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I'm just curious how all of you guys handle the wind, like a crosswind or downwind shot or etc. For me, if I have a crosswind I used to just launch it up there straight and let the wind push it at the hole, but recently I have been trying to hold it with a slight fade or draw depending.
I'll use a different club depending on the slope of the green, if it's flat I'll probably go pw or nine iron. But if it's downhill I'll use a 56 or 60 depending on the speed. I read a great tip in golf magazine where they say that you should find a consistent landing zone for a chip shot less than ten feet in front of you, and then vary the loft depending on how far you want the ball to roll from there
I believe that increasing the loft opens in the club face, so it would create a fade, at least that's how it was on my old s3
I use myscorecard.com , it's only a small yearly fee and you can keep track of all your scores, handicap and get an official handicap from them.
+1 on r11s, I just bought a used one for 155 all up (had to get the head and shaft separately), should be a great club for the money. I think the adjustability is a great feature, you can leave everything neutral on the range when you are perfecting a swing, and then set up to offer some extra forgiveness for your usual miss the day you go to play. Should help me find more fairways
Thanks for the responses guys! I think I'll go to my local shop and have them drop a superstroke slim on it. Hopefully he can get to it within 2-3 hours, otherwise I'll have to wait until monday to get it. I held one in the store today and it felt really good in my hands, I'm looking forward to trying it out.
I've been working on it a lot and have it pretty consistent now, so I think it's pretty good.
Hey guys, I'm thinking of replacing the stock grip on my Cleveland classic brz (blade) with a superstroke slim grip. I feel like I miss a lot of putts due to pushing or pulling in my stroke, and I'm thinking that this grip will help. I'm worried I'll lose feel for distance though, and that the fat grip will mess up the balance of the club. I know others have made the transition to this grip and I'm wondering if you can guys can help relate your experiences with it, I don't...
Tiger Woods -10 Phil Mickelson -11 Rory McIlroy -11
87 today at Rustic Canyon golf course, my putting was far improved, but today I kept missing the greens from about 170+ out which hurt me considerably. A lot of bogeys and a few pars, and one birdie. Only one double.
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