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I would want Adam Scotts swing. I love watching that dude swing his golf club. It's so smooth, powerful and beautiful.
Shot 91 on a super ****ing windy day. Tough conditions when I normally shoot 93 on normal conditions.
Just swinging the club in front of the mirror, I can feel the difference. Less tension in my lower body and mid section. I can't wait to hit a ball with this change, haha.
Right on, I'll give it a try. I read about that in Ben Hogans book but never really liked it. It's been a while so I'll try it.
What did you mean by not an 18s swing?
Btw, that club was a 6i
  Here ya go dude. I know the face-on isn't the best but my camera man didn't realize he needed to be a little further back and there was no time to make another shot. Hopefully this works out! Also, I made sure that this matches second by second so there is no discrepancy.   I probably should have done a driver swing too since my problem is with my driver. d:|!
Couldn't tell ya, but the next person on the range to tell you stop practicing, I would tell them, unless they plan on buying me a replacement put a sock in it in the nicest way possible, haha.
I hated those balls. They felt good off my putter face but that's about it. I had some check but I get much better check and spin from my current balls, Callaway Hex Chromes
I'm speaking from experience because I was just like you last year. I was getting 45+ putts a round. My worst, was 52. HORRIBLE. I then bought the book "The Putting Presciption", the best decision I ever made with regards to my golf game.   It talks about putting from the grip, to the stroke, it has drills and games to help you improve plus a lot more. It actually ended up helping me to choose a better grip and stroke than the one I was using. I went from your standard...
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