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What you need to do is find your weakness and practice that to get down lower and to scratch. Beginners can easily shave strokes off their game by practicing their short game because it's easiest for them to learn (less 3 putts, no flubbed chips, etc), but I think the majority of the time, the long game is what gets a player to scratch.   I am currently at a 3, and to get down to scratch, I feel I really need to work on my long game (140-200 yards) to hit 1 or 2 more...
Everyones distances posted here have most certainly been verified by Trackman. Right? Right....?
I don't believe in the low expectations mindset. Of course they shot better when their expectations are so low :P I always go in with confidence, feel like there's no shot I can't do, and knowing that I can play really well. I set my expectations high, and even the times where I've shot my new low round, I always look back and think how much better I could've done.
  I got down to 2.5 only hitting it 230-240 and playing from the blues or tips. Short and straight still works for me.
  What do you mean, short & straight doesn't apply to the low cappers?
As far as I know, since the ball wasn't actually in the bunker, it doesn't need to be dropped in the bunker. Since it was on the edge of the bunker in the grass, I think you could've dropped it behind the bunker, provided you kept the line between the the flag and ball. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?
I'm in a similar situation to you. I have a low handicap, have shot par a number of times, and this season would really like to shoot a few shots lower.   My distance is in the same ballpark as you as well. Accuracy off the tee is really good (70-80%), short irons and short game is there as well. Where I run into issues is accuracy with long irons (struggle with approach shots that are 160-200), and being able to stick it closer with the short irons.   I think...
I watched a tour pro in contention in the final round to win a Masters at Augusta hit a shank on a par 3... very bizarre!
How much yardage were you actually giving up? The difference between different models of golf balls is just 4 yards.
New Posts  All Forums: