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I go to the golf course by myself fairly frequently. In the 3.5 years I've played, I've joined up with another golfer, or group of golfers most times (except during the summer here in AZ, when I can have the whole course to myself) and have only played with one guy that was anywhere near being a jerk. I usually explain that I've not played for long, and am not particularly good, and most people don't seem to care. Just go and play your game, and if you join others, try...
Any shot that goes somewhere near where I think it should go!
I think it has to do with proper technique and muscle memory. I recently took a golf class thorough one of the community colleges here, mostly as a refresher, and to help me get back to the basics. We were discussing who should be fitted for clubs and who shouldn't. The instructor pointed to me and said "you could be fitted because you have a consistent swing. You make the same mistake every time, but your swing is consistent." Proper technique has a lot to do with it.
When I started, three years ago, my 9 hole scores were in the low/mid 50s on a par 31 course. Now, I'm in the high 30s/low 40s, with an all time best of 37. It comes with time. I'm a firm believer in lessons. I believe a PGA pro can spot my swing problems within a few swings, where I would spend hours on the range, and still not figure it out. Find a pro you like and stick with him.
Hoping for some Golfsmith gift cards.  Could use a push cart.
I plan to play through what passes for winter here in the "Valley of the Sun".
I'm not even sure how long my driver is.  I do know that if I choke down an inch and a half I have better control than I do if I grip it at the end.
Best thing you can do is find a PGA pro and get some training once you have your docs ok. The  instructor can correct a lot of your flaws in a few minutes, instead of spending hours on the range.
I live in Phoenix also.  When I go to the range this time of year, it's at after dark (lighted range).  I've played gold at 117 degrees though.
Wow! I've lost a couple of balls down prairie dog holes, but have never played where the ground is that soft.
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