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 Those articles were both from 2011 when Rory was only 22 years old. I wonder how much immaturity and inexperience played a role in people wanting him to get a new caddy.
Good old Grand Funk Railroad out of Flint, MI.   Nice choice Fox.
  A Nike outfit without Volt yellow?! Wowzas.
 Coloradoan.  :)
 Exactly.... People generally use broader terms when referring to nations.  It's nothing wrong or malicious, it just happens.  Thats all I was trying to say.
  Again, I would say Western Europe is excluded from this. Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe are not.    But none of that matters as I don't think Nationality matters at all with moving the needle for golf.
 really? There is more to aggressive/pushing the issue than hitting driver.  Driver is arguable his best club, why wouldn't he hit it? Pushing it involves aiming at pins instead of bailing out and aggressive chipping/putting.
 He may not have let up but he certainly didn't press the issue more than he had to... He is not stupid and wouldn't bring a double/triple into play with a large lead.  But with the way he was playing, he could have shot another low 60s round yesterday if he really went for it.
 Americans as a whole refer to countries as a collective continent rather than the individual country itself... Especially with Africa.  Maybe not as much with Western Europe.
 Because of the America ego... African nations are Africa...European nations are Euro... We don't like to list other countries but rather larger geographically terms.
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