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LOL!!!! Nah it was definitely worth a chuckle
My issue with Chamblee is that he comes off so condescending. It's always he's right and everyone else is stupid for not falling in line with him. If he softened his approach a bit his message would be received a little better I think. You can have all the valid points in the world but sometimes your delivery can F it all up. A while ago I compared Chamblee to Skip Bayless. These days Chamblee is worse than Bayless and that’s no easy task!
Good to know!
Cool! Keep us posted
And that's Tiger's fault how?
Yeah I guess, or you can hold on to it for fear that it might tip over going down a hill. Going downhill with a clicgear is no picnic either you have to hold on to the darn thing.
I wondered the same thing myself until I remembered purchasing his BluRay/DVD Combo. Im sure he sold a few extra copies just from being Tiger's guy. I forgot how much I spent on it, but that easily could've been an app or a series of Youtube Vids.
New Posts  All Forums: