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The iron was apparently Troy Merritt... Not Phil
I agree with Dkolo, head to a golf shop and check them all out... Size, feel, etc. I have an Odyssey white hot putter as well. I liked the grip that came on it. When it wore down, I replaced it with a jumbo Winn grip. Very similar to the original, but just a little more width which is nice for putting. Let us know what you wind up with
I've always enjoyed playing at least $1 skins or something. I bought that Vegas Golf game with the poker chips earlier this year, and it's enjoyable to play. I also joined a traveling league. A little friendly competition always makes things a little more fun to me.How has everyone's season started out so far?Have only broken 80 once so far this season, but feel pretty good about it happening on a semi-regular basis after last season. The goal this year is to break 75...
I demo'd the Srixon Z 745 and 545 irons today... Wow! These irons are as nice as anything out there. I have been pretty much sold that Mizuno would be the next iron set for me (I currently play MP-52s and REALLY like them). But after trying out the Srixons today, I don't see how I could not throw them into the mix for consideration... And they're $150 cheaper I believe. Worth checking out for anyone who plays irons in this category
There are two Edwin Watts stores out where I live now... Good selections, prices aren't too bad compared to anywhere else... Other than used gear. Have helped a couple friends piece sets together and couldn't believe what they were charging for used gear. Unless you know the values and make deals, they'll rip you off. And just like anywhere else, most of the workers I spoke with were friendly and nice, but there were a few clueless and/or full of it sales people. It's...
Has anyone seen this other system, Arccos? Looks pretty similar, but twice the cost. http://m.golfgalaxy.com/arccos-golf-gps-stat-tracking-system/14arcurccsglfgtch/product
I agree with David, not a fan of the logo... Or logos on golf balls in general. I prefer something a little more subtle. Welcome to the sand trap, and best of luck on the start up!
Having a 3w and a 4w doesn't really make sense. Ditto on possibly a 5w. Personally I don't really worry too much about the gaps from 200+... I rarely hit greens from that distance
What I wrote was perfectly fitting with the rest of the posts in this thread... You just enjoy being argumentative with everyone, and finding some crazy angle to discount what anyone else says. But no worries, I'm familiar with the type of person you are, and it doesn't bother me... Provides for some comic relief to my day.Enjoy the rest of your day Shorty... Hope it gets better for you!
I'm well aware of what this thread is about... But thanks for your brilliant explanation anyway, Professor Obvious.You seem like such a happy, positive person!
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