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If you really think Manny called out Floyd years ago and Floyd made excuses you don't pay that close attention. Top Rank has been in the way of this fight for years not either fighter. I'll stop there as well.
I don't think that even matters they both have lost a step or two. If your a fan of the sport you will be happy they are fighting. It will either solidify Mayweathers claim as one of the GOATs or that he was scared of Manny for a good reason.
I'm on the other side I want a Floyd domination. He's the best fighter I've seen. I'm only 32 but I've watched a ton of old fights on espn classic. If he wins this one hopefully they have a rematch and he wins #2. That way he'd be 49-0 with a chance to break Marciano's record. The problem is if he does beat Manny twice who could he even fight for #50?
Not going to be for android? Why do you hate me so much 😢
Sorry I know this is a little How much do any of you low cappers think this matters?  My buddy got down to a 1  (just under for a minute or two) at his peak and he played the same course almost exclusively.  He said he thought if he had played a bunch of different courses that year his cap would have been higher.  His point was he was so comfortable there that he knew where he could miss.  He was also real good  on and around the greens because he was so familiar with...
Bombtech also makes a hybrid you could take a look at.
All of the Callaway s I hit were very easy to launch and forgiving on off center hits. I have the X2 Hot which would be pretty cheap now.
Did you hit any hybrids at all?
Hybrids are typically shorter than woods in both shaft length and actually distance. Let's say you hit your 5w 210 you would want to find a hybrid that replaces ( or close to) that 210 club. If I was you I'd take your 5w in with you and hit that and establish your distance on your golf stores Sim then hit hybrids until you come close to matching that distance. The reason you should take it is your Sim distance and real world distance are most likely different. If you have...
I wouldn't concern yourself with what handicap a club is built for. My advice is make the 45 min drive and hit every hybrid they have. I went in with every intention of buying a i25 hybrid. Then I hit it and let's just say it was off the table in about 5 swings. I hit every hybrid golfsmith had at that time when I bought mine. Pick the one that you have the most confidence in at address and sounds (feels) the best to you. The covert 2.0 was my 2nd choice when I picked mine...
New Posts  All Forums: