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I did exactly the same thing. The way i fixed my driver shots were to stand closer to the ball and not beat the crap out of it. you need to learn to be consistent in where your ball lands and not how far it goes, so try the softer shots and closer to the ball and once you have that mastered then start hitting for distance
Its not about hitting it 300yards, its about consitently hitting it straight onto the fairway. Thats an achievement. 300yrds = 274m. Good on you for hitting it that distance but i would say if you hit it that distance and have an average of 60-75% onto the fairway then comeback with a video clip and people can take tips from that.
Are there any S.A. Golfers on this forum? Where u situated? How many times a week do you play?
the grounds are alot harder in winter
Personally i dont like doing anything in the winter especially when its as cold as it was on sunday but the bug has bitten so bad that its a force beyond my control. Answer to ur question, make sure you dressed warm and make sure you warm up properly before you tee off. And coffee, ALOT of coffee
You guys have soaring heat now, we have ice cold here in South Africa. Tried playing on sunday and shivered the shit out of my clubs. COLD = CLUBHOUSE = LARGE CUP OF COFFEE. The only good thing about winter is you get more distance which doesnt help when you trying to putt, lol
Thanks for the reply guys, then its a done deal. just alot to organise. oh , if you guys have any ideas on the managing side of this ect, pls dont hesitate to throw some advise my way.
Do you think its a good idea to start a league for the average guy that has a handicap of between 10 to a 36?
Actually, in my world, No. This is normal. I feel that without my 320, my bag is half empty. So "Hyperbolize" for u maybe,  for me its being normal. You either live golf or you go play bowls bro, there is no other way.
im not removing the shaft myself, thatll be a disaster. Its been sent to The Pro Shop
New Posts  All Forums: