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With regards to the Srixon Q-Star golf balls, I found some nice package deals online that include 2 doz balls, a Srixon Hat and a towel for $37.95:   http://www.golfballs.com/Golf-Balls/Srixon-Q-Star-Bundle-Pack.htm#   http://www.golfballs.com/Golf-Balls/Srixon-Fan-Pack_2.htm     Or a package deal for the Z-Stars for $49.95:   http://www.golfballs.com/Golf-Balls/Srixon-Z-Star-Fan-Pack.htm?t=mailer_09470A21     Choose from white or yellow balls with...
  Thanks, yeah it happens once in a while, not as often as I would like though!   I really like the Tour Edge irons.  I have the Tour Edge Bazooka JMAX QL (Quick Launch) and they really get the ball up with some nice spin and are forgiving.
Maybe I will just buy a sleeve of the ProV1s and see how they fair also.
I heard good things about Bridgestone too. Thanks.
  It was a Top Flite XL 2000, which I think they just recently discontinued.   On a side note, I heard that Top Flite was bought out by Dick's Sporting Goods but don't quote me on that.
I heard that the Srixon Q-Star might be my best choice to prevent ball shredding because of it's soft, ionomer (or is it urethane) cover material.  Plus, I am a high handicapper with a medium swing speed (low 90s).  Sounds like a good fit, I guess.   The local sporting goods store pro said I need a softer ball, but I am having trouble grasping that concept.  I would think a ball with a harder cover would not shred because the harder material will hold up better and...
I still need to buy a Tour Edge putter though.  I am lefty but I putt righty.  Usually it takes about 9 holes for new players to notice that something looks different when I putt.  Its kind of funny.
  I read that, although Tour Edge does not pay players to use their equipment, there are many pro players on tour that have specific Tour Edge clubs in their bad.
I used to perform two bodypart-per-day workouts.  Chest and bi's Monday, Legs Tuesday, Back and Tris Wed, etc.  Now that I run and play golf, married with kids, time is limited so I do workouts that include all bodyparts in one workout.  I try to get to the gym 2x per week but I'm lucky to get there once.   Here is one of the workouts I follow that I personally like very much.  I guess it is a 36-week program because you can complete the Beginners program for 12...
I own the Tour Edge Bazooka JMAX QL Irons 5-P, Tour Edge JMAX QL Iron/Wood Hybrids 4 and 5 and the Tour Edge Bazooka JMAX Driver.  These are my favorite clubs that I ever played by far.   All irons are steel shafts 0.5 inches longer, the driver is stiff graphite.  I didn't know they came with a lifetime warranty until I read these posts.   I am pleased with the grips and how the ball gets up in the air better then other irons I have hit.  This is because these...
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