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This summer marks the start of my second year ever playing golf, and after I finished the last junior club championship I am eligible for I had a funny thought. I thought back to how much I have improved in this game, and how much I loved it. Previously, bad holes would mean double or triple bogeys with shanked and duffed shots from easy lies, but now a bad hole for me is usually at worst a bogey.  No longer do I chase the ball around the fairway, but I put shots...
79 at Westlake Golf Course, not nearly good enough to win the junior tournament, and this was my last chance at it. I lost a ball in a tree to result in a triple bogey on a par 5, and had two more costly double bogeys that hurt me a lot. I just wasn't putting or driving my best, I missed a lot of fairways and missed an eight foot eagle putt on the second par 5.
I carry a five wood 3h and 4 iron, The five wood usually gives me over 220yds, the 3h I use from 200-220 and the 4i from 190-200. Nothing feels better than puring a 4i onto the green
Anytime I end up farther from the hole than I started, Usually on poor chips where I try to be too fancy.
I get that some people like their smokes, and I have nothing against you guys. But anytime I am paired up with someone who smokes I know that I will spend the entire round trying to hide upwind from him. Try as I might I always go home smelling gross with a huge headache. Not a fan of people that smoke on the course.
I prefer to walk. I feel as though I always play better when I can walk. It helps me keep focused and I think that I stay more loose and relaxed throughout the round.
+7 through nine. I managed to miss every fairway and didn't stop a ball within ten feet of the pin all day. Nothing but one putts and two putts saved my round. I have my first lesson scheduled for two weeks from now and hopefully I'll be able to drop this handicap to single digits by the end of the summer, a lofty goal, but the strokes are out there.
So I have used the grip for one nine hole round and an hour on the practice green and I love it. I feel like my distance control is better than ever, as I consistently got the ball within a foot from putts from the other side of the green (my wedge play was a little off). I didn't miss a putt from inside of 10 feet today, and it helped my game considerably. I missed every single fairway and still posted a +6 through nine. I really like this grip.
I just finally bought a superstroke slim lite. I'll try it out these next two weeks and report back
+3 through nine. One birdie due to a great flop shot to ten feet and a perfect putt. I two putted 7 holes, and had one three and one putt. Overall a great round considering it was so windy.
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