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Seems like every time I do a major cleaning I clean all the luck off! Last week scrubbed and waxed and then played like I never handled a club before.
Finally got my handicap down to 18.4  (has been lower) and have been working on drawing the ball with my driver. Yesterday I decided to give the driver draw a go, I stuck with it and have never been in so much trouble. I had 2 good drives all day. Club championship qualifying round and shot a 102. I could not do anything right. Talk about a mental breakdown!
Hey Moe, I hear ya! I'll go out for 4 or 5 holes after work sometimes and use my carry bag with a 3 wood, 5 hybrid, 7i, 9i and sw. Never in trouble and feels so stress free, need to bring that to my weekend competitions.
http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3765248410   Tried to delete but don't see a button for that!
In reply to someone coming up well short on a putt: Womans day is tomorrow!
David, do you remember the brand on the tube?
Might I suggest first purchasing "Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible". I picked one up used on eBay for $5.00. This explains everything you want to know about wedges and how to know which ones to add to your bag. Super easy to read without a lot of tech stuff and very interesting as well. I really think there is something for everyone in this book. The last few chapters explain which wedges YOU need and why. This book really helped me understand what I was trying to accomplish...
I have a Ogio Exodus cart bag that I bought a few years ago and it is great, everything still works fine (gotta love that ball pocket). My biggest complaint is the compartments, they look big but they really are tight. Not a big issue unless you have to start shoving your rain gear in there. Last year I moved to a Bennington QO-12. This thing is heavy and tall but it is no problem on my Clicgear 3. I refer to this bag as the "steamer trunk" of golf bags. This thing will...
A few weeks ago I was on the bottom of a very steep 2 tiered green (45* across the slope), 50 feet from the hole, strong wind blowing and the greens were just aerated! Putted with my 19* hybrid and put it 2 feet from the hole. Don't think I could have held the line and distance with my putter. Made me laugh, one of my better putts this year!
Have never had air escape from the putter head, what brand do you have? I swap out all my Super Strokes (3, Flatso, Jumbo) a few times a year on several different putters. Just use one wrap of masking tape and air it on and off easily.
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