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It may also depend on the kind of face insert on the wooden club. Besides the original fiber inserts, there have been a number of materials that have been tried in wooden heads. I have persimmon drivers with steel inserts, graphite inserts, andĀ one called a glass gamma-fire insert. Both made claims of increased ball speed and distance when they were introduced. I would guess that your data is based upon a wooden head with an ordinary fiber or phenolic face insert.
The wood heads are smaller, and less forgiving, but I would think that the real difference in distance is due to the old metal shafts and the shaft length. If you were to replace those shafts with modern graphite, I would thinkĀ the differences would be far less. Several tour pros use persimmon woods to focus and sharpen their games during practice rounds.
Its' official name was the Power Pod, and the head was cast from solid plastic. A lot of them snapped at the hosel, and a different design was made, using the same plastic formula. It was called the PolyRocket, and I actually have one. A more traditional club head shape. The plastic that was used to make these things was used as the insert material on the first Odyssey putters.
To me, a "lost" ball in the woods is simply one that has been abandoned by its' original owner, and not part of the property of the golf course. This also applies to balls in the rough or in ponds. I tend to pick up plenty over the year (since I mostly walk), and hit the crappy ones out into the driving range over the winter months. I haven't bought a ball in 20+ years.
Hate any shirt that is all synthetic. Most feel like you are wearing a plastic bag, especially during humid weather. A blend with cotton is ideal for me.
Playing with progressive lenses is very difficult at first. Any movement of your head causes the ball to go out of focus on your backswing, which will drive you absolutely nuts. If you stick with them, you will adjust after several miserable rounds. I do use single-focus sunglasses when it is very sunny, and progressives most other times. The progressives are great on the greens, where you can see the line near and far in perfect focus.
Any full-cord grip should work well. Won't slip, not even in the rain. But you may not like their "rough" feel.
Great photos! Most of these guys knew how to swing with a cig in their mouths, without lighting their shirts on fire. I've read that Arnie would chain-smoke a couple of cigs over a par-3.
Nike probably had a plan to capture a percentage of golf equipment sales within a certain amount of years. They were counting on the kids who grew up wearing Nike sneakers to start playing golf, and have a loyalty to the Nike brand. They invested heavily in Tiger, who, lucky for them, got them the exposure they wanted. As we all know, golf isn't exploding and now they see the end to the Tiger era. Yes, they've signed Rory and others, but that isn't enough. You just can't...
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