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I decided not to keep score my first time out, it would probably have been up near 150.
I made this thread to thank everyone who contributes to this forum, especially those who answered my questions or posted on threads that helped me. I have only been playing for a few months and this forum is the only real instruction that I have had. Thanks to all the help and info on here I was able to place fourth in the closest to the pin competition a few weeks ago and third in the longest drive competition yesterday. Yesterday I hit two shots over 270 yards...
I think hybrids make the game a lot easier, from 190-215 out I feel a lot more confident Pulling my hybrid than their iron counterparts. I also love the sound my hybrid makes when it's hit solidly
I have a friend that games these irons. He loves them.
Take the farthest shot you've ever hit with that club and add 20 yards. If they are farther than that you're good to go. If not, just wait.
Yesterday I shot a 74! Sure my course is a short par 67 but I did it anyway. For someone who was shooting in the 90's two months ago I think I have improved a lot! I've only been playing since I've been a member here and I hope that if I keep improving at this rate maybe I will be able to play varsity golf this year in my senior year of high school.
I think golfers everywhere should be thankful for the higgs field and all it does. From my understanding its the reason we have inertia. What would golf be without inertia?
I always take one or two practice swings, just to get moving a little bit before my swing that counts
I have a few pairs of underarmor shorts and they feel wonderful, light and flexible, with these and an underarmor shirt I stay totally cool during a round no matter how hot it is. I can't speak for their long pants but I imagine they are the same
I meant inexpensive, as in less than a pair of shoes. Thanks for all the replies guys, for now I think I'll stick with the gps on my phone and be on the lookout for good sales on quality rangefinders
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