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I think that euro pga site looks awful. They can't even fit meters into that blue shape. The PGA tours is much cleaner.
Tiger Woods is dead last... out of 132 golfers.  Yikes.
How many majors are there gonna be?  That's your answer.
I pretty much only watch a PGA event if Rory McIlroy is playing in it...
Its not hard to tell.   Rory won by hitting his driver over 300 yards right down the fairway...
 But the needle for television does...
He has pretty much done that every major tourney lately. People are gonna lose faith he can actually compete still.
Tiger is gonna quickly lose his allure for 18 if he keeps doing this in majors...   Getting near the top on Thursday and then falling apart.
way to go RORY!!!   What a class act and cant wait for him to get that career grand slam!!!
Worst US open ever?   Runaway winner since Thursday... Terrible looking course.... No challengers... No Tiger.
New Posts  All Forums: