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What would you call what Arnie's doing there?
Sorry to resurrect, but I think this is what you mean? Arnold Palmer...found this on Google via Golf Digest. Sorry if not ok to post...
Thanks for the video, the golfer on the left could have been me! How long does something like this typically take to fix? Will I be fighting this for a while, or does a typical student get this fixed pretty quickly in general?
Hey everyone, I have a problem. I have been struggling with a snap hook or an off the planet block this season. Since its cold outside, I have taken two lessons with the hope of fixing my action. I have access to an indoor driving range over the winter, so although not ideal, I at least have somewhere I can take full swings and attempt to ingrain some new habits. I do not have video to share, but my instructor does and I have seen myself on video a bunch of times. I have...
Lefty here, but golf righty. I also played hockey and batted righty. Never could do it lefty. I am lefty in everything else though.
Right on - glad they are working for you!
Really?  Are you referring to the Tour Wrap 2G's?  If so, I actually hated those - no offense or anything.  Completely cool if you like them.  Just shows different strokes for different folks!   The 2G's slipped on me at even a hint of moisture.  And I thought they wore very poorly.  Just my opinion.
Hey guys, I just regripped with these in midsize at the encouragement of my clubbuilder. I have to say I like them very much! They look a lot like the original Golf Pride Tour Wraps, but better? I haven't played them in a down pour or anything, so I cannot opine there, in normal conditions they stick to my glove like crazy. And the best part? Made in the USA (sorry brethren abroad) and are only $2 per! Really good product. I will circle back with a durability report, but...
Lets say I get my left hand in the correct position - do you like to see a similar "strength" in the right hand position? Where should the right hand be in relation to the left? Assuming I am playing right hand golf.
    Sorry if I misunderstood your post, and we are basically in agreement whereby I don't think anyone should do something because of a pro - their reason should be I do it because it works for me.  I was more trying to argue with the person in the video - he basically said in essence to stay away from an interlock and then provided no real reason for a pretty broad-brush statement.   You have an interesting take on the purpose of the grip to somewhat weaken your...
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