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When I started, three years ago, my 9 hole scores were in the low/mid 50s on a par 31 course. Now, I'm in the high 30s/low 40s, with an all time best of 37. It comes with time. I'm a firm believer in lessons. I believe a PGA pro can spot my swing problems within a few swings, where I would spend hours on the range, and still not figure it out. Find a pro you like and stick with him.
Hoping for some Golfsmith gift cards.  Could use a push cart.
I plan to play through what passes for winter here in the "Valley of the Sun".
I'm not even sure how long my driver is.  I do know that if I choke down an inch and a half I have better control than I do if I grip it at the end.
Best thing you can do is find a PGA pro and get some training once you have your docs ok. The  instructor can correct a lot of your flaws in a few minutes, instead of spending hours on the range.
I live in Phoenix also.  When I go to the range this time of year, it's at after dark (lighted range).  I've played gold at 117 degrees though.
Wow! I've lost a couple of balls down prairie dog holes, but have never played where the ground is that soft.
Shot my "best ever" 9 hole score of 37 a couple of days ago, on a par 31 executive course.
Congratulations!  Never had one, but I saw one once.
Second shot landed forty feet left of the green.  Hit a sand wedge that bounced off the top of a 1 1/2" square fence post to within a foot of the pin. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good!
New Posts  All Forums: