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I like the color scheme better on the Vapor.  I really did like the red as well but I love that neon green color.  
So which waterproof True is the best looking? I still haven't played in mine(not waterproof hopefully this weekend) but they are very comfortable I've worn them quite a bit around town. I'm sold on the zero drops so I want a dedicated pair of them for golf.
Don't be sorry for over reacting Dave in FL is a dick :). I think this is a cool to have a swing thought or thoughts that help you. I also think it's cool to share those since we are all looking for ways to get better. I had a similar situation a month ago or so. What I figured out was if my only swing thought is 80% swing and finish I was hitting very solid tee shots. Honestly it still seems to be working if I remember to make it part of my pre-shot. Great thread and...
So is it common to hit pulls when your body is aimed left? I struggled in a scramble a few weeks ago hitting the driver. What I noticed was the more I aimed left the more I hit a pull with a bigger fade. Last week when I played and hit my driver well I aimed more down the middle and tried to hit it straight with a little push. I hit 3 push fades to start then hit 4 that were pretty much straight.
Speak for yourself. I can hardly hit greens from any tees. I don't go to the course looking for a certain score. If I did I would play the reds. I usually play the Tips (most of the courses I play aren't all that long) unless they are real long (over 6700) then I'll play the blues. I've played 7000 but then yeah your hitting a lot of chips. Sometimes it's fun to see how hard it is from way back there though. :)
I agree. What's nice about playing back further is you get to hit clubs you normally wouldn't be hitting.
I think thats a good guide. I like playing 6500-6800. I hit it on average probably 245-260 I can get a 280 every once and a while but I don't count on that.  I usually go by the length of the par 4's I don't feel comfortable with a bunch of 450 par 4's.  If the 4's are all between 350-430 I can play those tee. 
I just received a push cart from my uncle and I think they are much better than the pull carts I've used (the ones at the courses). The one I have had a place to put golf ball,tees,score card,pencil, and something to drink. It also had a plastic sleeve that screws into the handle so you can put an umbrella over you and your clubs while your pushing the cart. It has a brake for going down hills that locks when you stop. Mine folds up to be fairly small.
completely agree I love lime green.
Erik do you have any experience or thoughts on these E series putters?
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