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Fair enough.
The annual Pirate clownstomping is about to begin.  That team isn't very good.  Heck, the friggin O's hammered em.
Hopefully the cattle prod up the bung approach yields some solid intel.
He's blasting you guys and you're blasting him right back.  All over stuff none of you can prove.
Religion has definitely been used to keep order.  To me the main purpose/benefit of religion is hope.   And just so you know, you guys are just as wrong as Domenic is right now.
So far 14 confirmed dead, 50 injured.  I would expect the death toll to rise as more info comes in.  The suspect is in custody.   The guy walked right into a movie theater with a rifle and a handgun (an additional gun stashed in the theater), tear gas grenades, body armor, and a gas mask.  Tossed the tear gas and then opened fire.  The suspect appeared to be in his early 20's.  I'm glad they took him alive.  I hope he winds up spending the rest of his life at the...
The crew here does a good job of finding proper avatars for those without avatars.
Discussions are being had about changes to Big 10 governance that would allow Big 10 commissioner, Jim Delany, to boot Penn State from the conference.
I've never said that.  I really don't know of many people that are saying that.  It's clear that Paterno was a key enabler for Sandusky.  It's clear that PSU was more worried about it's football program than preventing/stopping child rape in it's facilities.  It's clear that a good amount of the student body at PSU still doesn't get it, and continues to blindly worship Paterno while they make themselves the victims.
http://thefreehreportonpsu.com/   Go straight to the "Key Findings".
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