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"After a round"? Hey, do these guys know that they put cup holders and coolers in golf carts?
If he actually was funny, I'd probably watch it.Not even remotely "news".
Happens all the time on the holes closest to the road. It would be disappointing to the idiot to know that yelling during my swing doesn't seem to distract me or affect my shot one bit. You lose, moron!
In this video, Tiger Woods looks like he spends equal time looking at the target and the ball. Overall, it is a proven fact that most professional golfers look at the target for a greater time than they look at the ball. Once you know where the ball is, it's not going anywhere. So you need to focus on the target, which is much further away. One video of Tiger Woods does not change what most of the professionals do.
 Pros spend more time looking at the target than at the ball. This helps with "visualization".  Amatuers spend more time looking at ball, rather than the target.
Obviously, there is a lot of "scripting" going on in this show. True, the Sharks are investing their own money. But the producers know the product and pitch well before time, and play it to the hilt. Cue the "tear jerking music" when the begger starts to cry. Even Kevin O'Leary was chopping onions in his lap. The show is entertaining, but not really spontaneous or "real".
In the time it takes to issue a patent, the patent is "pending". While it is pending, you don't know exactly what the patent will cover. Will you dare to copy it and risk treble damages when the patent is issued and it covers what you are making? I don't think so. That's why "patent pending" deters more copycats than the actual patent. Once the patent issues, you can examine the claims to see how you may be able to get around it. Until then, you are taking a risk. I know....
When we played in Ireland, it was at the end of May, and you could golf to around 10pm or so. I would guess it gets dark pretty early in October - 4pm or so? Can't get in more than 1 round!
I've had 3 Cleveland drivers in the past (HiBore, Launcher 460 and Classic), and all 3 of them felt excessively "light" to me. I could rarely find the sweet spot, and most often felt like a tin can on a stick. I haven't had the same experience with any other major brand. If I were you, I would trade it in while it is still worth something. After 3 attempts, I doubt if I would ever consider another Cleveland driver again.
They have nothing to patent that would be significant. Their "pitch" that it was milled out of a single block of metal and that the center point of their Ping knockoff balances on the sight line is certainly nothing new. The Sharks ask about patents since they know if you don't have one, it is very likely that someone will come by and knock you off. That is, if your product is successful. Without patent protection, you are wide open to getting killed by the copycats. And,...
New Posts  All Forums: