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You are 17 you need to keep gramps irons talent will be revealed with them if you have any, Save your money for a CAR! It is amazing how few golf courses can be played without wheels. Also insurance, chicks (assume you are male), , college, chicks, green fees, chicks, clothes, chicks, big screen TV for video games, chicks etc etc etc, chicks etc etc etc.......................
"Just clarify that for me."   No. I have written you off as a mental case. I will likely just block you so I never see your posts in the future.  They are not worth reading being the endless bickering and contrarian for contrarian sake idiocy.
"Also at 6'2.5 cutting down a driver 4-5 inches would be uncomfortable as hell"   You must have one H of a time suffering through the use of the 7 wood throught the wedges.
ps long grass can be used as well bu the witness obviously vanishes quickly after you brush through   bonus:  My theory:   I am very right handed and in fact my natural unforced swing arc peak seems to be around my right foot. Hmmmmm?????   Could it be that truly balanced ambidextrous people have a swing arc peak near the body center and left dominant have theirs near the Left foot?   Hmmmmm?  Don't know
"very cheap" You bet Callaway never lets me down.   I have seen them used around here as low as $50.00 with no head cover compared to  what your "very cheap" means   Stiff?  I don't notice much difference between stiff and regular.
"I don't understand what the hell you're talking about with regards to a progressive set"   I guess if the photos in post 27 can't turn the light on then you are clearly a deliberate and intentional hopeless case that just likes to endlessly bicker.  Write Titleist and all the other manufactures and tell then to stop making progressive cavity sets,  maybe they could use a chuckle as well.
  Good point,  technically quite correct but  a poster can likely visualize a "flier" better than a "thin"  And I GUARANTEE that if you hit a 60 degree wedge thin due to bounce on hard fairway the ball will be flying to far and distant lands that you never intended to visit.  Result is the same. thin or flier.   "less spin and an unpredictable (but longer) distance."
The objectionist cannot fathom a driver made the length of a 7 wood.  There is nothing sacred about 45" but the objectionist just wants someone to decree that he is correct and that is final.   It wouldn't matter if a midget had a driver the length of a 5 iron the objectionist would demand that the midget use a 44.5" driver
Good point but if I were OP iI'd check local fitter  availablitiy and cost. If that out weighs just buying a dirrerent set then...? 
  Enlighten me.
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