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Has anyone seen this other system, Arccos? Looks pretty similar, but twice the cost. http://m.golfgalaxy.com/arccos-golf-gps-stat-tracking-system/14arcurccsglfgtch/product
I agree with David, not a fan of the logo... Or logos on golf balls in general. I prefer something a little more subtle. Welcome to the sand trap, and best of luck on the start up!
Having a 3w and a 4w doesn't really make sense. Ditto on possibly a 5w. Personally I don't really worry too much about the gaps from 200+... I rarely hit greens from that distance
What I wrote was perfectly fitting with the rest of the posts in this thread... You just enjoy being argumentative with everyone, and finding some crazy angle to discount what anyone else says. But no worries, I'm familiar with the type of person you are, and it doesn't bother me... Provides for some comic relief to my day.Enjoy the rest of your day Shorty... Hope it gets better for you!
I'm well aware of what this thread is about... But thanks for your brilliant explanation anyway, Professor Obvious.You seem like such a happy, positive person!
I've moved a ball on a few occasions to avoid goose shit, and didn't self-assess any penalties... Hopefully that doesn't make me a low life scumbag
Ever been in the room while the Mrs. was giving birth to your child?If not... Trust me, it's a medical reason
My opinion, it seems more engaging to see the product unfold.... Versus an all at once summary/review
I think that is a good idea. Maybe choose a particular product every 3 months or so, and get 2-4 people (depending on the product) involved in testing/reviews. Could be anything from a gadget such as Game Golf, to a golf book or something
Mailman - my very first thought would be maybe a 50, 54, and a 58 with a grind that allows you to open it up more when necessary. Something WUTiger pointed out that I would have failed to consider, is the length of the club. That could certainly affect distances. I've also read the same thing Amac mentioned, in a golf magazine. Using your PW as an example... 140 Yds gripped at the butt end, 130 Yds gripped halfway down the grip, 120 Yds gripped all the way down the...
New Posts  All Forums: