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You should try spot putting. Find the line and pick a spot 6 inches in front of your putter on your line line and just putt it over your spot. I assure you, you'll put more in the cup. A good drill that I've been doing is put tees at 3-10 feet from the hole and with 3 balls start at 3 foot and make all three from each tee. If you miss a ball you have to start over from the beginning.EDIT: Go check out Putting Prescription too. It changed my putting completely. I was using...
I have been practicing twice a week and playing once a week for about a month now. I have been really frustrated with my lack of consistency. (82 this week, 99 the next week, 89 the following week, 107 the next week) it's pretty ridiculous. My main crux is just getting off the tee. Not only off the tee but off the tee to a position where I'm using a club I can hit solid and confidentially. I randomly came across a Shawn Clement video about him talking about the fishing...
I shot my best round about a month back at Sand Hollow Golf Club in Hurricane, UT of an 82 and I didn't know the course so I decided not to use the driver plus I was smoking my 3W. I had looked at the holes overview on Google Earth. The course was 64 and some change long so I figured, if I can play like that without my driver, why do I need it in my bag? Especially when I spray it every which way. Since then, I have shot a 107, 94, 89, 98,  and 90, haha. ------ On a...
I would want Adam Scotts swing. I love watching that dude swing his golf club. It's so smooth, powerful and beautiful.
Shot 91 on a super ****ing windy day. Tough conditions when I normally shoot 93 on normal conditions.
Just swinging the club in front of the mirror, I can feel the difference. Less tension in my lower body and mid section. I can't wait to hit a ball with this change, haha.
Right on, I'll give it a try. I read about that in Ben Hogans book but never really liked it. It's been a while so I'll try it.
What did you mean by not an 18s swing?
Btw, that club was a 6i
  Here ya go dude. I know the face-on isn't the best but my camera man didn't realize he needed to be a little further back and there was no time to make another shot. Hopefully this works out! Also, I made sure that this matches second by second so there is no discrepancy.   I probably should have done a driver swing too since my problem is with my driver. d:|!
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