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The closest course to me with bent greens has huge fans to combat the heat.  Last week bent would have gone up in flames, though today is pretty nice.  
I am in west central Alabama.  The winter didn't do us any favors but luckily we didn't lose any greens.  Many of the courses in neighboring areas lost several greens and are spending the summer putting on temporary greens.  I guess you can't really call it putting more like whacking the ball at the hole.     Best of luck, MS256.
There are many great coaches/teachers in other sports that were not great players so I don't think it is necessary to be a great golfer to able to teach and recognize a good golf swing.  That being said most instructors probably are good players.     I was once paired with a guy in a four ball tourney and thought me and my partner were in trouble based on my experience with him as a very good teacher.  To my surprise, the guy couldn't play dead in a bad cowboy movie but...
Playing a 180 yard par 3, I hit a really good shot that hits the flag stick and bounces off the green very close to the lake next to the green.  While driving the cart next to the lake to find my ball, I am not paying attention and cursing my bad luck when I drive under a guy wire for a telephone pole and completely rip the roof of my golf cart.  
In most college football crazy areas, it is about getting as many home games as possible to generate revenue.  9 SEC games means having one less home game every other year which turns into millions of $$ for the university and the local economy.  Sure we all want to see Alabama, LSU, Auburn vs Ohio State, USC, FSU but the presidents and athletic directors want to see big bank accounts.
  I bet Cam got it!!
A guy at my club leaves a wedge near a green at least once a week and it always gets turned in.  We started putting it in weird places when he comes to ask for it just to see his reaction.    "Anybody seen a titleist wedge".   "Saw one in the upstairs womens toilet" or "Saw one at the bottom of the pool." or "saw one in the culvert on #8"   My favorite and the most creative, someone took the time to put it in an umbrella bag filled with water and...
I have the players on my high school golf team do something similar to this but I don't make them carry it around.  It is mostly an exercise for them to realize "how far they actually hit it vs. how far they think they hit it".  It will also bring to light any large gaps in distance or strange yardages, much like the OP's 48* and 50* issue.  I have been doing this for a number of years, never had anyone's actual distance be farther than they thought and we generally...
What are the greens like where you are playing? Hard and fast?  Sloped?  The course where I play the vast majority of my rounds has very hard greens that require you to land the ball short and play for the roll out.  When I say hard I mean Phil Mickelson couldnt hit a hacky sack with a 64* wedge and get it to stop.  I have to adjust my approach when I play a course with receptive greens because I have to fly the ball a little farther to compensate for no roll. So perhaps...
  Same here.  Four iron and six iron are comfortable distances but I can hit the 5 iron to places Christopher Columbus wouldn't venture!
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