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Unless it sounds funny when it makes contact with a ball, I'd play it and not worry about it until (unless) it breaks. 
Currently, my top end is   Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme 9.5* driver Callaway Diablo Octane 15*  3W Callaway Razr X 3 hybrid (21*)
Since my 82, I have had rounds (in order) of 91, 95, 93, 86 & 87.    So I still have a ways to go to be shooting low to mid 80's a quarter of the time.    Today's round (the 87) included two triples (including one hole I four-putted) and one double bogey.    I hit 11 fairways but only 2 greens.  Thankfully, except for that one 4-putt, I was doing pretty good with the flatstick and the short game as I also had nine 1-putts.
Way to go!!  
My longest was 325 but that was down hill on a rock hard fairway.   My longest on flat ground is 305 and that was just about as much of a fluke as the 325 shot.    I've hit a few out to about 280 also  but I'm far more likely to be in the 240-250 range during a typical round.
Just finished it tonight.    Definitely worth the money!!
Mine was in the mail yesterday.   I made it to chapter 15 last night.    Good stuff!!
My handicap is correct as of the last revision on the 15th of this month.    I think it is premature to say I have moved on from bogey golfer status just yet though  since this was only one round.  Believe me, I hope this is just the first of many scores in that range but I think I need to back that one up at least a couple of times before I even begin to think about whatever the next step up is.    But I do appreciate the thought!  
69.8/124 from the tees I play (whites).   I think it needs re-rated though.   They have lengthened one of the par 5's, added a water hazard right in front of another par 5 and made some other changes to the course that, if I understand correctly, would at least warrant discussion about them.
New Posts  All Forums: