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Several tour pros (Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler to name two) do play practice rounds using persimmon woods to "sharpen" their ball striking skills. I don't think they would mind leveling the playing field if everyone used the same for an exhibition match. I don't think they would need to "adjust" all that much. However, there wouldn't be any support from the manufacturers, since they wouldn't have any interest in promoting equipment that they don't sell. I would be...
Manufacturers would love it. After selling conventional putters, long putters, and belly putters, they now would have the opportunity to sell you "sidesaddle" putters!
It's actually much better than what you will see on the websites and video commercials. I would always cringe when I saw the commercials on tv. The only way to really learn what it is like is to spend a few days here. Bring your checkbook. And yes, there are plenty of other things to do besides playing the 600+ holes of golf here. Plenty of "diversity" and "challenges" too...
Not retired (yet), but I do own a home in The Villages, a retirement community about 1 hour north of Orlando, and rated the #1 retirement community in the USA by many. 600+ holes of golf, with about 30 executive length courses you play for "free" as a homeowner. Some are pretty interesting; most are fine and kept in decent shape despite heavy use. The 12+ Championship courses have reasonable greens fees, and nearly all are 27 holes. There are also plenty of public courses...
Honolulu (Oahu) is like any other big city with problems.  I would go to one of the other islands. Much safer, even more beautiful.
Something about these irons seems screwey to me......
I think the worst thing about having a number of sponsors is the requirement to have all their corporate logos on your shirt, hat, pants, bag and whatever. Even though we've had some colorful characters in the past, none look as stupid as the NASCAR pros of today.
Still getting some golf in here in Connecticut. Temporary greens some days, actual tees and greens when frost and freezing isn't an issue. Temporary greens aren't any fun, so I usually just go for a walk with a 6-iron and several balls in my pocket. No big deal, but better than nothing. And I do have a heated driving range next to where I work, which should be good enough till I head to Florida later this month. Can't complain!
She was pretty old at that point, and yes, her voice was "shaky", as it was during that point in her life. Her home was right along the waters' edge, next to a par-3.
If the scratches aren't too deep, you might want to try an automotive scratch & swirl removing paste that's approved for clear coat car finishes. I've removed or reduced some minor crown scratches with this stuff recently. If it won't damage a automotive clear coat finish, it probably will not damage the paint job on your driver.
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