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I disagree. The golf pro's from any era, if you gave them today's equipment, would more than be a match on today's tour.   Can you imagine just how far Snead would hit it today? Or Jones, or Hagen?   Perhaps physically, todays pro are better, but smarter? Who today is smarter than say, Hogan? or Nicklaus? Jones?   I think Trevino's wife said it best, when he was wondering if he should play Senior Golf. She said, "Why not, those clubs don't know how old you are?", or...
I used a small cut down 2 by 4.   Laid it up on the two inch side and held the heel of my putter against it , my toes against the other side and putted. Makes you use your shoulders and not your hands so much.
E Mail said I was NOT selected for the Tournament, but still may have a chance for Practice Rounds       Still praying.....................
Glad to see him return. I hope he stays healthy.   Just in time for the British and the PGA......?.........
Actually, the book Golf for Dummies, by Gary McCord is a fairly good book. Covers a lot of information and is easy to understand. There's a dvd out also.   Wish him well
Proper set up, posture and alignment. With the help of a PGA pro and lessons.   Have been bending over wrong for so long, at the waist, but properly bending from the "pelvic girdle" seems odd...............but I notice the pros and its how they bend.   Helps arms hang from the shoulders straight down. Its all small stuff..............small adjustments.
Either Dr.Gil Morgan or Tom Weiskopf.   Always liked them both. Length and rhythm.       BUT for longevity...............rhythm...........length............timing..................Sam Snead.
From that distance, its usually TWO 30 - 45 yard sloppy wedge shots! LOL   Seriously, that distance even pro's have trouble. Not all amateur can hit the lob so its just practice. A lot!   I find making sure I "turn through" the shot helps a little with a solid contact. I use the wedge myself.
Yea...well I'll bet that by NEXT week, a lot of golfers are going to copy Dufne'rs waggles.   AND they will copy Furyk's unique putting routine. Stand over the ball, then go back and look at the line.   Together these new "actions" will definitely slow up play even more.   And yes, I had never seen Mrs.Dufner before, but she IS a very beautiful lady!
After all the talk about this................it makes me wonder IF the PGA just SHOULD have its own set of rules.   After all, the USGA is an amateur based operation. Right?   Just wondering what  all this discussion would be IF the PGA set rules for Professional players? Would the Tour have banned the anchor method?
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