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Maybe racial wasnt the right word to use, Im only trying to give a point of view from this side of the color spectrum most times. Since alot of times we're talking about athletes that share the same skin tone as I do. I wont be doing that anymore, didnt know it was offensive.Im not saying other races arent raised by mothers Im only saying most blacks are raised by ONLY mothers in a single parent household. I guess I should've made that more clear.I guess I should change my...
Thanks man! I still havent mastered the art of thinking before typing LOL
I like what Chris Carter said that he loves his mom, she tried her best, but there are some things that she did wrong. Im not trying to go here and I tend to always go racial but hear me out. In the African American community most men are raised by their mothers. (I bring up race beacuse AP is black, Im black, and so is most of the NFL) We are told early and often "what momma says goes" or "Im the mother you're the child." As long as I can remember it was drilled into me...
Nope I hadnt seen the pictures. Im not saying what AP did was right but after seeing these pictures I think he went too far.The prinipal Im speaking of would use his hand on kids backsides over the clothes, nothing like this. Idont spank my kids so I'll be damned if someone else does.
Times sure have changed, the principal in my elementary school used to put kids over his knee.
You're right my bad.
The video of some person robbing a store turns out was not Brown, it was a tactic the police used to try to sully the kids name. The store owners were quoted saying they never laid eyes on Brown. Several people have stated from the very beginning the kid was not charging the cop and had his hands up when killed. Two contractors working in the area saw the whole thing and have recently come out and said the same thing. I dont know how but there is video of the contractors...
To anyone who's interested here is the link I use to watch Mayweather fights. It's the skyports UK stream, not HD but FREE. If this is against board policy or sometihng please delete. www.vipbox.tv Click on boxing, then the mayweather link is on top of the screen. It may ask you to download some junk just wait it out and the stream should begin in about ten seconds...............enjoy.
Ok from someone here who has been spanked as a child, I hate to say but it's a cultural thing. I've been "spanked with belts, wooden spoons, extension cords, and of course switches. There were times I was even made to go outside to the tree and pick out my own switch. I knew damn well not to come back with some wimpy thing because my mother would've gone outside and came back with the tree to beat me with. I really believe AP is only doing what has been done to...
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