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Tiger won it last year with Joey so it would be 8 for Stevie
Largely meaningless to you. Johnny
Phil IMO has already passed Arnie. Mainly because he has so many 2nd's in the US Open. ;)
I love that you have LSW in the background.
So is it good to have 20 swing video's to send in?
So I'm like a 5 year old on Christmas eve right now :)
No i bought it because my driver was 4 years old and had a 430 cc head that's much less forgiving than a Game Improvement driver. I also like to support small business. Besides after doing research I've seen almost no measurable different from one club to the next. The SLDR is built on a completely different model than a GI driver so that was out for me. I liked the look of the grenade so I bought it. I didn't even hit one before I paid for it.
Stating the obvious for who? Look on just this site. How many people talk about what shaft they wish this or that driver offered? A lot of people feel like they are making a dramatic change by changing their shafts.
No they aren't the camera isn't showing you the real picture. You should read this. http://thesandtrap.com/t/76118/shaft-flex-doesnt-matter-mark-crossfield#post_1029137
No. No. &*#$ no. If I was happy with my game i would not be online reading about how to get better every day a few times a day. The thing is I love the process of trying to get better. So i doubt I'll ever be absolutely satisfied with my game but I'm cool with that.
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