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Anybody using the PGATour live?   I just fired it up.
 What?? No more free featured groups for any tournaments?  That's a major bummer. But it is only $5/month; that is not bad at all.  I was expecting $20 a month. If they actually show marquee groups, this will be a cool service.
I want to boost my game with Adipower Boost. 1. Justin Rose, -10 2. Marc Leishman, -11 3. Kevin Na, -12
 When did I ever say to the bitter end for Lance?  You are twisting words to fit your agenda.
 That would explain the mental struggles he has right now...
 Where do your hyperboles come from? When did I suggest cheating and duping?
 Again just my personal opinion.  You don't have to agree with it.
 If you watch any golf coverage, it is pretty common for somebody to revel in how good of a putter he is...
I am curious, how many amateur/rec golfers put in 5,000 or 10,000 hours of practice over a 5 year time span.  20 hours a week really isn't that much.
 What I wonder about is why do you all care so much that I think he is putting on an act and is a phony?  It's just my opinion from my observations.  I am not criticizing him or saying he is a bad golfer... Everybody has to come and personally defend him... This reminds me exactly like the mob mentality around Lance Armstrong.  That man could do no wrong either...
New Posts  All Forums: