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Shot an 80 last saturday! The course was not difficult, it was a par 67 but I feel that a +13 is excellent for someone who hasn't been playing more than a few months. All my practice around the green really helped, and never taking any mulligans or moving the ball helped me find my way back when I would hit an errant drive. It feels great to work your way around a course actually thinking about the shot and setting up for your next shot, not just worrying about...
Can anyone help me with the aft adjustability for the s3? I just rotated it to the closed position, but when I hold the club in the same spot on the grip as when it is neutral the clubhead is almost on completely backwards. Am I supposed to hold it so the clubhead looks the same at address as it does in neutral? This completely rotates the shaft and grip around. Also, how tightly do you have to tighten on the shaft to hear the click?
That's exactly what it does. It's the same as just rotating the grip in your hands. I asked a salesperson at the local golf shop and he said that's exactly what it does. I guess it is better because the clubs are manufactured in a way in which the shaft is oriented in a way that provides the best flex, so by just rotating the head on the shaft you maintain this flex.
Had a hole yesterday that just wasn't going my way. It was a tee shot over a lake and then a pretty straight forward par 4. I topped the tee shot and hit a screamer along the ground it skipped all the way across the pond. It then hit a rock on the far side and bounced all the way back to just off the right side of the water. It was in deep rough and my heels were practically over the edge but I played it anyway and hit a full pw. That was way too much to just land it on...
Just got a used cleveland classic brz for 50$ mint condition. One of the prettiest and best feeling putters out there.
I have the trx irons, not black though. They are great, the fitting helped a lot and I hit better with them. Off center hits still carry plenty far and thin shots are'nt as devestating. I really like the trx hybrid (s flex) and the fairway wood.
Go to divot.com today! Nike machspeed black driver 60 bucks
Maybe consider the trx driver from Giga. I just bought the 3w and I can bomb it out farther than my friends driver. I don't have a driver to compare distance with, but if the 3w is like the driver it should be light and explosive not to mention pretty (I have the pearl version)
By the way, White club head plus blue shaft looks killer
I got the sgs wedges in 56 and 60* Also the trx irons 4-pw, both with firm flex true temper premium shafts. I got the trx 3 hybrid (not pearl because it was on sale) with the HDX 80 graphite shaft in S-flex. Also got the pearl trx 3 wood with grafalloy blue shaft in regular flex.   I was surprised with the finish on the 3 wood, I was expecting a cheap glossy white finish and was surprised with a quality matte-white like all you get on a Taylormade. Hoping to...
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