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Honolulu (Oahu) is like any other big city with problems.  I would go to one of the other islands. Much safer, even more beautiful.
Something about these irons seems screwey to me......
I think the worst thing about having a number of sponsors is the requirement to have all their corporate logos on your shirt, hat, pants, bag and whatever. Even though we've had some colorful characters in the past, none look as stupid as the NASCAR pros of today.
Still getting some golf in here in Connecticut. Temporary greens some days, actual tees and greens when frost and freezing isn't an issue. Temporary greens aren't any fun, so I usually just go for a walk with a 6-iron and several balls in my pocket. No big deal, but better than nothing. And I do have a heated driving range next to where I work, which should be good enough till I head to Florida later this month. Can't complain!
She was pretty old at that point, and yes, her voice was "shaky", as it was during that point in her life. Her home was right along the waters' edge, next to a par-3.
If the scratches aren't too deep, you might want to try an automotive scratch & swirl removing paste that's approved for clear coat car finishes. I've removed or reduced some minor crown scratches with this stuff recently. If it won't damage a automotive clear coat finish, it probably will not damage the paint job on your driver.
Years ago, I played Fenwick Golf Club in Old Saybrook CT on a cold winter day. Katherine Hepburn lived next to one of the holes. When we were about to hit from the back tee on a par 5, a white limo stopped on the road that crossed in front of the tee. After hitting our drives, the window rolled down, and Hepburn wished us a great day. Pretty amazing lady.
Nothing special here. Looks like an average department store set of Ram clubs from the 1960's. The professional stuff was under the Golden Ram line. Looking at my old Golf Club Identification and Price Guide, a used set of the irons were worth about $25  back then. Probably not worth any more today.
You can push or pull a 2-wheeled "pull" cart. You just need to get used to balancing the bag when pushing it. I have both 2 wheel "pull/push" carts and 3 wheel "push" carts. There are advantages to each type. You can't go wrong by starting with a 2-wheel, though, it is cheaper, lighter, and generally more compact. You might like to add a 3 or 4 wheel cart in the future, if you like to carry a full set of clubs in a big heavy bag.
Looks like an updated version of Iron Byron, or very similar. I would almost bet that most perimeter-weighted irons made today would have the same results. TM would like you to think that only they have something "special" in their "new" clubs.
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