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PING golf towel...
TP5 and NXT Tour
What are you playing w/now?  I got some G20s and I'm likin' em.   Take a lesson and demo some cubs and you too will not suck as bad. All the best!   Keep at it...
Taylor Made TP5, some experienced PRO V1s and I just bought some V2 Gamers that I'm gonna try this weekend.  I really like the TP5s off the tee! 
A box of Titleist NXT Tour S
Currently using a Taylormade...its nice!
I find most of thw SWs that come as a set do not have enough bouce.  I prefer to get my own wedges... 
I just got fitted into one of these by Ron Pritchett (Ashdon Golf) and I love it!  I wanted something a bit heavier than my Ping Pal.  I'll keep ya posted...  
I've been hitting Ping Eye2+ since the early 90s and they still feel good!  3-PW.  I had a chance to get them fitted one time while in Pheonix; Ping is a class act.  I really loked the G15s during a recent Demo day.  Still have a Ping-Pal that I like over my Odessey White Hot.
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