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I want to lower my average score by 6-8 strokes. It's that simple and I believe attainable. Obviously, I intend to practice more often and have a lesson once every quarter. I don't actually practice and was able to reach my goal for 2013, so this is a realistic goal IMHO.
Getting back! I had the best round of my life and shot an 86, then my wheels fell off completely. The next several rounds have all been over 100. I'm so inconsistent, especially since i'm not playing much as of lately due to unusually cold weather in southeast texas. We don't normally see temperatures in the 30's until February.        I do love to hit my driver but i'm all over the place with it. It has a regular flex shaft so I'm probably going to buy another club with...
I finally broke 90 a couple of months ago while playing front to back 18 at Bayou Din in Beaumont, Tx. My wife and me were playing with another couple and my game was just different that day. I beat my previous best by 7 strokes! I also hit the longest drive of my life by driving onto the back of the green on Hole 15 during the same round. The card shows 366 yards to the center of the green off of the white tee, so I'm guessing about 370 yards.     What sucks is that I've...
I was on the green trying to kill an ant while another guy is putting. I didn't even realise what I was doing. I'm the Mood Swing ADD guy. Playing golf with ADD is a bitch! Lol
At a municipal course, that I often play, the grounds keepers are all city employees. They will not move at any rate which is infuriating!
Shot an 86 last week at Bayou Din. I finally broke 90!!
Pappy, I know that there are several tournaments every month at Bayou Din, Babe Zaharius, Iron Oaks, Brentwood, Idylwild, Wildwood, and Henry homberg in Tyrrell park. I don't play in them myself, but since i'm a shift worker playing during the week, I often have to play around their schedules. From what I've seen, you just pay the fee for the tourney and put your name on the board. I don't know if that helps, but there are always scrambles going on somewhere.
Yeah, I got a buddy, Gary, that drives me nuts! He claims to be a better golfer than most of us and may be, but his score is total BS. So, we're playing at Gray Plantation a while ago and he hits a soaring hook out of the tee box and into the houses. He wants a mulligan which is no big deal since we play 1 per 9. He hits 3 more out of the tee box and then cards a bogey! WTF!!! So, I call him out saying that he hit 3 extras out of the tee box, and he gets his feelings hurt....
 I didn't think about that. We see alligators so often in southeast texas that we've learned to check the area before getting close to any water. My first experience with an alligator was sort of funny, though. I was playing 18 at "The Palms" at Pleasure Island in Port Arthur, TX, when we see an 8-footer with 1 front leg lifted and standing perfectly still. We actually thought that it was a statue because we were golfing noobs and hadn't seen a gater on a course. My...
 #9 at Bayou Din in Beaumont.
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