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I just got my Giga clubs. They are beautiful, certainly prettier because of the smaller price tag. In the net they were easier to hit because of the fitting. I'll get out to the range this weekend to see how much better than my old sports authority clubs they really are. The shafts and quality certainly feel better. The wood and hybrid feel great on good hits. Overall I would say that gigaGolf has no shortcomings in terms of quality.
Yeah, it weighs nothing! The straps are exceptionally comfortable as well. I Bought it for the colors though. I think blue/white is the best combo out there
I have a friend named Jay. Jay has the best face to draw exaggerated caricatures of, we have been drawing Jay's since freshman year of High school and I draw a Jay on all my golf balls. Today I drowned Jay twice but aside from that he did me good. After I hit my best round ever with a Jay ball I vowed to put him on all of them.
Today I was on hole 9 which is a short par 3 with a small green. The scorecard said the center of the green was about 125 away which is a pitching wedge for me. Well, I think the combination of them moving the tee box up 10 yards and that I was hitting with the wind effected my shot because I hit one of the prettiest and flushest shots of my life, and the ball carried  and carried and carried. It hit a tree just above the clubhouse and bounced back onto the green...
  Just went to sports authority today and got myself a taylormade monza carry bag. But the great part is, I got this bag to hold my NEW CLUBS! Just ordered them last night, getting a mostly gigagolf set with a cobra driver. I needed to keep it under 400$ and was able to still get an entire set, 4-pw, sw, lob, 3h, 3w and driver. I am so excited.  Friday will be my last round with my 150$ super budget set.
Your English is fine. I have been battling a slice, and by rotating my hands to close the clubface I don't slice anymore. Now I have a great hook that pops up randomly. I just can't get it right!
I try tmake a conscious effort of using my wrists to square up the face. Went out to the range to practice with my five wood and guess what? 200 straight down the middle, that is as far and much more consistent then my driver. I may just leave out the driver and carry another wedge instead
Went out to the range again today and I was consistently hitting near the pin from 100 yards and in! I think that combined with my newfound driving realization will really help my scores! That realization was, I slice the hell out of my driver and it reaches 180 out and 70 yards right, My five wood goes 200 dead straight from the tee. Hit the five wood, leave the driver at home.
Ok, so today I went into the store and pulled a Nike driver of the rack. I took it to the guy and said "when it adjusts the face angle does it just do this?" and rotated the club to closed. He said that's exactly what it does, so then I asked if I wanted it to look normal at address if I should get one with adjustable weights. He said sure I could do that but why not just use lead tape. I said thank you very much and now adjustability is no longer a factor in my reasons to...
So adjustable weights will help more than an adjustable face? Thank you for your help, I was considering the r11 but since I am skeptical how much it'll help I won't get it, I'll probably go with the cobra s3 so that I have some adjustability to try though.
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