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Old Jazz, R and B, and Blues on vinyl.
The first year that I have Master's Week off and Tiger does this to me??? Nah but really this is the best thing for him going forward. Go away and try to get to 100% then come back and dominate again. I'll be rooting for Lee Westwood and hopefuly Patrick Reed stinks up the joint.
Great post! This is one of my goals for this season. With a 2 year old and 5 month old at home going to the range here and there sometimes feels as rewarding as a full round. But being that I joined a golf league this season I should definitely get more course time going forward. In my Bart Scott voice....CANT WAIT!
I'm not trying to rag on the guy about his height or anything because at 5'9" he hits the ball miles past me lol. Just seems like he should be taller, maybe because It seems as though he carries himself like a bigger guy. Im a fan of Foley, I have his instructional DVD.
That's a sad and scary thought but I cant say that I would be totally shocked either. I'd be totally 100% heartbroken, just not shocked.
Great photos, I cant help but notice how short Sean Foley is.........are his slacks hemmed on the bottom? Shame about Tiger though, hopefully he's healed in time for Augusta but even if he is will he be as sharp as he's gonna need to be?
Im glad Whitner got paid and was able to go home to Cleveland. But I have to say I will not miss the 15-yard penalties that he racked up almost every other game. Now most were NOT legit penalties in my opinion but it seems like he refuses to change how he approaches the game with all the new player safety rules that are now in place. Oh and he couldnt cover my two year old son either. He's gonna go for the knockout hit or get beat in coverage. GREAT against the run though.
NFL - 49ers MLB - Oakland A's NBA - Golden State Warriors NCAA - Anything Cal Golden Bears but I must say I can't watch college sports. I hate the NCAA as a whole and until these kids get paid I will not support college athletics. (But thats another thread)
I dont know if I "cant stand" anyone popular on tour but if I had to choose it would be Bubba.
I would've probably done the same.
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