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You did kind of leave yourself open to those who seem to enjoy giving others a hard time... But here is my answer to what sounds like your question.I've played 5 different sets of irons since I've been playing:- Wilson (aerotech I believe was the line). Cheap, complete beginners set, played them about 10 years. Can't say I knew any better at the time to place any judgement on them. They served their purpose at the time.- Ping G5. Played these for maybe a season and a...
If you prefer good tasting/smelling cigars that aren't too strong... Def check out the H. Upmann Original
Would I ever play, sure... It might be fun. Would I ever PAY to play?... Not a chance
Interesting pairing... Both have that go for it mentality, but Palmer maybe being a little more consistent. Gonna have to go with the guy who made golf cool... Arnold Palmer. Like Tiger vs Jack... We'll have to see how Phil's career finishes out.
I don't know... Frankly the bag is kind of ugly. It's like buying a Mercedes station wagon haha. Any bag over $200 seems ridiculous... And I wouldn't even want to pay that much... Unless it was like Al Czervik's bag (radio, keg, etc.)
It really is all over the place... The weekend prior to the 78, I had a 92, so it can be round to round. I've also gone on streaks of shooting low - mid 80's for a month and then high 80's to low 90's the next month.I guess we'll see what happens this weekend, I am playing a much easier course.
Thanks. It felt nice to get another, I just don't know why I'm all over the place... I've been everywhere from the two scores in the 70's, to scores in the 90's over the past year. It's probably the focus thing, have my good days and bad. Btw, just saw I missed your question about my daughter's golf. We've been to the range a few times, and to the Par 3 once. I ask her every weekend if she wants to go, but she chooses going to the pool with Mom over golf 90% of the...
It's impossible for anyone to know how that would turn out.Btw, wasn't Nicklaus a stand out basketball and baseball player in high school as well? Did Woods ever play anything other than golf? So how could you possibly say Woods was/is a better athlete? I'm not saying he was or wasn't, but your making something a fact, that isn't necessarily fact.
I played MP-33s for just over a season. My next set, and current set, are the MP-52s. They def provide more forgiveness, but still maintain feel and provide feedback. If you're going to look into something a little more forgiving, but still has those Mizuno characteristics, maybe check out the current Mizuno lines. Maybe the MP-59s?
Got another one yesterday... 78. Pretty solid ball striking, stayed out of trouble except one hole that I shot a tripple. My chipping was probably the best it's ever been, probably had 8 up and downs. It was actually on the same course I got it last time. Par 71, 6,745 yards, 72.2 rating/129 slope. The thing that irks me... I've played easier courses since the last time I broke 80. Maybe this is just my lucky course! How has everyone else been playing?
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