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How about nobody hit anybody? Im in NO way excusing what Ray Rice did but there are women out there that think it's ok to hit their men then cry "Im a female" when the man hits back. I could post another infamous elevator incident of Beyone's sister trying to beat and kick the crap out of Jay-Z. (Who did nothing in retaliation) But with that said he should've gotten way more than two games........way more.
An Exerpt from an article I read this morning that I thought was interesting All In The thing is, a business like Dick’s doesn’t buy as they go. They commit early, and they buy big. For a company the size of Dick’s Sporting Goods TaylorMade is their Costco, they save when they buy in bulk. They did, and they got stuck holding the bag for a metric shit-ton of TaylorMade gear. How bad is it? I spoke with two senior level industry experts yesterday who estimate that a...
Colt 45! Or maybe a nice chilled Mad Dog 20/20 cuz Im a Savage
I totally see where you guys are coming from, I at times take things to the extreme, but it has served me well over the years. I just never ever ever want to be the guy that creeps anyone out like you mentioned.
And I never once said she was definitely cheating with the guy, that would be a conclusion.
Im weird like that I guess and my wife actually laughed at me because of it. About six of us we taking pics (3 couples) My wife ended up in the middle and I ended up on the outside next to a buddy's wife. I took a step to the left just so there was space between me and her. Everyone else is close like the pic above. I guess Im weird like that, but I just see it as hands off some lady that's not your wife. (Ofcourse there are a few exceptions)My wife has these two female...
Im no body language expert or anything, Im just a guy that dont play that hugging up on my wife sh!t!
Im telling you one thing, I would keep my eye on the guy in the above pic in the red shorts..........
Fun Thread! This is all I need [VIDEO][/VIDEO]
I heard something similar a while back. There's no way I could quit though, especially if you're Barkley and only work a few months out of the year. You have money and access to the nicest courses in the world............no way I would quit.
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