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New Decade grips are superior.  Expensive but fantastic
I'm not sure if my new Callaway Apex Pro irons are considered a blade or not (not much sole on these babies) but I feel my shots are much crisper. It's been a tough first couple rounds but I know I made the right choice upgrading from my i20's In the long run....I can't stand a thick top line or offset on irons but that's just me.
This is the reason I haven't purchased anything from Taylormade in the last 5 years.  I used to play them through my bag from putter to driver.  But after they release a new model every 19 seconds I decided that I won't even look at them anymore.  And when I purchased my last driver a week ago I actually tested the SLDR and it was very impressive and it out performed the driver I purchased but I told myself I would never buy anything from them again so I put it back on the...
I use the Bridgestone 330rx and I have tried to go to the Prov1x but I seem to get more side spin with the prov.  And plus the Bridgestone commercials are a little more entertaining then the titleist.  Thats why I got my Covert 2.0 driver because of commercials....LOL
The Cleveland 588 wedges are really good I play 2 of them. The covert 2.0 is a monster driver .
I have a covert 2.0, set at 11.5. It is so much longer then my i20 at 9.5. And the roll out i get is a sweet added bonus. The only ballooning issue was when I had to hit into 30 mph winds and any ball would do that in that kind of wind!!
Where do you normally play?  I am a member at Green Valley Ranch.......my irons should be here tomorrow they shipped on Friday!!!!
Callaway does not charge for shaft upgrades with this set.  I know because I ordered mine last week with Apex pro and KBS tour C taper shaft.  plus a half an inch and 2 up.  4-gw and it was 1099 bucks.  with tax it was $1152.  Golfsmith charges 40 per on that shaft.   I have done the frequency matching when I got my Ping i20's two years ago.  It does not change your game it maybe tightens up dispersion.  I paid 799 for the clubs and put another $400 in shafts and the...
I have about 120 rounds on a pair of ecco spikeless shoes.  And I walk every round.  I walk on the cart path a lot.  these shoes are finally worn out.  They held up better then my Tiger woods shoes.  I have never had any grip issues with them even in damp conditions.  You cannot go wrong with ecco.  I did have a pair of the biom hydromax shoes that I had to return because the eyelets started to pull out of the leather.  Golfsmith warrantied them even after about 30 rounds...
Ordered mine last saturday............this is killing me.  I go back to Golfsmith nearly every day and hit them just to keep the feel fresh in my mind.  They are forgiving and the feel is amazing.  And getting KBS tour c taper shafts for no extra charge is the greatest thing I have ever seen.  Callaway did it right on this set.
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