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You'll notice I included 2nd and 3rd place finishes at majors as well. To me, that is the staggering number that puts Nicklaus above Tiger.... Or anyone else for that matter. Only time will tell where Tiger finishes up... His winning % is higher than Nicklaus, but we haven't seen the twilight of his career yet either. As for Hogan, I would certainly make an argument for him in the Top 5... 64 wins, 9 major wins, 6 major runner up finishes, 2 major 3rd place finishes.
I agree with Turtleback. Nicklaus has openly stated on several occasions that he really didn't focus on golf as much by his late 20's. If you take the top 25 guys today, I would take a guess they put a lot more effort into their game than Nicklaus did. However, there really are only two contenders... Nicklaus and Woods. I give the title to Nicklaus until we see how Woods finishes up his career. Nicklaus - 73 wins, 18 major wins, 19 major runner ups, 9 major 3rd place...
My wife and my daughters...
Some people are total jerks, and I do find a little enjoyment in seeing them fail. And sometimes I am a trash talker, especially to jerks (I would potentially catch myself making a comment about an artichoke being in the way of the putt, if this guy and I had a later run in). However, I realize after the fact sometimes that all I did was stoop to their level of jerkiness, so that makes me a little of a jerk too. So, I try to catch myself when I can. I also realize that...
Are you able to tell if the lie angles are a little different? That could of course impact how they perform for you. Maybe you can trade them both in towards the i20s. The Mrs might even agree that was a good move! I play the MP-52s and they are great. Played MP-33s prior to that. Definitely play the MP-52s better... But the result of playing the MP-33s for a season was what I wanted (and sounds like what you were shooting for)... Became a much better ball striker!
Oak Hill CC. Have had the chance to play there several times through my friend, and my other friend's father. It was humbling!
There's a course back home that is rated 76.7 and is a Par 70. Very tough course, but beautiful course (probably why it's hosted every PGA major). My friend who is a member there is a +1, and usually shoots mid-70's there
Par and Rating are two totally separate things. Kind of like an apple versus an orange... They are not the same
Here is maybe a way to think about it... Par 3 - 1 stroke on, 2 putts Par 4 - 2 strokes on, 2 putts Par 5 - 3 strokes on, 2 putts That is pretty much what determines par on a given hole, then add all the holes up and you have par for the course. However, they are rated differently based on difficulty.
I say "good shot" or "nice shot" all the time if it is a good or nice shot to me. Complimenting someone seems like a nice thing to do! If someone started giving me attitude or the stink eye... I'd give it right back to them and tell them to get over themselves, or something to that effect. If it's one of my good golf buddies who hits a nice shot... I'd probably call him a d$#k, since he probably just took a skin!
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