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Just curious, do you work for Hilton hotels inc?
I was B- Fit for Bridgestone B330 RX golf balls! Tiger Woods- (-9) Rory Mcilroy- (-11) Rickie Fowler- (-10)
Thank you for the nice review of the stores. Our Edwin watts is good, I mean it's a nice store and the people are friendly but I've found most of their prices to be higher than other places around Columbia. I do like that most of their staff are well versed in golf and actually know enough to help you out with equipment selection. Dicks is a joke. Our pga pro is only there on Tuesdays and on the other days its high school kids who know nothing about golf. I'm excited to go...
I live in Columbia South Carolina and we have a Golfsmith opening tomorrow and I was just wondering what others experiences have been like at these stores. We only have a Dicks, which has no simulator or launch monitor, and we have Edwin watts, but their prices are really high. Can you go to Golfsmith and use their simulators, or do they charge you to use them? I would probably pay if I could rent one by the hour just to play around with my clubs for the feedback but I...
That actually makes a lot of sense. Thank you
It's not really a fascination with the distances as much as its a fascination with why the distances changed. I'm interested in the reasons why. I would much rather hit my irons straight and consistent than long but I don't understand why as my swing gets better my distances get lower.
So basically I used to be able to hit my clubs like 10-15 yards longer than I can now, for every club. My pitching wedge would always be 150 yards and now it's like 135. Granted I'm more accurate now, but I was wondering if as my swing gets better and more consistent, could my irons become a detriment to my game? I use callaway x 20's with a steel uniflex shaft. Do I need a stiffer shaft? Is there ever a time when "game improvement" irons have reached their maximum...
Keegan Bradley hands down is the most aggravating golfer on your. He walks like he has hemorrhoids and his whole pre shot routine literally pisses me off. Seriously everything he does bothers me and at the PGA last year he was such a Yankee jerk to everybody it made me despise him even more.
True. Ok bad idea I get it
I get what you're saying but for a you get guy like myself in college, if I get birthday money or something and want to play a really nice golf course, just because I can't pay the 50k initiation doesn't mean I can't pay 200 or something to play with a member.
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