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Other than the shiny finish, they look a lot like the new Cally Apex Pro irons.
Congrats on your low score!   It sounds as if you have found something.   I hope it sticks for you and this is the beginning of even lower scores yet!
I've gotten in 64 rounds thus far, though some of them couldn't be posted because of the off season.    I still believe I will end up over 100 rounds before they shut down posting though.    In addition to the real golf, I play in the morning league scramble twice a week, so I will have been around the course about 150+ times before the year is out.
Since my 82, I have been struggling a bunch myself and the driver seems to be at the heart of my issues as well.   Today I had a miserable 98 and had I not been in a skins game, I would've left the course after 9.   I was spraying it all over the course with the big dog.   After the round, I spent a little time on the range and have decided I need to work on my backswing as it seems to lack consistency.   Once I began to focus on it, things seemed to line out a little, so...
I don't think I ever heard the term "polar vortex" before this past winter but I know this isn't the first time we have had cool weather in the summer, so I don't buy the "global warming is causing it" hype either.   Nonetheless, the highs are supposed to be in the 70's for the next few days here and IMHO, that is perfect golf weather, so you can call it what you want, I'll call it perfect golf weather.
ebay would be a good place to start..
Interesting that you call the Diablo a rock hard ball.   According to the Golfballtest.org data from 7/2013, it's compression and cover hardness numbers are nearly identical to the Bridgestone e6, the Srixon Tri-speed and the Titleist NXT (not the NXT tour)..
We regularly see deer and foxes on our course.   Occasionally, we will see a quail or two.   But the strangest thing I have seen so far was a wild pig...........     It ran off when it saw us coming, which was a good thing since they can be quite mean.
I think the best way to test this would be with one of those robots.   That way swing issues could be eliminated from the equation and clubhead speed could be set with accuracy..
Congratulations!!     I hope you truly are on your way!! BTW, If you really do learn how to not look up, woud you please pass that bit of info along??    I know I could sure use it!!
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