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Thanks everyone. Good advice.
Just a question that I am wrestling with. I am a self admitted duffer who is addicted to the game.  I hit a Ping K15 3 wood off the tee, and it is darn good! But I have always had problems hitting a driver.    Here's my question: which is more forgiving from the tee: A forgiving 3 wood or a forgiving driver? I know that one has a bigger head and the other has a shorter shaft, but which is more forgiving? Thanks in advance for any advice.
I'm with you. As a recreational golfer whose goal is to have fun (and not embarrass myself) distance is of almost no interest to me.   For most par fives, I can hit a forgiving 3 wood (K15) off the tee, and then two very forgiving 5-hybrids. I still might have a little pitch on to the green, but I'm in the fairway the whole way, and no risk of disaster. 
Good to know. I will wait to see the new version rather than rushing into the current ones.
Good advice. I emailed as you suggested, and they do have a 30 day playability guarantee. Our season here in Minnesota seems to be coming to a quick end, and so I will wait till spring to explore this option. In the mean time, I would appreciate hearing from anyone in warmer climates who visit the Bobby Jones Golf website and and give the irons a try. 
Has anyone tried the 2013 Bobby Jones irons? I like their hybrids very much, and these new game-improvement irons look classy on their website.
Could you comment further on the forgiveness factor. I love the way these clubs look, and hit off the mat, but I need a lot of forgiveness. They are listed as game improvement rather than super game improvement, so I probably should get something else (but these look so great that I'm tempted.
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