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Kuchar -2 Dufner-1 Woods -1
1. Lee Westwood- 274 2. Matt Kuchar- 276 3. Jason Dufner-276
That's pretty much it, but I like the closed back. I wear my hats backwards a lot and I don't like the opening. Thanks for the reply, I'll take a look at the rest of the site.
I've been looking for a black Nike or TW  fitted/ flex-fit hat for a while. I can easily find the ones with the 20X1 and everything on the sides, but I'm really wanting just a plain one with just the TW logo on the front, and a swoosh on the back. Whenever I search for one, all I get are the new ones with all the extra stuff on them, or cheap ones with the velcro back.   Just wondering if anyone has seen a fitted/flex-fit black nike hat anywhere on the...
    I don't get mad when my playing partners, or fellow golfers on the course do all these things, I just wonder what they are thinking, and might get a little irritated if it's something bad. These things bother me, but don't ruin my day of golf.   Although one thing DOES make me mad, and it happened yesterday. We were playing, and there was a group of 4 guys in front of us, in two carts, using ONE set of clubs...I hav eno clue how they even got on to the course, but...
One thing that I started doing a while back that really helped me was not focusing on the hole, but a spot where I wanted to ball to land. When I first started, I always looked at the hole as my target before chipping. Now I will pick a spot on the green, and try to chip to there. It has really helped me get the ball closer, instead of speeding past.
It annoys me more when players hit into other people more than I dislike waiting for them to top it on a 2nd shot trying to get to the green in 2. I almost got drilled my a guy who was playing from the forward tees the other day. It was on a dog leg left and my back was facing the tee box. On my backswing the ball whizzed a foot by my ear. I had thought my buddy was messing with my and threw a ball over near me, but I turned around and there some random guy was, standing...
There is a cheap course where they don't have a starter in the afternoons, so it's "start when you want." The first hole is a drivable  dog leg par 4 if you can hit it over a group of trees, we usually go for it. Whenever we play, our group waits until the green is clear. That way we get space between the group in front of us, and if we get close to the green, we won't hit them. It always seems like the people behind us are so anxious to tee off, they barely wait until we...
I think they're talking about the guy who tries to coach you through your round, and he isn't even that much better.
 We have one of those too! I love asking him what he got. He'll act like he's counting and then say "bogey?" Then we'll say "no way you got a bogey." Then he replies "oh wait, 7..." haha.
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