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Well, it seems we dodged a bullet here.   Last night they were predicting 7-10".   Now they are saying 1-3" and it is gonna struggle to get the 1".  I just hope this is the last of it (the OFA seems to indicate it is)..     The long range forecast is calling for warming up starting later this week.    Hopefully, golf is in my very near future!!
 Not even if they offered to pay me to do so...    Women's clothes are typically cut much differently than mens (allowing for boobs and different body shape , etc), so even if there is nothing written on the clothing to indicate it was intended for a woman, the way it most likely will fit is going to give it away.     In this case, based on what I can tell, the nifty little script on the pocket and the cut of it (especially the horizontal seam at chest level) screams this...
 Had to lookup the anti-handicap thing..   Interesting concept.    Probably gives you a good idea of the actual state of your game..   I just did the math on my anti-handicap, which came out to 21.5.  In looking at that, I also noticed my worst score during those last 20 was a 96.   That was my worst.   So, being an 18, I still don't see a 15 as averaging 95-100 (which has been my contention all along).
BTW, since handicaps are calculated using the average of the 10 best differentials from the player's last 20 rounds, multiplied by 0.96,  the math I used to arrive at what I believe to be the average score for a 15 handicap is:  by dividing 15 by .96, which is 15.625.  Rounding that up to 16 and adding it to 72 gave me 88.   I still think this is about right since we are talking averages here and not maximums/minimums..
 Well, your math is right anyway...    87 is 85% of roughly 102.     I also think your 95% of all rounds is probably closer, especially since the actual handicap formula uses 96%..
 I started looking around the net to see if I was way off base on what I believe a 15 capper shoots on average.   In just a couple of minutes I found this:  http://www.popeofslope.com/magazine/howtodetect.html Then I found another place (tried linking to it and apparently I can't link to it from here) where a guy said he was averaging 90 with a 15 handicap. Also, you must remember that we are talking about an average for people with a 15 handicap, not just an average for...
I did in post 55 above.   I said I believed they would be averaging about an 88.
That is my point.  I agree that it is not out of the realm of possibility for a 15 to card a 100 or higher from time to time but there is a HUGE difference in shooting a number once in a while and doing it enough for that number to be their average score (the original supposition I dispute).  Since the typical 15 is not likely to be playing a course with a slope of 155 very often (at least not from the tees that have that rating), their average score is not going to be...
Dave, I have the GHIN app on my phone.   There is a part of it that will allow you to put in a handicap and then adjust the slope to anything from a 55 to a 155.    For a person with a 15 handicap, if they played a course with a slope of 155, their course index would be 21.   So while the stats you seek might mean something, I still don't think they mean a "true 15" is averaging 95-100 (again, average was the supposition).
Actually, I did something wrong on my math because I realized I couldn't have been averaging that low..   I redid the math and my average of the last 20 I posted was 92.4, not 87.85..   My course is a par 72, rated at 69.8/124 from the tees I play.   So over the course of the last year, my average is was somewhere around 92-94 and my handicap is 18.0.   In 2012, when my average score was around 97, my handicap was in the 20-22 range.  So I don't believe a 15 is averaging...
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