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The worst shot I ever witnessed was during a "semi" friendly match with three friends. My team had teed off, and we watched as the two other guys stepped up to the tee. First guy, hits his usual fade to the right of the fairway and he says to his partner, "I need you to put one in the fairway." No pressure.......right?   Partner steps up to the tee, he takes his usual mighty swing, hits the ball flush................to the left...................nails the telephone pole...
After reading the article, I am more convinced than ever to keep watching pros like Snedecker, Stricker, and other golfers that look like they know how to act, and behave on a golf course. I do not mind being competitive, but Reed puts a whole new spin on it.
I agree. This used to be a "must watch" event. Especially during the winter months.   Began to lose interest when The Crosby family was no longer involved. Its why I watch the Champions Tour a lot more these days!
About new golf shoes, I wore Dry Joys for a long time, and recently began to have foot pain. Changed shoes to the more Athletic style Foot Joy, looks like an athletic shoe, and I will never wear traditional styles again! Foot comfort is absolute must!!!
Just saw this on  the Golf Channel, and I visited the site. I just typed Effect to cause Golf Michael Breed  in the browser. Its rather inexpensive, $49 to $59 USD     Has anyone seen it? It looks like a "newer" approach to golf instruction. If I understand it, all he wants to do is help the golfer understand "why" the golf shot goes where it goes and then "how" to make simple corrections while you play.   I like Michael breed, he has some good, simple tips and I...
Good tip. Will try to keep my "target foot" on the ground a little longer than I have been. Hell, I even toe my chips!!!!!!!   I am left handed. I have always had to "reverse" the instructional tips.
#3All I know, is that after I read "Sam: The One and Only Sam Snead", by Al Barkow;  and "American Triumvirate", (the story of Hogan,Snead and Nelson),by James Dodson, I have a slightly different view of Snead and his history.
I like Paige Mackenzie. She seems a little smarter and more knowledgeable than other "former" personalities. I also like Charlie Rhymer, and  Kelley Tilghman . Gary Williams can be a little too much sometimes. Gets a little loud. Lauren Thompson and Damon Hack are fine.   Brandel Chamblee is just too full of himself for honest opinions. In trying to be controversial, he simply comes off as mean spirited. Rosaforte is good . Knows a lot of inside stuff.   Frank Nobilo...
If Tiger surpasses Snead in All-time Victories, you might have to compare how many years it took. Snead played for 30 years competitively? Started in 1937 on tour.  At 52, in 1965 won a PGA tour event. So, if Tiger plays another 20 years.................   For Snead, there was some discussion about what constituted a "PGA tour " victory too. Either way, Tiger passing Snead for All-time victories would be a milestone. Maybe bigger than major championships. Maybe if he...
The most memorable golf shot from 2014 was the last tee shot, of the last round I played,  going so far left that it would make Newt Gingrich cry!  I decided to not play anymore until this year,2015.   I have several things to work on. Mostly developing a better "impact" position, weight shift improvement, and not hitting it fat.
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