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I'm leaning towards the pats also but they need at least 27 pts. Seattle is really hard to beat when they hold their opponents to 21 or under.
Does it have to be PG?
Who do ya got?
So is that similar to the tests where shaft flex doesn't actually help you hit the ball better?
Trust me that even if you only send in 2 a month your getting way more than your money's worth. You can also post stuff on here in you swing thread in between videos. It takes a few days to get your response from evolvr. So if you just want a quick check up you can ask here.
Have a good time your going to be getting very good instruction through evolvr. What your describing is no different from what I do weekly and like I said before I doubt you will improve enough in one week to submit a new video every week.
Don't worry about the number of videos you submit. Your not going to get more out of your investment by submitting more videos. Your going to get the most out of evolvr if you practice what you receive in your analysis until you think you get it down (which isn't going to happen in a week). Then send in a video of what you think is an improvement. Then they will either tell you a new piece to work on or modify what your currently working on. I've been working on the...
I have never sent 4 videos in a month. Unless you have basically an unlimited amount of time to work on the drills they give you you won't need more then 4 videos. I usually send in 1 or 2 a month. I've been basically working on the same thing for months.
Have you tried the Jet speed or the Sldr? They have good prices on both now that the R 15 is out.
I read somewhere that Jack thought this was a good tournament for Tiger. He said sometime when he was struggling he would play a tournament where he knew he could score well to build his confidence.
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