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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has tried the Perfect Release?  I am not a guy who buys into a lot training aids.  My biggest issue in my swing is post impact, I can never get into a finish position.  I suffer from the chicken wing after impact.  Just wondering if anyone has tried it and what their thoughts are.
I use Penta practice balls and I love them.  I have seen no performance problems and I don't get as angry when I send them into the drink.  And then I buy the regular balls when I play in tournaments.  Buy the practice balls and save some coin.
So there are people out there who also dislike the white.  I bought my R11 tp on launch day and I was the first to get on my course with it.  And even a couple months after I was still the only person using white stuff.  Then one day I look around and everyone on the range is using some sort of white club.  So I then go to the dark side and go with Ping i20 with a mat black finish and it is sweet.  If your going to change the color you should do it right and send it out...
I wouldn't trust the web fit.  I did mine and it told me standard length with Maroon dot.  I went in and got fit at Golfsmith and it came out 1/2 longer with green dot 2.25 upright. And I must say they fit me perfect.
I20 is an absolute MONSTER!!!!!!!
I have logged around 8 rounds with my i20 irons.  These irons are so amazing, I have broken my best rounds multiple times.  They are the most forgiving irons I have ever hit.  I am using the stock stiff shafts (didn't want to spend the extra 30 bucks a shaft for the projectX shafts).  Even with the forgiving nature of a players/game improvement iron I am really getting used to working the ball.  And you can work the ball with these.  And they are very long yesterday a...
You shouldn't buy anything until you hit them at a demo day or at a local retailer with a good launch monitor.  You should also get fit for lie and length those two items are extremely important.  I can understand the want to buy new gear and the amount of technology in new clubs can help you learn the game.  Get a game improvement or super game improvement iron.  Or get good with you current set and beat your friends with them and then make fun of them.  The swing is...
After reading this thread I went out to Golfsmith and I picked up a set.  These things are comfortable and I mean comfortable.  I have had no slipping problems.  And you can barely feel these things on your feet.  I just wish they were a little better looking!  My wife wont shut up about how ugly they are.  But I dont care they work.
Make sure you hit the Adams Super Hybrid, its almost like cheating.
I am glad I bought my super hybrid before Taylormade got ahold of it and painted it WHITE!  I should have bought stock in white paint and I would be a rich man.  THat move would be horrible for Adams in my opinion.  Glad I made the switch to Ping!!!!
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