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Yeah, rocket + SoCal, lets just set the whole place on fire. Curious to know how far that shot went.
I can hit a decent fade with most clubs above my 8 iron. I hit my punch outs with a 4 iron when my fade shows up uninvited. My best shot though is one I was doing without realizing it, I just read in a recent magazine (golf digest I think) an article by Ricky Fowler. He said that a shot everyone should try is a high long iron shot, I can hit my long irons way up there by putting them far forward in my stance and a soft landing with minimal roll out is very advantageous on...
I hit my driver 250 3w 230 3h 200-210 Lob wedge 60 Sand wedge 90 Pitching wedge 120 9i 135 8i 145 7i 155 6i 165 5i 175, I would love to tell you how far my 4i goes but I only use that on the course to punch out of trees. Oh, and more important than distances, now all these clubs go nice and straight!
I have been toying with the idea of buying a rangefinder but for 200+ they are too expensive. I have seen some cheap ones, under fifty dollars but the magnification is not very good. Are there any laser rangefinders that are of decent quality that are under fifty dollars?
3 months and a lot of putting practice. It was on a Short par four, my tee shot went into the trees to the right of the fairway and I was left 120 from the green. I hit a pitching wedge that landed 10 yards from the pin. I sunk a great downhill putt. Made my day.
Choose a line and trust it completely, nothing is worse than second guessing your line during your stroke and missing a putt you would have made otherwise. Never rush, not even on those easy 3 footers.
I had the same problem that you did and have worked pretty hard to fix it recently. And now that I can pitch up close to the hole my scores are dropping considerably, from +29's to +13's (I am improving in other areas as well). Some things that I focus on: -Actually focus on the ball, I know this sounds weird but many times I have hit a poor shot and realized I wasn't actually focusing on the ball. -Starting with my hands in front of the ball and not hinging my...
I recently realized that I actually stand with my right foot too far forward, Now that I have fixed this I am hitting more fairways than ever. By dropping my right foot back to a little behind even I am able to minimize my slice to a fade.
I played by myself yesterday. I found I was talkin to myself by the fifth hole, it started to scare me.
Cobra s3, you can get them new for around that. Very forgiving, I hit mine well and I never used to hit a driver well. I like the blur shaft as well
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