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You can push or pull a 2-wheeled "pull" cart. You just need to get used to balancing the bag when pushing it. I have both 2 wheel "pull/push" carts and 3 wheel "push" carts. There are advantages to each type. You can't go wrong by starting with a 2-wheel, though, it is cheaper, lighter, and generally more compact. You might like to add a 3 or 4 wheel cart in the future, if you like to carry a full set of clubs in a big heavy bag.
Looks like an updated version of Iron Byron, or very similar. I would almost bet that most perimeter-weighted irons made today would have the same results. TM would like you to think that only they have something "special" in their "new" clubs.
I found it very hard to play with progressive lenses a first. Just a slight movement of your head on the backswing would make the ball go out of focus and drive you nuts. But, if you stick with it, you will train your eyes to automatically adjust to keep the ball in focus. You won't like it for several rounds, but it will work. In addition to the progressive lenses, I will sometimes wear single focus sunglasses.
Another good tip when walking and carrying - switch to lightweight graphite-shafted clubs. You will notice a big difference vs steel. I use both graphite and steel, and when I walk and carry, the graphite shafts make a noticeable difference in weight.
I'm over 60, too. When I carry, I usually cut down on the number of clubs and use the lightest stand bag possible. On other days, I will use a 2 or 3 wheel cart. The 2 wheel cart is more agile (you can push or pull it), and the 3 wheel push cart handles a bigger bag with more clubs better than the 2-wheel cart. I would suggest getting a 2 wheel cart first, since they are far less expensive than a 3 or 4 wheel model. You can always get a 3 or 4 wheel cart later. Why not...
Largely due to the lack of logos during his day. Logos plastered all over your shirt and hat look stupid, and are just a classless way of making additional bucks. Some pros are worse than others, and the LPGA seems to take it to an extreme. I think Ben Hogan would gag if he saw the way the pros dress today. He was still alive when logos became common, but I think it has gotten worse since he passed away.
When I clicked on and saw the photo in the original post, I thought it was a cattle prod. I'm disappointed :(
Years ago, Featherlight clubs by Dave Pelz were a hot item.Plenty of manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon and came out with their own "featherweight" sets. Pros like Ray Floyd and Calvin Peete used them on the tour, and claimed they added 10 yards or more to their irons. But control became an issue, and they were adding layers of lead tape before they switched back to regular weight clubs. Could we be expecting a resurgence of the "featherlight" craze by some...
He'll be back. Here's how he will do it. He will have 3 hybrids in his bag (regular flex shafts - no driver), hit a Nike MOJO ball, and use a long broomstick putter. No wedge greater than 52 degrees, and a chipping iron to complete his set. He will also be wearing the new line of Nike plaid pants, complete with white belt and painters' cap. Stevie Williams will return as his caddy, sporting a new Nike bag on a 3-wheel push cart.
I can hear the TV announcers saying soon... "Wow - he hit that new Callaway 7-iron 200 yards!" Makes a lot of the general buying public think their current irons are obsolete.
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