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I have owned i20's for over a year now. I went from Adams CB2's, I also struggled with a very high ball flight, got them with CFC stiff. I changed my shifts a week before the Wyoming open (huge mistake changing something that big prior to a 3 day tournament). I smeitched to rifle precision 5.5 and my flight seems to have stabilized. In the year since owning them I have finally broken 80, love the clubs!! You won't be disappointed with any ping item!
Thanks for the post, I have been looking for something like this for a while now. I just didn't want to buy something generic. I will be ordering one on this week!!!! And yours does look good!!!
I could never justify taking a slot in my bag for a club that is so limited in its use. My 58 does everything I need it to. If we were allowed to carry 15 clubs I would carry one.
I game the i20 and it's the only driver that I have kept for over a year, it is a little harder to hit then my friends g20. Being a 24hcp I would advise the g20 just for its forgiving nature.
It makes my eyes bleed, but I am sure it hits like the r11
I don't know if I had a poor opinion of the driver prior to hitting it based on paint and the fact I have never cared for Nike stuff but I believe I did. Watching Rory play with it Dubi I noticed that the driver had a very muted sound compared to Tigers Nike. And when I hit it I did notice that was very muted, I personally like hearing my driver but that's just me. It did seem to be accurate and distance didn't appear to be a problem. Now the paint was horrible with...
I own i20's and I love them. I went with the stock cfc stiff shaft, I have since reshafted wit rifle 5.5 and I love them. My only regret was not buying them with the KBS shafts, my favorite shaft of all time. Stick with ping they last forever
I had a friend who put clear-bra on the crown and sole of his r11, and it looked brand new when he sold it. As far as fixing sky marks on a white driver, I cannot help there.
I agree with above poster, it's a swing issue. Don't throw away money until someone who knows what they are doing looks at your driver swing.
I got my irons reshafted last year with rifle 5.5 shafts, and that was in June. I would advise contacting a private club fitter and builder. My guy really only uses the rifle shafts. If it helps his name is Brian Gott and his website is Gott Golf.
New Posts  All Forums: