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I now own a pair of True's (Sensei).  I haven't worn them golfing yet but so far I like them a lot just walking around.   I hit balls with them at the range when it was wet and didn't notice them slipping at all which is what I was worried about going to a spike less shoe.  So after reading this thread Im guessing they come out with new models fairly often? Im asking because I wouldn't mind getting a pair or True's that are waterproof.  
Not yet .
Why? Golf is his job. Why should he be praised for working hard. He gets paid based on how well he plays. I think he's a jag and I love watching him drop 3 in the water at the players last year.
Erik is there a good way to check if your key #1 is correct? I have always wondered if it push or pull putts but never knew how to check.
I can't believe this is even a topic.   That being said I bet he wishes he took a little more time on his 2nd putt.  Its one of those where you need to take a good look to make sure your seeing your line correctly.  Ive missed a lot (or should I say a ton) of 4 footers when I took them for granted. Most of the time its because your just pissed you missed the previous putt ha ha.  He will get it together tomorrow but that might cost hit the win this weekend.
I hit one a month or so ago and I just hated how it felt to me the SLDR feels dead.  I hit it pretty well not as far as my current driver but it was someone else's driver. I smashed the first one right down the middle of the fairway. Im sure I would/could hit it further if someone tinkered with loft and all the bells and whistles. I really like the way it looks but the sound and feel just aren't for me.
$0-$35 -- LSW for sure $35-$75 -- Evolvr (haven't done it yet but I plan to) $75-125 -- Live Lesson $125-$200 -- Edel Wedge (don't have any yet ) $200-$300 -- A Fitted Driver (when you have a repeatable swing) $300-$500 -- Edel Putter (don't have one yet ) $500+ -- A good set of irons (clubs you will have the longest beside a fitted putter)
You can probably find some i20's on ebay for a good price. That way if you aren't happy with the shafts you could get them reshafted.
The packers got smoked last night. I didn't see that coming. Seattle is going to be tough to beat if they get home field advantage.
Especially since the Brewers are clasping.
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