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I'd play an NXT Tour over a DT Solo, any day. As a matter of fact, I pay for NXT Tour balls, and toss free DT Solo balls back for the next guy to find. The NXT Tour is superior
I can understand a company not mass-producing a product that has a limited market... However, once the club is designed for the right hander, I don't imagine it would be that expensive to create a left handed mold, and at a minimum offer them as a custom/to order option
All the TaylorMade models below have left handed available: RSI Tour Preferred SpeedBlade And yea, Titleist AP-1, and AP-2 are nice "can't go wrong" options to have available
PS - Odyssey White Hot Pro putters are on sale at Golf Galaxy (and I imagine Dick's as well) for $80. Best bang for your buck of any putter out there...
Boring (nothing exciting happened), but respectable (mid-80's on a tough course)
If there is an Edwin Watts near you, check it out. They have a 90 day guarantee, on new and used gear. So you could pick up a decent used set (which they can help you pick something appropriate, for free) and you can go play them for a month or so, and return them for 100% store credit toward another set if you're not happy with them. One further piece of advice I would provide is to know your prices when you hit the shop (have the PGA value guide pulled up on your...
In honor of Lihu, Vinsk, and all the other lefties out there (including a friend of mine who is a woman, and a lefty... You guys think you have it bad finding clubs?) feel free to share any quality left handed golf clubs as you become aware of them. I'll start with Mizuno's 2015 line: MP-54 JPX 850 (both forged, and non-forged)
You guys should start a "Clubs for Lefty's" thread, before you get any warnings about being off topic! Sorry billchao, couldn't resist...
To the OP... Maybe check out the following amateur tour, I think they play by USGA rules: http://www.amateurgolftour.net I thought about it for the fun of it and I enjoy competition, but they seem to charge an arm and a leg (I imagine whoever runs it overall is trying to make a buck). As far as the rest of the discussion is concerned... I could care less. Play in whatever kind of league you enjoy playing in. I personally am happy playing by USGA rules, and that's what...
Just Monday I shot a 52-37... That's probably the largest front-back difference I've had in a long time. The second round I shot 42-42... Quite consistent I must say. I can shoot high 70's one round to mid-90's the next... Happens more often than I like
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