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I picked up a 910 D2 last week, 9.5 degrees. Haven't messed with any of the adjustments yet.. left it on A-1 standard setting. Flies straight and far. I didn't hit the R11 though..white club isn't for me. Not really a Titleist fanboy either...great club  
I wonder if the Super Friends showed up when they heard his war cry  
Go to a fitting center. I was pretty set on AP1's when I went to my fitting...I hit probably 4 different clubs and ended up with the Callaway Razr X Black. I never even thought about looking at or swinging Callaway irons, got great results. Awesome irons, no buyers remorse here. My advice is keep an open mind and don't be dead set on a specific brand. Hit a bunch of clubs, see your results, and get what feels right.  
Check out the Callaway Forged Wedges. I have a mixed wedge set: old cleveland sandwedge from when I was 17, Vokey 52, and just picked up the Callway Forged 60 degree in a copper finish about 2 months ago I love it. I like the look of the oil can/copper finishes myself. Try out a few different brands and see what feels best.
Ping Hoofer is one of the best bags out there. I had my Hoofer for 10 years  
Welcome, I am new to this forum as well. I am originally from AZ, grew up in Scottsdale and had a chance to play many of the wonderful courses out there. Have you played ASU Karsten course? It looks as though that course may not be around after June from what I've heard. I would definitely like to get back out there to play it one last time. Where do you normally play out there?
You could always try the "Sweaty Handshake" (Criagslist)...I'm sure you could find a used set of decent clubs on there for a good price
Been a long time roamer on these forums and finally decided to join! Can't wait to meet more people that share a love for the game.
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