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 I agree that those shots are more interesting, to us the avid golf fans.   But TV has to cater to the general audience, and seeing birdie/par/bogeys actually being made is more important than an iron shot. Of course, they should follow all shots from the leaders coming down the stretch.  I am purely referring to covering the other golfers making a move.
 Yes, every shot counts as one... But the TV impact of each shot is not equal.  Seeing a birdie being made is more important than a drive down the middle of the fairway.
They show the putts because thats where the scoring is...   A great drive does not equal a birdie.  A holed putt does.  Or a missed par putt means more than a pulled iron that lands 10 feet off the green.
 So because all Tour Players do it, its ok? So that means Tigers cursing is just fine then!
Spieth appears to just be a puppet of his parents...   His dad told him to go thank the patrons, so he did...  These aren't his instincts but his parents enforcement.
I tried this at the practice greens last night. It went very well for me.  Something I will try to place into my game.   It makes sense to me because I play hockey and you don't look at the puck when you take a shot at net...
 Not to mention that Rory went 10 under on the weekend and was in great form... Tiger looked great for the most part and will be fine.
Haha loved the hula hoop dance.
Rose ends up picking up the stroke on that one?!
 you and me both buddy!
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