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That is the biggest thing I missed. The NBC theme song for the U.S. Open was symbolic for the event. I realized it Saturday and wished for the music to be back.
Was FOX adding a subtle shading effect to the greens to highlight the slope of the greens?  They mentioned that several times but I thought it was just the natural shading of the grass...
I can't be the only one wishing they were watching the 18-hole playoff right about now...
As much as I wanted DJ to win or send this to a playoff, it is probably better for golf to have Speith going into the Open with a chance at the GS.
You could see the wind leave his sails after that missed birdie on 14.
How many back door T5s does Rory have in majors?!
Two short putts missed for Rory. His shot is over now
Of course Rory misses that short birdie putt...
Pathetic move by Fox. They are watching Day walk the long path between holes. Hoping he falls?! What is the point.
RORY!!!! What a bomb!!!
New Posts  All Forums: