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I own i20's and I love them. I went with the stock cfc stiff shaft, I have since reshafted wit rifle 5.5 and I love them. My only regret was not buying them with the KBS shafts, my favorite shaft of all time. Stick with ping they last forever
I had a friend who put clear-bra on the crown and sole of his r11, and it looked brand new when he sold it. As far as fixing sky marks on a white driver, I cannot help there.
I agree with above poster, it's a swing issue. Don't throw away money until someone who knows what they are doing looks at your driver swing.
I got my irons reshafted last year with rifle 5.5 shafts, and that was in June. I would advise contacting a private club fitter and builder. My guy really only uses the rifle shafts. If it helps his name is Brian Gott and his website is Gott Golf.
I would vote for the Adams set just for the fact it comes with hybrids which are easier to hit then long irons. But I would hit both sets prior to buying.
I wish I had your problem, I have to decide which club I need to remove before a tournament. And I usually don't know till I get to the range day of, 4 iron or my 23 degree hybrid....I think the 4 iron will be coming out for good this season just because I hit it off the box so well, but if I were u I would add a 60
I have a friend who struggles with his game and he put them on throughout his bag and the next day they were thrown away.  I tried them on the range the day he showed up and I must admit that was one of the worst feels I have ever had.  My draw turned into a filthy hook when trying to square it at impact.  But on a side note that experience does make for some good laughs when we are re-gripping for the season.  "do you remember when I put the Jumbomax grips on" that...
I use the Ecco Biom Hydromax with the spikes,  hands down the best shoe ever made.  just feel the leather and you will know they are built to last.  no pain in my feet after walking 18.  I have tried every brand out there and they are the best for me.  The second best were the puma's I wore last season.
Full rain suit. A couple tee's 12 pro v1's Frogger brush A bright yellow CU Buffs towel  Yellow sharpie Beanie  Sunblock for my ears (they get beat up real bad with sunburn)  Hockey tape (works better then medical tape on my dry cracked hands) And all the excuses I can come up with
I guess we all have a little to much time on our hands.  I am not sure what is more depressing the fact that this thread was even started?  or the fact there are 113 replies to it?  Or the fact that I just wasted 10 minutes of my morning reading the first 3 pages?  I have a 36 inch waist and I own a white Puma belt....I wasn't sure if I looked stupid but now I know I do.....Belt is going in the trash thanks guys I am glad this is cleared up, it is a huge weight off my...
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