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I selected higher. I'm currently at 7.2 and don't really think I'll have the practice time necessary bring it down any further. But who knows, I didn't think I'd be at a 7.2 this year either...
I don't think you're going to find something reasonable anywhere near the $500 mark. The closest reasonable option currently seems like the SkyTrak by SkyGolf at $2K
Tied my best score today (although the first time was on a tougher course, so not my best round). 37 - 39 for 76. 6,834 Yards 71.3/117 Had a Triple on #17, 234 Yd Par 3... Very upsetting considering the potential going into the final 2 holes
I've had the G30 LS TEC, with the premium shaft, for a few months now, very happy with it. Prior to that I had a G15 with the premium shaft... I was happy with that as well. While I had the G15, I did demo several drivers out of curiosity, including the i series. The G30 made me switch, while nothing prior to that did. I've noticed tighter dispersion with the G30, but a very small loss of distance... Possibly due to being the low spin model and the shaft being 0.5"...
I disagree. The MP-52 is going to be more comparable to the AP2.I don't think the AP1 and MP-52 are anything alike, other than both being irons
I would imagine regular flex is fine
The marking on my 56 are in the same spot. Where they put the markings may depend on the loft and/or grind.I agree with the serial number issue though
I like this idea. Thanks for sharing
The topic of this thread transcends golf. In general, our culture seems to be full of excuses, and avoids reality, in order to stroke the ego. If we can't be honest with ourselves, and we overlook our strengths and weaknesses, we'll never reach our full potential. Beyond that rant (sorry, struck a chord), I won't deny that I've kidded myself before when it comes to golf. Prior to the last few years, I made a lot of assumptions about my game, without having a true...
Exactly. Until you find the right club, swing, alignment, whatever it may be... Take what you do well and make it work for you.
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