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They have EJ.
I don't get to watch all of their games but Ive seen as many of their games as Ive seen of Denver and NE.  IMO the AFC isn't all that strong and Pittsburgh has a good chance.  They have more rings then the pats(once they stopped cheating) and Devner(since John Elway retired).  I just don't see why they can't end up in Arizona and get smoked by the packers or hawks.  
The D doesn't look like your typical Steelers D but I think they are the only team in the AFC that can beat the pats in NE and Denver in Denver.  Im not saying they will but I don't think Indy is anything more than a one and done.  Same goes for whoever else ends up in the other 2 spots.  When Pittsburg is on they are really tough to beat.
I agree.  With my G's I always felt like I could tell when I centered it.  I will also say that my X2 hots feel way better when you center them.  After reading what you posted above I wonder if I could tell if I center them or if I could even tell the difference between a slight miss hit or a centered hit.   The only reason I switched is I got sick of looking at a canoe paddle ever time I  addressed the ball and I thought I was good enough to switch to something a little...
Do you think that is more of a mental thing or do you think the equipment (GI vs blades) actually does affect dispersion?
So do you think your basically trading side to side dispersion(with GI) for distance dispersion (blade or blade style irons)? I could see that.
I'd you wanted to make this more realistic you would hit 1000 balls not 7. You would also do it on different days and change the order of which club you hit 1st. I switched from G15's to x2 hot pros this year and there is a noticeable difference on miss hits. The G ' s definitely go further and straighter when you hit them way off center. Lihu is definitely right about the launch. I hit my G ' s much higher. I actually hit the X2 Hots farther even though they are lofted...
Please tell me your just giving me a hard time.
Well let us know your thought so I can let you know mine. 
The big difference between shooting sports and golf is once you miss a target shooting its gone.  At least in golf you can birdie to make up for a double or whatever.  Shooting is more mental IMO.
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