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Thanks for all the comments guys. Much appreciated!
You are so correct! Good luck to you & Bullitt5339! (Right with you - down to 11 & change and looking to get to single digits myself...)
A few years ago I moved from a 3 iron to a 3 hybrid, and more recently a 4 iron to a 4 hybrid. I still struggle with hitting a crisp 5 iron consistently, and am considering switching to a 5 hybrid. Wondering if anyone else has made the switch, and if so, what they've found the pro's and con's to be. Currently playing to an 11.1. Thanks, -TJ
Dude - you're doing just fine. Those guys in the 15-20 HCP range claiming to drive 250 either have the world's worst short game, can't measure distance, or can't hit the ball straight. My 3-wood distance is somewhere around 210 (carry plus roll) with a Pro V1, playing a sea level, at about 60 degrees Farenheit. And even without a killer short game this lets me play to a 12. And there are a bunch of guys 20+ years older than me who hit the ball 15 yards less than I do...
Don't know if this has happened to you, but a big shift for me was moving from counting shots under bogey to counting shots over par... Obviously I'm hoping to move to counting strokes under par : - ) Anyway, it's a very motivating change...
Can't say that I argue with Maltby on this one - the X-16's are easier to hit than the Diablo Forged - they just don't reward a good swing as much.
This is one of the best quotes I've seen. Nicely said.
In case it helps, I tried a whole bunch of irons and ended up picking the Diablo forged. I thought about matching them with other Callaway clubs (e.g. prototypes for the pw and 9), but stuck with the Diablo forged throughout. They are like rocket fuel for launch - consistent ball flight, great length, and can be worked, albeit not as much as a blade. They were ideal for me because of the way the 4-, 5- and 6-iron behave (what I typically hit into 2/3's of our...
You are exactly correct. My distance off the tee is no shorter than some guys in the low single digits, but they are in the middle of the fairway every time, and their second shot is generally on the green, and when it's not, they still get up and down all the time.
Nicely said.
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