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7 or 8 is a career for an above average player but he's not an above average player he's the GOAT. He has won at least one WGC event 12 out of the last 16 year. I doubt he will go the rear of HIS career without stumbling into 5 wins. (I capitalized his cause he is different from everyone else)
So did the field lap The big easy before he won the open in 2012?
I would like to play the greens the blues are playable but why make it hard. I'm not very confident with long irons so hitting them into every green doesn't sound all that fun. I don't know if I'll even be able to make the walk so I should probably save distance anyway I can 😀.
You don't have to stipulate for you bud it's easier for everyone. I don't ever remember playing a course where you would give up 50 yards to be in the fairway instead of the rough.
Ha ha yeah Sunday is probably out for me as well. As far as tees go I'd be fine with playing from the greens or blues.
So are we think about doing round somewhere the 9th or is it just Erin on the 10th?
Grow up Peter Pan, count chocula.
We are?
Thanks for the advice. Any other tips or suggestions?
If your looking for a very forgiving higher spinning driver the G25 is a great option. Since the G30 came out you can get them for a pretty good price. If you want a more low spinning driver the Sldr or i25 are good options for the same reason as the stated above.
New Posts  All Forums: