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I used to own a leupold with slope.  Amazing function.  But when I started playing in the Wyoming Open I had to sell it on Craigslist and I took a huge hit.  And I then bought the same Leupold without slope.  
They absolutely do!!! You barely notice them on your feet. The real thick part is under your heel it gets thin toward your toe . I walk 150 rounds a year and this is my new shoe forever. You get the comfort of a spikeless shoe with the traction of a spike. And they look good while doing it (spikeless just look sloppy if you ask me)
I just got a pair of DNA's and those things are the most comfortable shoes I have ever walked in!!!!!!!!  you will love them.  I have played two pair of Ecco and they are comfortable but nothing compared to the DNA's
I have played them.  I didn't really notice any difference from my normal ball the 330rx also.  Its a good ball but just as you said the sticker shock on a Maxfli.  They are worth a try.  I am sure you will stick with the bridgestone after you test them.
I just retired my clicgear 2.0 with about 3000 miles on it.  I went with the sun mountain micro cart as its replacement only because I had a pro shop credit and they had one sitting there.  You will not be disappointed with that purchase 
a pair of footjoy DNA shoes.......man they were comfy in the store.
New Decade grips are superior.  Expensive but fantastic
I'm not sure if my new Callaway Apex Pro irons are considered a blade or not (not much sole on these babies) but I feel my shots are much crisper. It's been a tough first couple rounds but I know I made the right choice upgrading from my i20's In the long run....I can't stand a thick top line or offset on irons but that's just me.
This is the reason I haven't purchased anything from Taylormade in the last 5 years.  I used to play them through my bag from putter to driver.  But after they release a new model every 19 seconds I decided that I won't even look at them anymore.  And when I purchased my last driver a week ago I actually tested the SLDR and it was very impressive and it out performed the driver I purchased but I told myself I would never buy anything from them again so I put it back on the...
I use the Bridgestone 330rx and I have tried to go to the Prov1x but I seem to get more side spin with the prov.  And plus the Bridgestone commercials are a little more entertaining then the titleist.  Thats why I got my Covert 2.0 driver because of commercials....LOL
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