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Hit a few shots with a BB V the other day at Golfsmith.   Didn't care for it.   Too light to suit my taste.   I agree with @newtogolf  Callaway is not helping themselves here.   They need to look at what Taylormade is going through and learn from it, not mimick it.
Yes, that was completely unacceptable.   Frankly, the coach should be smacked for calling Haden down to begin with.   Kinda like trying to get a bigger guy to fight your fight for you.    Stupid.   I know Haden has apologized but I'm not sure that is sufficient in this case..
Been playing fairly well (for me) lately, mostly mid to high 80's.   I even shot an 86 at a course I had never played before.    Granted, I have a long way to go but this has been the most consistent I have been for a while, if ever.   Ironically, what has been the biggest help has nothing to do with swing mechanics.   It has been all mental.   I started using LSW as a strategy guide and then focusing only on the target I want to hit with each shot.   In fact, I have no...
OSU loses to unranked VT, Michigan gets blown out by ND and Michigan St. gets manhandled by Oregon, Nebraska barely gets by McNeese St.   When the signature win for the conference this week is Winconsin thrashing Western Illinois, it's clear there isn't a team in the B1G that should be considered for the playoff this year.   Frankly, the B1G has become one of Delaney's "little sisters of the poor" conferences.   It's a joke that any of them are still in the top 25.
Do any of you that are using these lasers wear glasses?  I wear glasses and the ones I have looked through don't seem to be all that great with glasses..    Are there adjustments possible??
I agree.   I recently bought a pair of Stealths and a pair of Protos.   I like the wide toe box and comfort of both and while I think the Stealths are kinda goofy looking, I think the Protos look good.   I have never been a fan of wingtips, even as an actual dress shoe, much less as a golf shoe and I don't like the other offerings True has kept in their lineup either.   I sure hope they come out with some new models that are more in line with the Protos.
Yes they have.   I emailed True the other day and was informed the Protos, Stealths and Tours have all been discontinued.
Sounds like there won't be much need to alter the scheme much.   Should be a good thing for continuity.    Honestly, if he has much success, I'm not sure it would be in OSU's best interest to play Miller next year, since they could have 4 years of this kid versus just one more with Miller.     I think I'd just quietly suggest he try for the NFL..
I saw this today.   At least it happened before the season starts, so his replacement will get significant practice reps with the first team.  
 I emailed True this week and was told they have stopped making the Tour, Proto and Stealth models.    So all they have at this point apparently is the narrower models.    They did say to check back because they would be offering some new models in the near future.  
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