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I heard there was something going on between Dickey Pride and Brian Gay....
Funny how none of the Sharks asked the question they ask everybody else - "Do you have a Patent?". If they did, they would have realized that these guys had nothing special - just another handmade putter company making copies of existing designs. Maybe they were just dumb enough to think that these putters had some magical, game-improvement properties that would get the ball into the hole. I can see why most of their sales are in Japan. The Japanese market will appreciate...
Probably because they don't have the physical skill or talent to play golf. Never liked to play basketball, so I hate that too.
Cost is the initial barrier for some. But you can find inexpensive equipment and reasonable greens fees if you work at it. But there's nothing you can do about slow play. I find it agonizing to wait and watch before every shot on every hole. If I wanted to watch people play golf for 5 hours, I would simply watch The Golf Channel.
I often carry my bag, but do use both 3-wheel push carts and 2-wheel pull carts on occasion. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The 3-wheel push cart is easier with a larger, fully loaded bag. The downside is that it is heavier, takes up more space in your trunk, and is less "agile" on directional changes. You really need to use the brake on a hilly course (I watched my cart and bag roll into a pond this year!), and it looks like you're pushing a baby stroller. The...
That's good news! I'll be looking forward to getting my $89.95 closeout Covert driver next year.
Years ago, PGA players were forbidden to wear sunglasses. It was said that they made them look like robots, since you couldn't see their eyes. Now they're part of "standard equipment" for most golfers.
They should have let him in. Could have used another caddy over the busy weekend.
Interesting to read that they gave the pros a chance to reach the green that Arnold Palmer did on his famous "charge" at Cherry Hills in Denver. All were given a similar-era, steel-shafted persimmon driver and a modern ball. None could reach the green, with Rory MacIlroy hitting it the furthest, but coming up 45 yards short. Arnie wins the long-drive contest again. However, MacIlroy was able to hit the green this week, using his current 3-wood. Technology can make some...
   This one.
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