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How does the design of the iron make the shots curve more or less?
It's not only for iPhone. If you go to the play store (Droids version of iTunes) and download the game golf app it has the play golf feature. It came in the last updated for the app.
Ha ha I feel the same way. I have a hole on mine where I hit 4 pitch/chip shots on a par 3. 😝
Her swing looks awesome.
You forgot to add with a much much much weaker field. Also no media scrutiny on your every move.
I only have 36 holes so far but what I've noticed is I don't hit my driver as far as I thought (maybe some of that is because it's been cold and a little windy but not all of it). I also don't spray it as much as I thought either. I miss about a quarter of the time each way and am in the fairway the other half of the time. I think it will be very useful once I get 10-15 rounds and I get to see a clear picture of what I do with each club.
What confuses me about wedges (bounce grind ect..) is lets just say I were to purchase a Ping Glide TS, SS, & WS (all with different amounts of bounce but the same loft) are they going to be noticeably different in full swing shots, half shots, around the green shots or all of the above?  
This is the signature hole at one of the nicest county courses in south eastern wisconsin. For March the course was in good shape and I absolutely love this view over looking Pewaukee Lake.
If you get near the Madison or milwaukee Wisconsin area shoot me a pm and we can get together for a round (of golf or beers). I don't know if you travel this way at all but the offers stands.
Thats sweet.  Have you heard when they are planning on opening?  If your looking for somewhere to go almost all of the public courses in the area are opening by saturday. 
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