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I'd like to see A final round pairing of Speith, Day, and Mclroy. I find myself pulling for Day to win the FedEx cup. I can't out my finger on why but I just like him more than the other two guys.
15th yards per game last year and 13th in points per game. They will probably be about the same this year which is more than good enough with Aaron.
He will be missed. I wonder if the players knew he was leaving. It seemed like Jason was thanking him (or something to that affect) after their on course interview last weekend as the camera was cutting back to the booth. I'm not a fan of his show on GC but I do like his on course coverage.
The defense was good the last half of the regular season and did more than enough vs Seattle. I'm worried about rodgers losing the guy who led the team in targets,receptions, yards, and td's. It's also what they have behind him. Cobb is solid after him you have a 2nd year guy in Adams who's now the #1 outside threat. What I'm hearing is the rookie Montgomery is going to be the guy opposite Adams when they go 3 wide (which is all the time). After that you have a 2nd year...
I do. That being said I'm probably the only realist in Wisconsin who know how much losing Jordy is going to hurt.
I think he will make them look fine. The problem is its Superbowl or bust here. After the Seattle meltdown everyone is expecting this to be GB'S year
I think the injury to Jordy is going to hurt the packers a lot this year. They have Cobb and a whole bunch of unproven wide outs. I still think they have a chance to get to the NFC championship game but Superbowl is doubtful. Also having 3/5 of the O-line out 2 weeks before the start of the regular season doesn't bode well for Aarons chances of getting through the season healthy.
For me personally it works from the rough. That being said I don't play many courses if any at all that have very thick rough. What's nice about hitting it out of the rough (at least the rough around here) is the ball doesn't seem to jump as much as a full swing.
My childlike point of view? Why because I don't hold professional athletes to a higher standard than everyone else? He's human after all. Trust me when I say that even when I'm playing the senior tees I won't judge other people who I have no personal relationship with for transgressions that don't affect my life whatsoever.
This seems like a vintage round. He's not doing anything spectacular but he's making par saves when he makes a mistake. Hopefully he can hit a good one into 18 and tie for the lead.
New Posts  All Forums: