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No I wanted to go so I could redeem myself. I actually hit the best 2 irons of the day on the par 3 17th and the approach on 18. I honestly have never hit my driver that good (which just pisses me off). Sorry EJ off topic.
Ha well if you would have seen my approach shots on saturday you would have thought I had never hit anything but a driver in my life (I probably shanked approaches 9 shots in a row).  Im trying to think like you. Theres a destination ahead but theres going to be some bumps along the way.   Keep grinding bud.
That's great it's a lot more fun when you have a predictable shot. I think you took my nice pull fade I played Saturday and had the worst round in about 3 years. Oh well keep working. Make sure you put those vids up so we can see the progress it makes us all feel good seeing someone improve.
That's exactly why I thought wanted to do something different. I don't think I've ever hit it close laying back with a hybrid. I know I've never done well out of the bunkers. I did play there early this year (completely forgot) and hit a driver but it was cold and into the wind so the bunkers weren't really in play. I'm going to give the 4w a go and let you know what happens.
If that's the case for you I'm very jealous. I don't play many courses that have enough of them where I find myself hitting that shot often. I would say I've probably hit only one 30-50 yard bunker shot this season in about 20 rounds. Also tthere is a little room long but a thin flyer bunker shot is dead. A shot from the fairway would be more difficult to hit into the water unless you really thinned it. The green is sloped back to front a bit. It's a simple but deceiving...
Lihu if I followed your line on my hole driver right would be in a little creek probably starts on back right corner of bunker(forgot about that since I'm always in the left bunker or behind a tree in the driving range since I miss hit my driver). I would like to learn the 50 yard bunker shot but I don't have a range that allows for it that I know of. Thats kinda what I thought I have never hit the 4w at that course since I didn't have it last year. Also I used to lay up...
I have a question about a particular hole for my decision mapping. Im playing a course tomorrow that I haven't played in a while and Im kinda going through the decision mapping in my head.  The 1st hole is a 315 yard par 4 down hill usually into the wind.  Theres OB left(its gotta be a pretty big pull though but there is scattered trees) the driving range is right(you can be blocked by trees but if its short enough you have a shot). At about 260-270 there are 2 bunker that...
Great post. Im on my phone so u can't see your profile. What do you play?
Ok thanks. I don't want to be working on something wrong.  I definitely feel like its easier to hinge the club with the grip more in my fingers.
Mike Ive been working on this a lot at home. Am I right in feeling like I have the club in right spot (in my fingers not palms) if I could make a swing with my thumbs off the club? 
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