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I too, remember when you had the option of buying a half set of clubs at a golf shop. Perfect for beginners, who are just trying to learn the golf swing and get in a decent round. In cooler weather, I always walk and carry with no more than 7 or 8 clubs in my bag. Seve Ballesteros and others learned the game using only 1 iron, and sharpened their skills by being creative.   And once in awhile, I walk 9 holes with one of these.....Not "legal", but loads of fun.....
Got my pair just yesterday. It's the Tour model. Has to be the best fitting, most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever put on my feet. Great to have, especially if you like to walk the course. Only concern is that they are "spikeless", so I don't know how long the traction will last. Anyway, clicked on to order another pair or two, and see that they are completely sold out. Maybe the deal will pop up somewhere else. Get a pair - your feet will thank you!
I picked up a pair. I also used a $10 discount code (for any Woot purchase over $25) that I got on Amazon Local. $10 off for a cost of $0. So, the shoes were $39.95 for me....
I remember playing a favorite Gary Player designed course in Florida many years ago (Cutter Sound). It went belly up for a few years and was abandoned. Then, another investor took over the development and had ChiChi Rodriguez re-design the course. He reversed all the holes on the front nine, putting tees where the greens were and vice versa. What a hoot to play a familiar course "backwards". I could not decide which "direction" I liked best.
I remember seeing a video before where Padraig did the "Happy Gilmore" technique to prove if it actually did increase distance. Padraig was the only pro willing to do the test. The results were it did indeed increase his average driving distance by about 11 yards. He also admitted that he would never attempt this in a real tournament, since he wasn't really confident about keeping the drive in play. 
The Golden Bear irons I remember were inexpensive clubs sold in department stores like K-Mart. They were forged blades and nothing special. If these are the type you have, they won't be worth much as a trade-in, no matter how good a condition they may be in. You would be lucky if they take them at all. Not bad clubs (I had a set once), You might as well play them until you are ready for a modern technology set.
Sometimes a new glove can be worse than no glove at all. I bought some Callaway synthetic gloves some time ago and noticed that something was wrong. My hand was slipping INSIDE the glove due to some kind of powder (cornstarch or talc) that they used inside the glove, presumably to let you try them on easier. When this stuff got wet with perspiration, it made the inside of the glove slippery as an eel. And it was one of those things you couldn't figure out at first, since...
Sergio gets generously paid by TaylorMade to make heartwarming commercials like this. I'm sure he's a nice guy in person, but he wouldn't be doing this on his own accord. Oprah gave away Pontiacs that were donated by GM to her audience, and everybody thought it was great (until they found out they had to pay taxes on the "gift"). I wonder how many of those drivers were given away? Probably a drop in the bucket considering what it costs to make a high quality commercial...
Soft spikes are easier on the legs when walking down the fairway, but when you are on the tee, there's nothing that compares to metal spikes. You are literally nailed to the ground. I'm sure Patrick Reed wouldn't like them.
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