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I have the best tip you will ever get I'll tell you it for free. Listen to everything Erik and Mike say.
I thought it was 2006 & 2009?
I'm pretty sure Big Ben has 2 rings in the last 8 years.
Yeah my grip is definitely weaker than my full swing grip but it's the same type of grip. I want to get an edel before next spring and I want to make this change as well.
That's what I started doing was using the same grip ad all of my clubs. I really haven't had much trouble with speed it's hitting my line I have been struggling with. I don't 3 putt a lot I just feel like I should be making more 5+ footers.
Ive never noticed that.  I played e5's a lot last year but I also had a few dozen pro v's (I got for gifts) the only difference I noticed was spin.  This year Ive been playing the B330's and thats all I notice as well is that they spin more than the e5's and e6's.  I switched to the 330 over the e series because I like how they feel when I putt them and I like how they have a bit more check when you chip or pitch them.  Ive never noticed a distance gain by any ball even...
So are you saying the pro V are longer than the Maxfli's or are they shorter?
Which ones do you play?
I don't think I could get used to seeing those slots on the face.
When I don't have my finger down the grip it feels like I can take the putter back on a more consistent path. I was having trouble with speed yesterday but I think that had more to do with all the rain we had in the last few days.
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