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Clean, smooth, well kept greens absolutely raise the value of a course for me.
Rangefinder, towel, sharpie, tees, balls, water bottle, ball marker, scorecard, wrench, divot tool, and brush
Mine was a par four that I never reach. I usually drop it like 50-70 yards short but this one caught the path 50 yards in front of the green and probably would've taken off way past it, except it caught his cart on the bounce.
I pulled a drive the other week that caught a major bounce off the cart path and hit the back of a cart parked near the green, Luckily the groups was putting so no one noticed.
I try to play twice a week if I can manage it, nine after school one day, and 18 on sunday. Once AP Tests and college choices are over in May I'll be able to hit the range more, and I'll be playing a ton this summer.
85 at coronado municipal golf course in San Diego. Front nine were great, then I shot 9 over on the back. Probably because my drives stopped finding fairways.
Thanks, I'll check it out
Loving the nike 20XI's, personally I love the sound, feels like I'm hitting a spring. And my Driver is already loud, sounds like an explosion off the tee, and carries farthest in the group.
Hi everyone,   Another quick question for you guys, So I have realized a pattern in my play, I lose a lot of strokes around the green to two putts. I usually every time I miss the green, or have an approach shot from <100 yards in I can land the ball within 20 feet of the hole, but have trouble sticking it within 10. This means that I rarely hole my putts in one, I get more 3 putts out of them then 1's. Now if I can solve this problem, and land my pitches...
Got a dozen 20xi-s balls to try out this friday
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