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Just awesome.
Im done with it as well.  I don't have the patients to deal with that.  Thats exactly why Im not a pre-school teacher I can't take dealing with little a$$hole kids.
That's really cool you can work on your accuracy there ;)
Who are you calling a gentleman ;). I'm not posting on this thread anymore I promise.
Cone on dude that's like saying I bet I could kick your ass. Just don't.
That's ok I've never taken you seriously so we're all good.
An 18 handicapper shouldn't even worry about breaking 80. How about comparing how many shot it takes an 18 capper to finish a hole with a pw vs a 7i the distance is different from one player to the next. Or a 4i to 7i. I'd bet it's more than 2 shots a round when your doing it on every hole.
That's not a realistic stat. You would have to have them hit let's say 100 shots from 150/125/100 ect... on the same hole with the same pin location to get a fair comparison.
Your not averaging 8 ft from 60 yards sorry. Besides what do you think your average would be from 15 yards? Or better yet what would it be from 3 yards?
What I'm saying is a full swing (not a 60 yard shot) your going to be more accurate with less club. If I can hit a pw from 130 I'm going to be more accurate than you are hitting your 7i. I'm not saying if I hit my pw 130 I should try to hit it 145 cause its easier to hit a pw. It's easier to hit a club with more loft period. It doesn't matter how far Bubba or Zach Johnson hits their individual clubs. They both are more accurate with a pw then with a 7i.
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