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I wonder how much any of this has to do with Dicks/Golf Galaxy's recent decisions about their involvement in the golf industry.
I'm usually able to stay pretty chill about stuff and easily resist any temptation to purchase new things... New clubs, new cars, etc. But this thread is really making me want to go pick up a Game Golf unit
I'm not an 8 HCP, but not far off... And I totally understand the struggle with the driver (and my 3W this past year or so). When I'm having a bad day with the driver, I choke up to get more control and just deal with losing some distance those days (at least I try, sometimes I'm stubborn too)... Maybe worth a shot if you haven't tried that out yet. I agree with the suggestion of a LW... I use mine all the time, would be tough to not have it in the bag. And maybe leave...
Agreed. I have the 4-wheel micro-cart, and although it's nice overall... the 3-wheel speed v1, etc. are much easier to push. I imagine due to larger wheels and less resistance (I.e. 3 wheels vs 4).
Sounds to me you're more referring to a golfer being cool, versus golf being cool.Either way, if it's that debatable of a topic... It's probably not cool
If people are actually debating whether something is cool or not... It's probably not cool. Cool is a state of being... so I don't see how golf, or any sport or piece of attire, could be considered cool.
Didn't read all the posts, so not sure if someone already mentioned them... check out the Nike PD Soft. I played them for several years... very soft, inexpensive.
I just gave my daughter a bunch of colored balls I've found on the course over the years, and she also likes to color on the white ones... I figure whatever she likes is fine by me. I did buy her a dozen hot pink balls as one of her bday presents. She hasn't lost one yet, but we pretty much just hang around the practice greens and a wide open easy little Par 3 at this point
I don't think the age ranges seem appropriate in the poll... I wouldn't think anyone under 45 would have really seen Jack in his prime. I'm 36, born in '78. I don't think he was in his prime anymore by the time I was even born... Let alone by the time I had a clue who he was
Rehmwa pretty much spelled out in post #19 what my understanding was as well... No one was forced to do anything... The media and all it's talking heads are just trying to create some meaningless discussion. Phil and Ricky showed class in letting Rory tee off, and trying to do the right thing for the tournament in general... Finish it on Sunday. I think Rory just seemed a little confused on the protocol in that situation, and Phil and Ricky were following it. It was...
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