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'Concept' - A general idea derived or inferred from specific instances or occurrences.Our body understands and can perform better when a simple concept is put in place instead of lengthy and complicated explanations of swing mechanics etc.Beginners adopt a good posture when you use comparisons like 'goalkeeper, gun-slinger, skier etc' instead of trying to explain this using directives for every body part.I find all of the four swing concepts simplifies the mechanics and...
I think the first three are the most important and 5SK is just a complicated way of explaining one and three. Knowledghe of D-Plane would help more with a physics major than the golf game.Who's stopping you?
He was a pupil at the school during the Dublane disaster and he was born and brought up there.I'm Scottish and my father is Scottish but apart from that I'm as Irish as Shamrock. I'm also a celt and a Celtic Fan. Andy Murray is definitely not a Celtic fan.
Groundhog Day!
To say I am impressed with the correction would be an understatement. However I would have been even more impressed if you had any comments about the original post.
Hi Logman,Its all so Petty. I start a thread with some substance and they all jump on my back again and again.I will discuss GAASP, and so on, when I can find some time. I'm still trying to grasp the comment about aligning the body and aiming being the same fundamental. Thats like saying stance and posture is the same thing.
"The sky is bluethe grass is greenI can't wait 'til Hallow'een"I hope this will be the end of the poetry quotes.
Sir Walter Scott wrote a wonderful piece about me..."The wretch concentred all in self.Living shall forfeit fair renounand doubly dying shall go down,To the vile depths from whence he sprung.Unhonoured, unwept and unsung!"If this is a quoting contest, then I think I've won hands down.Go ponder yourself.
Yes! Yes! Yes! and Yes!Murray! Murray! Murray!Up the Scots!
Most of the men at my course - except for those who hit the driver 260+ yds - use Callaway Legacy balls. At first they feel too soft with the driver but I've done the Pepsi test and they travel further for me and most of the men at my course.As for the ladies, give them any old tattie.
New Posts  All Forums: