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Was bored figured yesterday at the range figured I would write down my old numbers and see the difference so hear goes.   Driver:        265-270 carry (280-285 roll) 3 Wood:     245 21° hybrid:  215 4 iron:        210 5 iron:        200 6 iron         190 7 iron         175 8 iron         165 9 iron         155 PW           130-150 (most comfortable wedge to use) GW           120 SW           110 LW            100
Just my personal experience take it however you like.  I bought a driver about 4 years ago and was measuring at about a 94-96mph swing speed.  Since then I have started lifting considerably and boosted my current driver speed to a controlled 109mph to a 114mph speed if I put a little more umph into it.   I personally don't like the idea of swinging harder to increase your swing speed because with more speed comes more misses and less control with your club.  To...
Alright well due to a golf game down supremely South I am in desperate for any help and am about 2 bad rounds away from completely reworking a swing from the ground up.  I have developed an extreme slice with not only my driver but my lower irons as well.  The problem Is no matter how much I close my clubface I still slice.  And It seems that the further left I aim the more right it goes, this tells me that clearly I am coming across the ball and putting side...
I agree with this guy Ci11 are a great set of irons.  If money is no object by all means go for the Titleist, but if you are on a bit of a budget check out some Adams CB or A12 you can probably pick them up for cheaper and they are amazing irons.  Long story short try out tons of different clubs and someone of your caliber (or any caliber) will notice the biggest difference if you get fit properly for shaft length and shaft type and model.
Ok so via an online ad I have an oppertunity to buy a Titleist AP2 712 3 iron.  Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this or how easy/hard it is to hit.
I hate fairway woods, I can't hit them I just can't.  Maybe its cause of the course I play (not a lot of need for a fairway wood and very very long length grass on fairways makes it hard), but I am waiting around for the New Titleist Utility club to add to my bag.
I am 6'2-6'3 I play with my clubs 3/4 inch longer from 4-LW and the lie is bent 1.5 degrees down. The length of your club really depends on your arm length to the floor.  I wasn't aware until I got my new clubs fitted how big of a difference this made but now whenever I use a shorter Iron my shots go wayward.  Get fitted that should take care of all that.
Well that really depends, X20 irons are probably my second favorite irons I have ever hit (2nd only to my current set).  They offer the best of both worlds with the forgiveness of a SGI but they have a shape that is more similar to Players Irons.  To be honest a bad swing is a bad swing, if you hit a SGI with a bad swing the result will not be as good as if you hit it pure.    Stick with the X20 irons they are a good club and if you find after a few year your skills...
Ok What kind of things would help me change this?
Alright so new golf season coming up and with more time and money to spend on improving my game (hopefully to single digits) it is time to address the worst part of my game... the tee shot.   I regularly lose about 4 balls/round off the tee and 9 out of 10 times it is from the big stick.  The problem? God awful slice.   The weird thing is I know it is coming so like most people who deal with a slice they just aim to the left by how much they think it will slice....
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