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Thank you, That article was very helpful. In regards to buying with the iron set I am not going to purchase the irons for a few months in the future, And as I don't have any wedges right now I believe I am going to go the specialty wedge route, I am getting sgs wedges from gigagolf most likely. I will go for the 56 and 60 degree wedges, as I will go with your recommended 4 degree gap and the article's recommended avoidance of the high loft wedge. I like the...
I went out today, and it turns out that I do swoosh. I am just going to go gigagolf so I will follow their recommendations.
No it doesn't. I may get all three, if I don't I will get the lob and the sand wedge
Also should I get stiff or regular flex?
Ok guys, Thank you for all your input, I will probably order some this week, Maybe even tomorrow. Should I get a 52 a 56 and a 60? Any of these that I wouldn't ever use? If I only get two of these three I can get them for free by using my paypal money. Which would you guys get? My choices are 52 gap wedge, 56 or 58 sand wedge, 60 or 62 lob wedge.
My friend and I shot an 87 today, on a par 67. We just took the score of whoever did better on the hole, We used my score probably 7 times. Beat the other team by one stroke, they were cheating though.   I started out driving great, hit the fairway everytime, then my slice returned when I lost focus. After I started thinking again I hit the straightest and farthest shot of my entire life, too bad I was compensating for a slice so the ball flew far and...
Hi everyone, I was planning on getting more wedges once I got a new iron set but now I am thinking I may need them sooner. I only have a pitching wedge right now, and I noticed that I struggle within 90 yards of the green a lot. My friends are able to play pitch and other short shots much better than me. Would you guys recommend I buy more? Or should I just focus on improving with my pitching wedge
From what I have heard switching from steel to graphite can bring out issues in a swing, The lighter club makes imperfections more obvious. Just stick with it, maybe with these clubs you will be able to fix your swing up so that you don't slice with any of your clubs
Hey everyone, I need a new set of clubs so that I don't have to keep sharing one set with my younger brother. Also, some of the irons in the set are too short for me to really play comfortably. When I posed the idea to my parents of me buying my own set of clubs they said: "great I have a coupon to sports authority, lets go buy another of the 180$ complete sets" So, that is NOT what I want to do, I would like to have nicer, fitted clubs that I can play with and...
Ok guys, Here is my plan. I am going to first get the purespin wedge set because I currently don't have any wedges. My brother is going to buy his own putter so then I will just keep the one in the set we currently have. From there I will probably get the Wilson iron set sometime in the next two-three months. Then I will go to a local golf shop, decide which driver I like best and hopefully buy it used for about 200. This is all going to add up to 508 I...
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