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When I start to over swing my thought during my preshot is smooth, 80%, and finish. Your a good athlete you don't need to think that much. (just my opinion).
Your probably going to get better advice from a better source but that seems like a lot IMO. I like just the last sentence (1,2,3) but I'm a simple minded person. I'm easily confused.😩
Worked on my mapping and hit 10 shots in the back yard tonight in about 25-35 mins.  Im still getting some pulls but the contact on my irons is so much better than 3-4 weeks ago.  Its hard for me to make sure I get my hip turn more centered, head steady, club dropping down into plane, and working on getting the reverse C on my follow through. 
Don't know what to say beside **** that sucks. Stay positive and hopefully in 6-8 weeks you will be good to go.
I had a gift card to golfsmith a few years ago and spent it on a putter which they fit for free (with the purchase). It definitely did help. The guy explained how the different necks work, toe hang quarter haing ect... During the fitting I found out I was using a putter 2 inches to long and wasn't standing over my putt. My eyes were well inside of the ball. I don't think the guy did nearly as good of a job as an edel fitting. What he did do helped quite a bit though. I...
Went to the range today with a buddy. Spent about 20 mins on short game,15 on bunker shots, then probably an hour on full swing. I felt a little like Erik towards the end. It took my probably 15 mins to hit my last 5 balls with my driver.
I have a set of x2 hot pro's. They are plenty forgiving IMO. I went with the pro instead of the standard on looks alone. The pros are smaller and have less offset. They still are a perimeter weighted cavity back. I have aw-5 iron then have 3&4 hybrids in the standard x2 hot.
I've been working on a mapping drill for evolvr for about a month or two. We have been changing/tweaking it here and there. I'm trying to get my hips more open and my knees closer together at impact. I was wondering if it's ok to have an open stance to accomplish this? If I try to have a straight or closed stance it seems to be harder to get my hips more open. Any help would be appreciated.
Spent 5-10 mins working on my mapping then hit 3 balls.
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