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Huge what-if but if Jordan misses the cut at the next two events, how does that change the POTY discussion?
 If the PGA want the FedEx Cup to be a major deal they would have to take into account playoff wins and FedEx Cup wins much much higher than normal events.  Not saying equal to a major victory but significantly more important than a Farmers trophy. That is why I think Day needs to win at least 1 more playoff tournament and the overall FedEx Cup.
  I have not seen a 50/50 from the Golden Bear brand.  I have only seen ( and tried) these: 
Is that kid even 21 yet?   And love the look back to the caddy!
 For me personally, I think Day takes POTY if he wins the FedEx Cup.   T28 at The MastersT9 at The US Open (which we all know the story there)T4 at The Open1st at The PGA (only player to finish a major at -20) Victories at  FedEx Cup - Barclays, RBC Canadian Open and Farmers.   Throw in one more playoff victory AND the season-long points race of the FedEx Cup and to me, he is easily the best golfer of the year.   Spieth had a great season with the two majors, but I think...
Ok thanks @mvmac   I will work on getting that heelpad on top of the grip.     And thanks for clarifying my position at a4 is ok!   
  Not everybody is motivated by money alone.  I can see some people slacking off a bit after a long summer season and 4 majors. People like Rory and Tiger get way way way more money from endorsements than they do from winning golf tournaments anyways.  
It's because his mom is so damn pretty that he has some of her physical traits.
Thanks for the reply. I am definitely working on that stronger and less palmy grip. It was hot and sometimes my Heelpad slips back down to the slide. I will keep that more in mind.As far as the wrists. I am not sure which way to bend/point my left wrist at a4. Should it be bending down towards the ground?I was hitting the ball really really solid yesterday but want to make sure it's a repeatable move and not just good timing.
Working on better position at a2 through a4.   I am not sure on my hands/wrists especially at a4.  Does this look right?  
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