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You're a non-golfer if you say..."Let's go golfing". instead of "Let's go play golf"  I'm sure it's grammatically correct but it drives me nuts to hear.  Also, you're definitely a non-golfer if you don't remove the stickers from from your clubs after a purchase.
Excellent idea!!  When ordering the combo set, make sure you specify the lofts that you want.  There's a bit of a gap between the AP1 and AP2 7 and 8 iron lofts.  The AP1 7 is 32 degrees and the AP2 8 is 38 degrees.  Six degrees is a bit much between irons.  Those are stock specs, so unless that's no biggie, make sure you get them to adjust the gaps between the irons to fit your needs.   
On a Par 4.  My second shot was a 135 yard sand wedge, over water, that had spun back into the hole.  It was kind of into the sun, so we really couldn't tell if it went in until I pulled out my rangefinder to look at the green...no ball.  The ball mark was about 3 feet beyond the hole.  ProV1x spins when you need to it to...
New Posts  All Forums: