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Ball manufacturers hate refinished balls, mainly because the added paint reduces the depth of the dimples, and significantly alters the aerodynamics. Using one of these repainted or clear coated balls can lead you to think that that brand of ball is inferior. Besides that, if the ball was submerged in a pond for some time, it could uptake some moisture and become slightly heavier, also affecting the performance. There was a study done in Golf Digest years ago that...
That single rear wheel would put a lot of weight and stress on the turf, especially in wet conditions. I would expect to see plenty of single wheel ruts if something like this would become common. Get out and walk!
Some of the pros are under contract from clothing companies to wear certain styles and designs. I've read that Nike picks out Tigers' outfits a year in advance, so they can get copies out to the stores in time.
Interesting fact - before they named it the "Killer Bee" they originally intended to call it the "Tiger Wood". And that's before Tiger Woods hit the golf scene. They would have been able to keep the name, and probably would have sold a whole pile more.
Maltby's clubs are fine, and most component clubs will play just as good as the name brands if you get the shaft that's made for you. However, if you ever want to trade them in, you will find out that they are worthless. You will be lucky to sell them at a garage sale for next to nothing. I've stayed away from component clubs for this very reason.
I only practice when I can't play. Hitting balls on the range can be boring as hell - almost like going to the gym and pushing on a machine.
The wrists can bend in any of three directions at the top of the swing. Call it "cocking", "hinging" or "bending" if you wish - to me, it's all the same basic idea. If you think a flat left wrist is the only position to be in at the top of the swing, take a look at Ben Hogan. Then take a look at Dustin Johnson. Total opposites, and neither uses a flat left wrist at the top of the swing. Any one of the three cocking/hinging positions can work. Find out what's best for you.
The number stamped onto the bottom of a club is meaningless, and often used to trick the consumer into thinking they are buying a technically superior product. It would be a much better idea to stamp the loft degrees onto the bottom of an iron. Some irons (like the old Tommy Armour 845's) did put a loft number on the face of the irons. When you see an LPGA player hitting a 7 iron on a 180-yard hole, you know something is fishy...
I often get religious after a bad shot, usually expressed as Jesus----- or God-----!!!
Since he made it to the top 5, he only needs to concentrate on the majors from here on in.......
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