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Tiger isn't even 40 yet so how can you compare what Jack did in his 40's to what Tiger might do?
Yes sir.
Nice job that a great feeling.  Keep up the good work.
This might sound dumb but what should I do (feel) to get my arms down faster?  I sent a 8i video to evolvr that was the same.  That the only instruction Im receiving. 
Went to the range today working on my full swing.  Im hitting the ball solid but I can't seem to get my pushes to draw back.  Im working not letting my back foot spin out after my swing.  Im trying to bank it more than spin out.  Also trying to get my knees closer together faster during my downswing.   Heres a few 4i (which I never would even attempt to hit last year)     Driver
Being that the 4 tournaments Bobby Jones won were different than the 4 Tiger won I don't see how there can be a official definition of the term GRAND. I think have a solution. The calendar slam can have the term Grand as long as we refer to what Tiger did as the GOAT Slam. 😊
Well I missed a few days but I'm back. played 18 today and worked on my tempo on full swings and putting. I putted pretty good so the practice is helping.
I emailed callaway and they are going to send me a plaque. Also Bridgestone is sending me a bag tag or something like that. Thanks for the suggestion. I really appreciate it.
I have. Actually Rainbow is closed. The state purchased it and turned it into a wildlife preserve. You can fish there now and hunt in certain areas. I love nags it's just a pain to get a tee time there.
The other par 3 which is hole #2 is like a volcano.The course is south west of mukwongo in eagle.
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