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Hoping for some Golfsmith gift cards.  Could use a push cart.
I plan to play through what passes for winter here in the "Valley of the Sun".
I'm not even sure how long my driver is.  I do know that if I choke down an inch and a half I have better control than I do if I grip it at the end.
Best thing you can do is find a PGA pro and get some training once you have your docs ok. The  instructor can correct a lot of your flaws in a few minutes, instead of spending hours on the range.
I live in Phoenix also.  When I go to the range this time of year, it's at after dark (lighted range).  I've played gold at 117 degrees though.
Wow! I've lost a couple of balls down prairie dog holes, but have never played where the ground is that soft.
Shot my "best ever" 9 hole score of 37 a couple of days ago, on a par 31 executive course.
Congratulations!  Never had one, but I saw one once.
Second shot landed forty feet left of the green.  Hit a sand wedge that bounced off the top of a 1 1/2" square fence post to within a foot of the pin. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good!
Temperature doesn't really matter.  We've played as hot as 117 degrees, but have never played in rain, although that probably wouldn't stop us either.
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