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Well I don't think you can say for certain hes mediocre. Brett Favre was a beer drinking party animal in Atlanta. I think Johnny Football can be a solid qb if he really wants to put everything he has into his craft. He sure looked good against Alabama twice and that's the closest to an NFL D he was going to see in college. The challenge for him learning to be more like Russell Wilson when he leaves the pocket and less like RG3.
Well then why are you arguing with me. 😆
That has nothing to do with couch not being able to play in the NFL. You said if you are lying on your back you cant be great i disagree. I also disagree that qb's have to sit. Wilson was ready Luck was ready Peyton was Eli was Big Ben Matt Ryan. How many do you want me to name.
I completely disagree with that. Its not like either franchise was in a great situation when those guys were drafted. Great players succeed. Did the Brown's have more bad decisions than the colts of course but that doesn't mean couch would have done anything with another team.
I don't think sitting changes much of anything. Their either good enough to play in the nfl or they aren't. Kids now are preparing to be NFL qb's from the time they are big enough to throw a ball.Some guys just can't handle that level.
Can you name some who were actually good? 😂. I bet you can come up with more who have started and succeeded especially in the last 15 years.
care to name some?
YesI'd say a pull is my miss. At the range yesterday I probably hit 2 bad drives out of 15-20. One was just miss hit and the other was a pull that sliced back and then some. Even when I was hitting my 3/4 and half swing wedges my miss was a pull but those were pretty straight.
The swings on the right look real good. Are you getting a fade still?
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