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Hate any shirt that is all synthetic. Most feel like you are wearing a plastic bag, especially during humid weather. A blend with cotton is ideal for me.
Playing with progressive lenses is very difficult at first. Any movement of your head causes the ball to go out of focus on your backswing, which will drive you absolutely nuts. If you stick with them, you will adjust after several miserable rounds. I do use single-focus sunglasses when it is very sunny, and progressives most other times. The progressives are great on the greens, where you can see the line near and far in perfect focus.
Any full-cord grip should work well. Won't slip, not even in the rain. But you may not like their "rough" feel.
Great photos! Most of these guys knew how to swing with a cig in their mouths, without lighting their shirts on fire. I've read that Arnie would chain-smoke a couple of cigs over a par-3.
Nike probably had a plan to capture a percentage of golf equipment sales within a certain amount of years. They were counting on the kids who grew up wearing Nike sneakers to start playing golf, and have a loyalty to the Nike brand. They invested heavily in Tiger, who, lucky for them, got them the exposure they wanted. As we all know, golf isn't exploding and now they see the end to the Tiger era. Yes, they've signed Rory and others, but that isn't enough. You just can't...
I can recall Golf Digest testing water-soaked balls many years ago (days of balata and surlyn covers). The balata balls suffered the worst, losing about 10 yards after a short period. The surlyn covered balls did somewhat better, but also degraded. The reason was water uptake by the balls themselves, making them slightly heavier. Not too long ago, TaylorMade made a big deal about a line of balls they packaged in airtight containers, and claimed that they flew farther than...
Love to try the new stuff, but see no reason to buy at new stuff prices. Wait a year or two, then buy used or new at a fraction of the cost. I've played irons from a number of the top companies, and never paid more than $150 for a set. Mizuno, Ping, Callaway, etc.  Some amazing deals at garage sales too, when the wife sells the husband's clubs when he's not around. :0 
Shakespeare got into the golf business back in the 60's. They had the high-tech equipment back then, featuring their black fiberglass "wondershafts" that Gary Player supposedly used. Actually, Player hated these shafts (too much torque twist), and had them replaced with steel shafts painted black to keep the public thinking he was playing the "wondershaft". He may have been hitting a Shakespeare ball back then, too. By the look of the dimple pattern on these, you can...
Several tour pros (Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler to name two) do play practice rounds using persimmon woods to "sharpen" their ball striking skills. I don't think they would mind leveling the playing field if everyone used the same for an exhibition match. I don't think they would need to "adjust" all that much. However, there wouldn't be any support from the manufacturers, since they wouldn't have any interest in promoting equipment that they don't sell. I would be...
Manufacturers would love it. After selling conventional putters, long putters, and belly putters, they now would have the opportunity to sell you "sidesaddle" putters!
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