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I just left my local Golfsmith with my brand new Scotty Cameron California Monterey!  I went there dead set on getting one of the black models but man I fell in love in a hurry.  I am a huge fan of the new pistolero grip!!!!  I agree with everyone saying that we spend the money of a driver so why not.  And you cannot beat the look of a Scotty. Now I am trying to raise the money to send it away to his custom shop and make it a one of a kind, guess that will have to wait...
I have played the Penta since they came out.  I switched to the Prov1 at the end of last season.  The only reason I did so was I refuse to support Taylormade Golf in any fashion.  They are replacing the Penta with something called the killer or something like that (i saw pictures of it the other day).  The marketing department in Taylormade is on crack lately.  But the Penta and the Prov1 are both fantastic balls.
The main reason I switched to Ping.  Every 2 years Ping updates the line I play I20.  The g20 is 2 years old and now they have the g25's.  Every year Taylormade throws something new out and your trade in is worth nothing.  And personally I think Taylormade has lost their mind with the horrible paint scheme on their new stuff.  I could never stand over that new R1 and not get distracted.  I am sure that in May they will launch the R1s and stage 3 crappyballz.  
I played today with mine and I noticed that my Sand Wedge is also doing this on the toe, and it appears as if it is starting on my 9 and 7.  I have played about 50 rounds on them since I got them.  Looks like I will be contacting Ping soon.  I would even pay the difference to get the Anser irons......
Ping who states "made in america" also makes their drivers in china, but they do assemble in the US i believe.
I just dropped my i20's off to get re shafted,  im getting Rifle Precision 5.5.  But I bought them 4 months ago knowing I was going to get them re shafted.  Ill let you know how they turn out.  and my fitter is going to lighten them up he told me Ping built them in a D9 swing weight and that is not what I ordered.
I have owned it in a belly putter since December.  I love that putter, my lag is so good with it and inside 5 feet is as good as in.  I just out on the super stroke belly putter grip on it and that thing is amazing.  
I must admit this was one of the funniest threads I have ever read!!!!!  I should never underestimate the Sandtrap communities ability to give me a good laugh.  Nice work guys you really brought my spirits up after the 84 I posted on the course today!!!
I got my i20's 4-SW, I bought them because I felt it was easier to have the same shafts and lie.  I love the gap and sand wedge.  I bought a Ping tour-s wedge in 58 degree just to get a little fancier.  There is no problem buying them as a set and I feel so much more confident standing over the same looking club on all my shots.  I also got the driver and 3 wood........next club to get kicked out of my bag is my Adams Super Hybrid and when I replace it with the i20 I...
I own them in green dot 2 upright with stock ping stiff shafts.  I have broken my person best rounds 4 times since owning them.  I also have the driver 9.5 with stock stiff and I have never driven the ball this well in my life.  And I also have the 14 degree 3 wood in project x 6.0 and I can say that after not having a 3 wood in my bag for the last 3 years because I just can not hit one, I am now a green hitting machine on the par 5's.  And I have yet to miss a fairway...
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