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Been golfing for about 5 years now and I've always used the 10 finger grip. I played hockey when I was younger so I feel like this might have something to do with it. I've never felt comfortable with any other grip and I consider myself a pretty decent golfer. Are there any major disadvantages of using this grip rather than the more popular ones?
Honestly, as long as you have the patience and are willing to put in the practice and effort, you will no doubt get better. I think people not having enough patience is half the reason why they don't enjoy golf or find it boring. How many people want to pay 30-40 dollars to hack around a golf ball for 4-5 hours? Not many. But if you stick with it and put in the work, it is a very reachable goal. The thing with other sports, such as soccer for instance, is that anybody can...
The way I look at tiger now is basically just one of the elite golfers in todays game. Of course I would say top 3 easily but 10 years ago there were the elite golfers and then you had Tiger in his own category... I remember there were times when you could place bets on Tiger Vs the field in certain tournaments. At this point in his career I see him as someone who will still contend for many years to come but I just don't think he'll ever be able to dominate the way he...
Just bought a new pair of Puma golf shoes that were originally 200$ + tax. I only paid 116 including tax and shipping! It was such a good deal i couldn't pass it up, Figured id give everyone a heads up. If you spend over 100 its free shipping and if you go to the closeout golf shoes section you can take off an extra 13% off the already discounted prices. So stoked about this and they still have a lot of popular sizes in most of the shoes. Check it out, guys and gals!
I love this show and most of the people that are on it. The only thing I kind of hoped for was to have 2 winners, (man and woman). I enjoy having both genders combined into one show, but I'd prefer if each gender had a winner. Does anyone else agree or am I by myself on this one? lol
I searched for reviews on here, but none were really that recent. I'm looking into buying excellent-mint condition irons from them. Has anyone used them before and are the irons actually in mint/excellent condition when you received them? I appreciate any help! Thank you
Anyone take a golf vacation in Michigan? I'd like to stay in the Lower Peninsula preferably. Just want to hear some reviews on any resorts or places you have been to golf. Probably looking for a 4 day/3 night stay. Thanks!
I used to hit a full 60* from 100, however I found that I was much more consistent by just putting the ball a little up in my stance with a 56*. Love this shot! Its all about what is comfortable to you, I actually have friends that from about 120 and in will only use an 8 Iron. He hits his irons longer than me, probably about 160 with his 8 iron, but likes hitting a low trajectory shot that runs out onto the green. I never liked it, but everyones game is different!
If you don't mind me asking, where did you buy them and how much did you pay? I cant find any stores around me that carry them :/
Hello all, i currently play with the Cleveland Cg7 Tour Black Pearl irons. I like them, but I would like to upgrade to a new set of irons because when I bought them, they were used.    Im currently looking at the Tour preferred irons from taylormade but im not sure if i should go with the MC, MB, or CB? As far as I know, the CB is for the higher handicappers then MC for middle and MB for low handicaps. (I could be wrong). Does anyone own a set of these clubs and...
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