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Wow my second posting and I get hammered for making an observation. OK maybe I was wrong but you could have explained your thoughts a little better rather than posting your sarcastic comment. Thank you for the great welcome. And your what? A Forum Leader?
Amazing? Isn't it? Yes it is. I’m just giving my observation , right or wrong I think I’m like most people on any forum. So if you think I have too much time on my hands you better look at yourself before criticizing someone else. Too much time on my hands? How many hours a day do you spend on this site giving your amazing insight?    
And that’s the killer instinct, he's to nice of a guy. Now don’t get me wrong Rory is going to win but nothing like Tiger did a few years ago. Example, match play when Rory was so hyped up in the semi to play Lee Westwood that when he got to the finals he had nothing left for Hunter Mahan. Phil Mickelson or Tiger would have used the semi win to get pumped for the next 18 holes. Let’s see what happens next week.
I second that.  
What's up with Erik Kuselias? He talks way to fast, his ignorance for the game of golf shows and then he tries to makes up for it by dominating the conversation. The show is a little better when ever he is on vacation and someone else is sitting in for him. Maybe it’s just me or he needs to start drinking decaffeinated coffee.      
New Posts  All Forums: