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I think WE amateurs over read our putts!!!!!!!!! Well, at least I did.   As stated above, look at the line, commit to it and hit it so it travels PAST the hole!   I have had fewer three putts since I tried this. Not making more putts on the first try, but more second putts! Helped my score.
All Time Best Swing.............?   In my opinion, there is only one to have, Sam Snead's. Along with the brain of Jack Nicklaus.
Ordering tomorrow, the Ping G30 clubs.   Driver SF Tec 10 degree 5 wood   5 thru 9 irons, PW,UW,and SW     R shaft flex and midsized grips. The irons are everything they say about them! Gained a small yardage, but the flight was straight and consistent. Felt very soft.   Can't wait to get 'em and try 'em out!!!!!!!!
I always wonder why we try to play courses that are too long for our games/handicaps? Because we watch the Tour Players? Egos?   I know my limits. I have been forward (a little) some holes are too short, so I adjust, and still play mid 80's, but I am not trying to bust a drive anymore. Its been a lot more fun.   I can concentrate on my shorter irons now, 8 thru the wedges. Scoring better.   Maybe that should be the mantra: (like RayG said) "Move Up, Have a Beer, Have...
Best swing aid I have found is a simple towel under the "forward arm" and take 3/4swings. Amazing how solid the hits are.     Alignment sticks are great to have. Set one vertical in the ground on Target Line, about 24 inches behind ball. Take full swings,make sure club goes inside. Helps with "Over the Top".   Simple is best.     IDEA: they should make a device (string/ cord/rubber band) that attaches to the butt/grip end of a golf club, and then attach (somehow)...
My DVR is the best device I have ever owned!!!!!!!!!!!!! I voted to watch MORE!   Just love to fast forward thru the commercials, and some of the endless commentary. More action, less comments.     Henry Longhurst , the announcer of CBS golf telecasts, never tried to say more than necessary during the program. He knew the action was what the viewers wanted, not his talk. He was the gold standard of golf announcers. Much like Ken Venturi was. I sincerely miss those two!
I already LOVE the course! Looks like a true test of American golf again. Watson is just amazing to watch. Swing has changed very little over all these years. He will be hard to beat.   Noticed a "few" changes in the coverage. Showing a lot more action, and less chatter. Still not a fan of the after round assessment, but maybe it will get better. The host is a welcome change, he will do well.   Looking forward to a great week of US Senior Open play. The temperature...
I used to really like the Pinnacle Exception ball. Solid two piece, with a solid feel on impact. Tried the latest Pinnacle and do not like it.   Wish they still made the Titleist DT Wound 90. Still the best. Hard to play anything other than Titleist.
As far as the "drinking game".........................I'd have been in the bag by the FOURTH HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not my point at all. The USGA has always converted par 5's to longer par 4's. THAT is not a problem, but they keep the par the same throughout the tournament. Changing par from round to round is just plain silly in my opinion. That's all.     As far as just saying then its the total score that counts, not the individual par per hole, then no player would make a birdie, or eagle, it would be just the number. I still feel the USGA tried their best(?) to create the...
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