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Fun Thread! This is all I need [VIDEO][/VIDEO]
I heard something similar a while back. There's no way I could quit though, especially if you're Barkley and only work a few months out of the year. You have money and access to the nicest courses in the world............no way I would quit.
Im just glad Sergio didnt win..............and when did he become so "likeable?"
I thought about this alot over the weekend because I shared this story with relatives and we agreed that he should've said his piece then put his hands behind his back and faced the wall. These cops are monsters and this wasnt his first run-in with them. Im all for standing up for yourself, but when you have children like this gentleman had you have to in this case literally live to fignt another day. I also want to apologize for posting such a graphic video without a...
Since we're on the subject of Stop and Frisk, and by the way this happened just yesterday. Damn Shame [VIDEO][/VIDEO] From Vice.com If you haven’t heard about Eric Garner yet, let me fill you in. He was a 43-year-old father of six who lived in Staten Island, and he died in the street on Thursday after as many as four New York police officers choked him and slammed his head on the ground. The NYPD told the Associated Press that they stopped Garner because he was selling...
I was trying to explain an earlier post and it didnt come out right! LOL
Rory hit a 397 yard drive and didnt even crack a smile. If I hit one 297 I can almost gaurantee I'd soil myself.
Yeah Im not really seeing Tiger as a factor at all this weekend either. I was refrencing a movie line from Dumb and Dumber. Im just glad that Tiger will get the reps over the weekend. But who knows, anything can happen...........Im such a sucker! LOL
So you're telling me there's a chance................Tiger for Birdie
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