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I had this happen yesterday TWICE!   The first one was the best tee shot I had all damn day and as I am heading to it, I see this guy come walking across from the fairway he was on, onto mine and just pick up my ball and keep walking.    When I get to him, I tell him I believe he has my ball.    He shrugs, pulls my ball out of his pocket and hands it back to me....       Then two holes later, I hit a push fade that ends up a little right of the fairway when a guy comes...
 I like the spikeless myself (although mine are ECCO's) for everything but a soft, muddy course.   When I am dealing with mud, I like  the spikes better..   
It seems pretty clear to me that the gals in that league are trying to exclude you. So, why don' t you and your Mother just play together then and forego the league altogether? That seems the simplest solution for everyone and I see nothing awkward about it at all. Your Mother isn't there part of the time anyway, so it shouldn't really be an issue. But I sense there is something else to this since in your first post you also asked about legal action.......
I've been playing the Hex Chrome since shortly after it came out. I have tried several other balls, the Pro V1, NXT tour, several Bridgestones (including he B330RXS that I was "fitted" to by a Bridgestone rep at a golf expo), the Hex Chrome +, the Hex Black and a few others. The Chrome is hands down my favorite ball. It was noticeably longer than the others off the tee and on the short shots, it gives me all the performance my skill level will allow. Your swing...
 Honestly, if they are changing the rules to keep you from winning, then I wonder why you want to continue to play with these people but I guess that is a personal decision for you.   However, it seems to me they are effectively dissolving the old "everyone welcome" league and forming an "over 50" league.   Probably not much you can do about that..
I guess I never realized transvestitism was a trend on the golf course.................
 I like it!  I think far more people could relate to it as well, since it would theoretically be average joe golfers..    Maybe make the grand prize a new set of fitted clubs and a week at one of the resorts they are now using for shows like BB or one of the PGA tourney venues.
 I am not an expert by any means but if the part in bold is correct, then you probably are not actually swinging in to out.   Based on the descriptions you have given about how far to the right you aim, I'd be more inclined to think you are swinging out to in but because of your aim, the ball is still starting right of the target.
This is what I was getting at when I said a shot might get him through the Masters but it might mean he doesn't get to play the other majors.. 
I guess this is where we differ.   To me, 6 is a 6, whether she is in a room full of guys or on stage at the Miss USA pageant.   Nonetheless, this show is the worst of the BB series.   If this is really the best they could come up with, GC needs to kill the series and move on.
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