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Normally I get the Pro-V1x practice balls or X-outs, but I am thinking of giving the 20XI's a try, for the S versions do they have a lot of side spin off the drivers? Or just a lot of spin off the wedges and irons? I'll get a box and let you know how the Pro V1's compare.   What I usually do is just buy a sleeve at the course if they have good deals, and if you like the ball you can get a dozen.
While its fun to play with friends, sometimes I think it's nice just to get out on the course and get paired with some people you've never met before. I find it's less competitive and just as much fun, I try to go to nicer courses so I'm usually with people who are pretty good and I can learn some things from. Only downside is once I was put with a guy who was smoking a cigar, I couldn't breathe at the tee or the greens and would intentially play up the other side of the...
For me I would shank the ball by coming in too steeply and over the top. If I try to keep my hands closer to my body on the downswing it fixes the problem, feel like your hands almost brush your back thigh on the takeaway and down swing
I sometimes wear a watch when I play and sometimes don't. I own a white Adidas watch that I lik cause it doesn't weigh anything at all, I don't think I would like having a larger clunkier metal watch on. Just bought a blue watch with a canvas band that should be perfect for golf, and maybe for this summer I'll get a GPS watch to try out
Get my handicap to single digits. Play my first real tournament. My reach goal would be to play on the golf team/club in college, still deciding where to go.
shot a 38 on the front nine yesterday (par 34). I had 7 pars with one bogey and one real bad hole. I have spent the past few weeks focusing on slowing down my backswing and doing a smooth transition, and because of this I was hitting such pure shots all day. I also spent more hours than normal on putting and chipping and clutch putts and pitches to save par on some holes really helped. It feels really good to see your hard work pay off sometimes.
Whenever I need to take off my sunglasses during a round, or when I go inside I put them on the back of my hat. I don't like the way they sit up on the bill and I think they feel much more secure on the back. I don't try to emulate the pros, that's just what feels comfortable to me.
I always carry my bag. My bag doesn't way very much so it's not too bad, but I always notice it on the hills of the last three holes. I figure that if I am going to consider golf exercise I may as well get the most exercise I can. I'm also too cheap to spring 6$ for a cart fee.
Here in sunny socal we have the same rates all year round. I am trying to get as much golf in as I can before next summer though, I am going to turn 18 and have to pay the full green fees! I think I may lie about being a junior at least till I turn 19.   The green fees at all the courses near me range from 30-80$ a round and 8-40$ for juniors
The shank you described is caused by the ball coming off the hosel of the club. I had these happen to me a while ago and I realized that on the range I would stand closer to the ball than normal. I would say try setting up using the exact same routine you do on the course, for me I figured that hitting off the mats, which seemed small, and having people on either side of me made me stand too close to the ball and  take short swings with my arms too close to my...
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