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I bought a season pass at a course right out of college... It was $450 for unlimited play, and apparently they were only selling 100 of these passes to quickly raise money for rehab project. Turns out, they sold almost 300 of them (I saw the "member list" in the pro shop one morning). Not only did they lie about how many they were selling, they stacked up tee times 6 minutes apart. You could plan on 5-6 hour rounds every outing, it was terrible. After about a month, it...
I've done it a few times (skied and golfed in the same day), both in NY and UT... Tough day if one decides to walk vs ride! I heard there's a place in Hawaii where you can ski, golf, and surf in the same day, certain times of year
Pretty much every time I play
Hit balls into the net in the basement. Focused on alignment, shoulder turn (not overturning), timing/tempo
Played 18 today. Focused on alignment and timing/tempo.
Hit the range today for about two hours. - Medium bucket split between random irons and the new driver. - Putting and chipping. - Short game from 60 and in, including a good 20 minutes in the sand (been struggling in the sand this season). - Another medium bucket split between irons and the new driver.
I'm not sure what their plans are. Don't sell yourself short on the JPX-850, I hear nothing but good things (and have demo'd them myself). If you like the look, and feel comfortable with them, good chance you'll wind up being just as successful with them as you would any other iron. I was a higher-mid HCP golfer when I picked up the MP-52, and some people tried to talk me out of it. Glad I didn't listen, made the right choice! Good luck !
I'll try one out next time I lose a clip, thanks for the suggestion.
That stinks man, hopefully it'll get out on PC and in the UK soon! In the meantime, at least we're avoiding some of the trial and error
Was fit for a driver today, focused on good alignment and timing during the process. I think that would count toward practice.
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