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Sorry about Maggie Siff Gunther I hope this makes up for it.  I watched an episode  of Seinfeld the other day and haven't heard this name in a while. I forgot how good looking she is.
I do watch sons and I think Maggie is hot. If you don't like it go *#
I was thinking the same thing. It's taken me 1 month to work on the same drill and I'm not sure if I even have it right.
Dam you Erik you just cost me some $$$. And now I have to explain to my wife why I bought another pair of golf shoes even though I already have 3 pairs.
You can purchase analyzer on this website. Which is a swing analyzing program for Mac's. The student version is 60 or 70 dollars and works great. If you buy a tripod you can record your swing with your phone (unless it's a old smart phone or a flip phone). I have a galaxy s5 which has slow motion recording Even in real time it take good enough video to see everything your going to need to see.
If that number doesn't work this is the one I used. 1-866-350-7988.
When your already a 15 on a 1-10 scale it doesn't matter. She doesn't need a +2 but it does make me like her even more knowing she plays. It doesn't make her hotter cause she's already maxed out ;).
Sons of anarchy. Bottom would have the reaper in white and say redwood original. On the face it would have SOA in red on the toe and have MC on the heel. The line up line would be red dots like blood. On the top behind the lineup lines it would say samcro in red.
I have the best tip you will ever get I'll tell you it for free. Listen to everything Erik and Mike say.
I thought it was 2006 & 2009?
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