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Just got the Grenade in the mail and wow.  It looks so %^$&ing mean in person. Im very impressed with the club I hit about 6 or 7 drives in the back yard and I was pleased. Then I hit it in the middle on number 8 or 9 and holy $hit.  I ended up hitting 15 balls or so 3 or 4 of which were hit in the center.  It feels amazing and has a great sound.  The sound kind of reminds me of the noise in Ironman 1 when he's forging the first suit.  Im probably going to be playing this...
Exactly who knows Rory might never win another one. There's a lot of good players that don't have one. I think Jason Day will get one maybe a few same with DJ. I can go on and on with guys like that.
Who has over 6 in this generation besides tiger? I'd say neither but if I'd have to pick it would be Rory because of him having 2 already. I think spieth will have more wins than Rory maybe not more majors.
Masters rating were low because of no tiger or Phil not because of parity.
6-7 majors seriously? Have you ever looked at how many players have more than 5 majors? There's only 13 players with more than 5. I would be surprised if either gets to 7.
I use my 58 and I love it for pitching. I think mine has 11 degrees of bounce and that seems to work pretty good for me.  Ive also used my 54/14 and my gap wedge if I'm hitting a long pitch that I want to roll out.
To hit it high (more or less like a flop shot) I take a pretty big swing.  Id say a 3/4 swing.  I don't really like playing that shot unless I have to its a more difficult shot than just a standard shot.  Id rather play the roll out then try to excutue a harder shot.  If you get good at judging the standard pitch shot you can easily get a good gauge of how much it will roll out and just account for the roll out.  One of the best lessons Ive learned reading posts on this...
If the ball got only 15 feet in the air you hit it thin. If I try to hit the ball high I'd say I hit it about 40ft high to go about 20-30 yards.
This shot isn't supposed to stop. Its not a shot that creates a lot of spin. It stops because of how soft it lands. If you want to create spin you have to hit pitches with a different technique.
Ha ha I figured I just finished a book and figured I'd throw it out there.
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