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Regarding playing fast greens and putting, I am HORRIBLE with a putter.  It is a very rare round where I get by with less than 36 putts and it is pretty common for me to need 38 or more.     Last summer, I played a round on a course where the greens were stimping at 12.  I only needed 32 putts to make it through that round.  So I am firmly of the opinion that faster greens are easier than slower greens. 
 No, you don't.   You are speculating.   Based on the article, he was able to commit several of the stabbings precisely because he had a knife and could stab people quietly. Furthermore, while I hope you are right that 100% survive, according to the article, that is not certain at this point.  
Looking at those distances and knowing my putting skill (or more appropriately lack of skill), I am guessing somewhere around 115-120..
Sea Bass.Right.They're mutated sea bass.Are they ill tempered?Absolutely.Oh well, that's a start.
T-bone steak, marinated in a combination of Teriyaki and pineapple juice for 24 hours and lightly seasoned with red pepper, season salt, paprika and lemon pepper Loaded baked potato Sweet corn (on the cob) Baked beans Texas toast Jack & coke   and for dessert, my Mother's pineapple pie.
I am using Windows 8.   It's definitely different and it takes some adjusting to.    I haven't upgraded to 8.1 yet.   Not sure I want to..
I suspect it wouldn't have been all that hard to get Natalie Gulbis to put on that outfit and pose like that for the cover.   She posed in SI wearing nothing but paint and has said before she doesn't mind being known as much for her looks as her golf.    I don't recall that particular picture causing such an uproar.     Since Natalie looks pretty damned fit to me, it seems GD could have avoided most of this argument altogether by choosing her over Paulina.   But with all...
 Of course he said pinched nerve.   Speaking as someone who has been through a bulging disc (multiple times), the bulge is putting pressure (pinching) on the nerve and causing pain.   So it isn't at all suprising that he would say he had a pinched nerve because that is what is actually causing the pain..
She is sexy in a skanky sort of way.   She has a pretty face and I think she has a good (though not great) body.....    Would I marry her?   Most likely not.   I suspect she would be much like a race horse..   Fun to ride but horribly expensive to maintain..
A buddy of mine had that happen last year with a brand new (as in this was the first time he took it to the course) Adams driver.    He bought it at Golfsmith, so he went back there.   They swapped him a new shaft while we shopped around in the store.    
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