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Pro v1 all day every day!!!! I won't even pick up pro v1x and put them in my bag (my playing partners love me). I should start keeping all the balls I find and sell them to help with my Pro v1 habit. I was a big fan of Pentas but I hate Taylormade so bad I refuse to give them any of my hard earned money anymore. Next week the R1s tour spec ambidextrous driver comes out and your 4 day old R1 is now worth 12 bucks trade in!!!
Kevin Bacon? I just cannot imagine Rhen Mckormic from Footloose staring in my favorite movie of all time :(. But I agree with the tour striker is a good aid. I got a lot from Phil's short game DVD also.
Ecco Biom hydromax! I normally can't get thru 14 to 15 holes before the pain in my feet gets so bad that my score suffers. Last week I walked 5 rounds on frozen fairways with my new Ecco's and nearly no pain at all, I also own a pair of True's that are also comfortable but zero heel raise does not work for me, my weight ends up way to far back, but that's just me.
I just purchased my second California series Scotty, and so far this new Monterey is the finest tool I have ever used!!!! I have beat my previous best round 2 times in a week. I cannot wait to send it out to his custom shop and pimp it out even more!
I know this thread is older, but I currently game ping i20 irons 4-sw, i20 three wood and driver. And they are the best set of golf clubs I have ever owned. Can't bring myself to replace my vokey 60, titleist 910 hybrid and Scotty Cameron putter but the pings are awesome
I dont know much about the AD DI but my bud has one in his i20 and when I compare it to my i20 with the Ping shaft in it the AD DI kills it.  I am trying to get him to trade drivers with me because he cant hit it but he isn't budging.  I know this didn't help but I thought I would throw in my 2 cents.  And I believe its the same shaft that Tiger uses.
I am not trying to say that the Optishot doesn't have its pluses.  like I said for me it was more fun then just pounding balls into a net.  I didn't say that it was a waste of money.  The fun wore off in  a hurry for me but I was trying to give a review of a product.  I am saving up to get a full blown launch monitor in my house.  I guess if you put up a couple high speed cameras then maybe you can get some stuff done.  On a side note my friends 5 year old son really...
Today I posted an 86 at Green Valley Golf Club in Denver Colorado.  Not close to my best round of 78 but I did however do something that has eluded me for 10 years.  I posted my first ever EAGLE!!!  I have had countless birdies but for some strange reason eagle has always been out of reach.  Hole #4 tee shot with a 7 iron.  Then pulled a 60 degree wedge (vokey) had a 60 foot pitch that I tried to kill on the front of the green and the ball did just as I had asked it to....
I am not sure why anyone would care what another person plays?  Does someone using a Prov1 have anything to do with your game?  I wont even pick up a found ball that is not a Pro v1 and that is to include a Pro v1x.  I refuse to hit any other ball.  But that is my decision to make.  I work hard for my money and if I chose to pay for a Pro v1 why would you care.  I trust what a Pro v1 will do around the green and off the face of my putter.  Should I also not spend $350 on...
I owned one for about a year.  I just sold it with the computer I purchased so I could keep it in my garage.  The optishot is an expensive video game.  Yes it does show tempo and path and club speed.  But make no mistake it is not a launch monitor.  You get no feedback on spin or launch angle.  I found it to be funner then banging balls into a net.  It does not pick up your driver unless you buy the optishot driver.  I used a 3 wood and just set it to driver and it...
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