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I've been doing the full p90X program and can feel a strength increase. Although its hard to golf sometimes because I'm always so sore!
I always have this problem when I am swinging lazy and don't lift my hands up high enough. If you are wrapping them around your body too much this could be the cause
I use myscorecard.com if you join a local club on it and get the premium membership I believe you can get an official card.
One of my good buddies has a few of them. One is red and white, I can't remember the other ones. His mom used to play in the LPGA and ping sent her a bunch. He only uses them for putting, he's too scared of losing them
I use top flite gamers mostly, just got my first prov1's (x-outs) and liked them enough to consider buying more when these disappear, it hurts when you lose one of these though. I also have a dozen or so miscellaneous balls I have found on the course.
Ok guys, so I am currently watching the pga championship on tv and I am just enamored with the way the pros can get their pitches to stop. All of their short shots take a few short hops and have so much backspin that they just stop. How can I learn to do this? Right now my plan with short pitches is to use my lob wedge and hit them up high and try to land them softly, but they still tend to roll straight by the pin and just keep going. I think if I can get some...
Check out Gigagolf.com I have been using their trx irons and they have served me well on my progression from 90's to 70's, I got a full, fitted set for under 400. My driver is the cobra s3, I'm 17 too and short on money so if you can afford more expensive stuff go for it, otherwise Giga makes some great value clubs.
get tiger to sign it and it will be a serious collectors item.
Having it rotated one degree on the shaft is the same as rotating the club one degree in your grip.
I currently gaming the trx series: irons fairway and hybrid. I couldn't be happier with the clubs, I have had no quality issues whatsoever and they have held up well. When I miss shots I can be confident it was me and not the clubs. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Giga again. My friend also has the gx series but we can't really compare because he's 6 10 and this is the first set that fit him. I'd say buy the Giga clubs and get the trx series. Although the gx driver looks...
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