You don't have to think I was generalizing.   When I started my comments with "Generally speaking" it was a huge clue I was doing so.   I was not laying blame on technology or anyone or anything either.   Nor was I proclaiming your generation to be lazy.   It was a general statement about how your generation is much different than prior generations.  That said, my assessment is still accurate.  In fact, I ran it by my 3 daughters who are all in their mid 20's and they...
Generally speaking, the younger generation is a far different group than those prior.  Right, wrong or indifferent, they grew up playing with electronics.   They have 700 friends on facebook but only 2 they actually know.   Their idea of socialization is to get on facebook, twitter and skype or to play an online game with a bunch of anonymous people who they only know by some screenname (much like many here).   They become good at the games they play by buying books of...
At the Golf Galaxy nearest to me, I was able to try out the Super Stroke grips and hated the feel.    I went with the Winn Excel Jumbo.    I really like it and it seems to have helped my putting tremendously.
Do you mean the X2 Hot?   If so, looking on the Callaway website, it looks like the X2 Hot has the same hosel adjustments as the Big Bertha Alpha.   If so, you should be able to do it.  You may need to make adjustments with both of the adjustable pieces but you ultimately want to have one read "S" and the other "D". 
You don't get to set their priorities and "blaming" them for not choosing to spend their time the same way you do, seems almost adolescent.  
You say you understand but apparently, you really don't.   Employees don't get to decide whether their job has flexible hours.   That is reserved for the business owner and if he/she expects to be successful, they are going to primarily base their decisions not on what is best for the employee's fun, but on what is best for the fiscal health of their business.   An employee telling the boss he/she won't work weekends if needed and asking to take off early one day a week,...
What a difference a day makes..   Yesterday, I had the worst round in over a year (101)..    I spent nearly the whole day looking up before hitting the ball and as a result, I made a ton of bad shots.....    Today, I started the round by telling myself I was going to see the club make contact with the ball and with few exceptions, I was able to do that.   I shot an 88, with 9 FIR, 5 GIR, 34 putts, 4 pars and a birdie.  
Regarding playing fast greens and putting, I am HORRIBLE with a putter.  It is a very rare round where I get by with less than 36 putts and it is pretty common for me to need 38 or more.     Last summer, I played a round on a course where the greens were stimping at 12.  I only needed 32 putts to make it through that round.  So I am firmly of the opinion that faster greens are easier than slower greens. 
 No, you don't.   You are speculating.   Based on the article, he was able to commit several of the stabbings precisely because he had a knife and could stab people quietly. Furthermore, while I hope you are right that 100% survive, according to the article, that is not certain at this point.  
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