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http://www.videojug.com/film/golf-how-to-improve-your-putting-with-practice-drills   I have used these drills and found them good.  
Good one  
For me it has been all about experience and training. I usually don't hit the same club twice in a row on the rang, and i call all my shots. This makes me focus extra on all shots.   After hours of training and hitting good shoots on the range if feel less insecure, because i know i can hit the desired shot.   So just keep hitting the range.   Mads
Hi Don   Welcome to the wonderfull world of golf - The only problem is the time it consumes and the frustration it brings.   Best of luck learning the game.   Mads Denmark
Most importent for me would be:   User friendly - meaning easy and quick. Otherwise i simply give up   M  
ca 50 meters from the middle of the green on our 17th - par 3 129 meters
Greetings from Denmark   Waiting for the spring - impatiently   Can you guys give any good advice - Which golf books are worth reading.   Best Regards   Mads  
It is allways fantastic "make" a new best score, and breaking 100, 90, 80 and maybe even 70 is sweet to.   But very convincing way to break 100   Congrats from Denmark   Mads
In Denmark where i am from it is only elderly or handicapped persons who in most clubs are allowed to ride.   The summer is short and therefor the grass is more delicate, therefor no carts for the rest of us.   But i really like walking, so no problem. Now we are just waiting for spring and the season to begin.   Best regards   Mads    
very close to my opinion about the Chrome and Black from Callaway.   But i still hold on the Pro V1x
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