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So is this a Dicks deal or Bridgestone deal?
So are you saying the packers won't beat the Queens by more than 3?
My vote is screwed his wife and didn't tip his daughter at a Perkins :). Now that's my attempt at humor unlike the article someone will find it funny. I'll be here all week ;). Sorry Phan someone hacked my account :)
Do you know Tiger personally or do you just have a problem with how he acts?
If your interested in golf at all you would have heard about the article.
As long as your in the top 4 though it doesn't matter.  If they go undefeated they will be in the top 4 and have a shot at repeating.
Wel I was going to post a response but yours was better so Im just going to say WHAT HE SAID ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.
 I don't know if I should even respond to this?
For some people golf is about one thing and one thing only score. If you want to learn how to shape shots that's not a bad thing but a repeatable swing is what we are all working for. I had the situation you described above last year. I was playing a fade (some might call it a baby slice) especially with my driver. So I got to a dogleg left par 4 with trees on the left and bunkers at the end of the dogleg. My driver without a draw would have had a great chance of hitting...
The packers one is the worst thing I've ever seen. They have skin colored pants. Why
New Posts  All Forums: